What you should NOT ask your Bridesmaids

Surely the girls you chose to accompany you as bridesmaids on your big day are very important people to you, just as you are to them. They will support you in monumental tasks, they will pamper you and they will do everything to make you a very happy bride.

But you must be careful not to abuse trust and go overboard by asking them for things that are not going.

Style Me Pretty

It would seem very obvious to mention all this, but suddenly there are brides who lose the floor and misfocus the concept of being “the center of attention”.

This is a short list of what would be WRONG to ask your bridesmaids to do for your wedding:

Let them lose weight

It would be very rude of you to suggest that they go on a diet or do an exercise routine, let alone ask them directly! You are interested in having exactly them accompany you because they are special to you, not because you want to have beautiful models in your photos. If this is the case, then you better reconsider your list.

Let them change the color of their hair

If you do not like the look of yellow hair that your friend brings, I am sorry to tell you that you will have to resist the temptation to ask her to change it. If she likes to bring it like this, you will have to accept it. You cannot ask her for a drastic change just to fulfill the whim of seeing her as you would like.

Have her tattoos covered

A tattoo is part of her personality and if she decided to get it on her and show it to the world, the fact that she is your lady is not reason enough to forbid her. Let him proudly display his tattoos (look at his pain).

That they spend too much

You must be aware of the expenses that they are going to make to accompany you on your big day. You should not assume that they can pay for everything that comes to mind: that if you would like them to wear an expensive dress, or some shoes of that brand, or if you have already thought of a trip and the next weekend another bachelorette party. This point includes that you also cannot require them to pay for a professional hairstyle and makeup for the wedding day. Ideally, it should be born of them to do so, but it should not be an imposition on your part.

That they accompany you to all appointments

with all providers and everything you have to do: they also have a life, and theirs is not revolving around your wedding. It is fine to ask them to accompany you to an appointment, but it is not their obligation to accompany you to everything.

Let them listen to you all the time about your wedding progress

For you, talking all the time about your wedding is great, but believe me, you can make other people angry. Don’t abuse their patience.

That they respond immediately

I know it is desperate that they do not answer you a message or a call when you need to solve something, but as I mentioned in the point above, they have their own problems and things to do. Don’t expect them to spend 24 hours checking the phone in case you texted them. Organize everything in advance so you will not have urgent situations.

That they do not dress up so much so that they do not overshadow you

Do not worry about whether the ladies will look better than you, on the contrary, what better way to make them look beautiful. The bride is the bride and no one will steal your glances on your big day. Asking for this would even be envious and selfish on your part.

That they wear the dress you want even if they don’t like it or it looks bad

It is not correct to force them to wear something they don’t want. You must be flexible and have an open mind to their opinions. They should feel comfortable with what they are going to wear that day.

That they do not sit with their partner at the party

They will support you throughout the wedding, but asking them to sit apart in case something is offered would be going out of line. Although they offer all their help, they should also enjoy the party and not leave their companions alone.

Be prudent in what you ask and in the way you do it. Remember that the wedding will pass and everything will return to normal, do not allow a comment like these to damage your friendship forever.