When A Man Is Confused About What He Wants

When you start a relationship with a person, it is not only important that you take into account what your expectations are regarding this story. A happy relationship is starred by two people who have a common project. However, when you engage emotionally with a man who doesn’t know what he wants, you experience the insecurity of uncertainty about a story that doesn’t follow a predictable script. That person’s words and actions towards you do not show solid coherence. And that is why you can deduce that this man does not know what he wants. That person’s deeds contradict his words many times. And the words are not aligned with the message transmitted through the acts. It may not be an observable valuation always and at all times, But it is something that happens frequently when you take stock of the relationship. With this Bigmatrimonal article, we hope to help you know what to do when a man is confused about what he wants.

How to know if a man does not know what he wants

These are some of the signs that you can take into account to know that a man does not know what he wants:

Doubt accompanies you. Their doubts also affect you. And although you have given yourself time to resolve those doubts or even though you may have tried to normalize them, they are not resolved. This uncertainty is still there and increasingly weighs on your mood. When you are with a man you don’t know what he wants, this situation confuses you.

The longer you stay at this point, the further you move away from your expectations if your desire is to have a serious relationship with this person. In that case, you experience the suffering of giving more than you constantly receive. Although you are enthusiastically involved in this story, that definitive change does not take place, since the other person does not know what they want.

Concern. Although there may be times when you enjoy the other person’s company, there is a basis of concern in you. For example, when you wonder if the point where this story is represents your idea of ​​happiness or when you feel that the story is not moving forward.

It is absent in your life in many moments. You feel that he does not know you as much as you would like, but also does not show interest in it. It is a story in which you observe important deficiencies in relation to the quality of time, the quantity of shared moments and communication.

It bothers him to talk about the future between the two of them. Avoid the subject whenever you can. And her words do not clarify your doubts, but reinforce them.

when a man is confused about what he wants

What to do when a man does not know what he wants? 6 tips

What can you do if you are experiencing a situation of this nature? Here are 5 tips or ideas that you can put into practice if you’re with a man who doesn’t know what he wants:

Sincere conversation. If you need to have a conversation in which you can clearly express what your feelings are, or any issue that is important to you, face that moment. Although the other person’s response may break your expectations, value the positive of this conversation. Perhaps you have already had such a conversation on previous occasions. Or perhaps you have not expressed everything you wanted to say for fear of his response. Live this moment from inner freedom. Remember the importance of good communication in the couple.

Remember what you want. When you share a time in your life with someone who does not know what they want, you may have devoted so much attention to discovering what the other person feels that you have distanced yourself from your own point of view. What to do when you are with a man who does not know what he wants? Remember what you want and you will find the answer.

Take care of yourself emotionally. The more time you spend in a relationship where you feel like you give much more than you receive from the other person, the greater the feeling of emptiness you experience in the breakup. In other words, try to keep a distance if that person’s interests break with your expectations. Maybe in the future you can maintain a friendship, but right now your wishes reflect a different direction.

Listen to how this situation makes you feel. Does this love story bring you frequent joy or sadness? Are you happy with your relationship? Unrequited love produces suffering. The decision to break is not an easy one, but it is not an easy one to follow in such a story.

Try to observe the story externally . Have you ever met someone who has experienced this circumstance? What advice would you have given that person?

Work on you . If you are living a relationship with a man who does not know what he wants, nurture the relationship you have with you to strengthen your self-esteem.

What not to do when you are with a man who does not know what he wants

What aspects can you avoid when living a story of these characteristics? Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do when you’re with a man who doesn’t know what he wants:

Put on you the responsibility of clarifying the other person. Just as you are responsible for your happiness, their search process is their responsibility.

Embellish the story when you share details with trusted friends by focusing more on hoping how you would like this story to be than on how it is unfolding so far. That is, avoid self-deception.

Stay in this story for fear of loneliness. In fact, you can see the contradiction of feeling the weight of loneliness with this person. Before starting a relationship, you must overcome the fear of loneliness.

Nurturing patience while waiting for circumstances to change due to some turn that occurs on an external level. Live this story from a leading role. That is, make decisions that are aligned with your own vision of happiness, with your needs and your interests. Be realistic and don’t get your hopes up.

Not listening to what you feel or not giving importance to this information. Listening to your emotions and knowing yourself is essential.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.