What to write in a wedding invitation for a sister or brother?

The organization of a wedding party requires compulsory observance of etiquette. It provides for the presence of invitation cards for each guest at the ceremony. The wedding invitation card must meet all the requirements.

They refer not only to its appearance but also the semantic content. As a rule, newlyweds share invitations by blocks: some of them are for ordinary guests, others for close relatives. The latter include brothers and sisters.

What should a card for a brother or sister look like?

Brother’s wedding invitation.

Any invitation card should consist of the following mandatory points:

  • mentioning the names of the newlyweds;
  • date, time and place of the celebration;
  • addressing guests by first name or first name and patronymic (depending on the style of the text);
  • dress code (if any);
  • signatures.

The text itself should not contain unnecessary and unnecessary information. It was created only to invite guests to a wedding. However, the options for invitation cards for close relatives differ from the template design.

Often, newlyweds mention:

  • the history of the close relationship of a brother and sister;
  • funny incidents from life that are directly related to the wedding;
  • gratitude for the kindness and sincerity in relations between relatives;
  • childhood memories.

A brother or sister wedding invitation is unique in that it can be created with completely different moods. It can be

  • gentle and touching;
  • official, solemn;
  • funny.

Close relatives know your sense of humor well, appreciate and respect it.

“My brother, I gave up! I was captivated by love! Come to my wedding on September 5, 2019, at 14.30 at the Volna restaurant and you will see everything with your own eyes. Your defeated brother.

An invitation card can be written both in poetic and prosaic form. The writing style will depend on the genre you choose. Both varieties have their characteristic advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of poems include:

  • liveliness;
  • energy;
  • lightness of the syllable;
  • emotionality.

However, do not forget that the poetic form is much more difficult to compose than other options. Therefore, this format is not suitable for every young couple.

The prose is much more understandable and easier to write. But here, too, it is worth trying to find the right and right words.

The author’s text to the brother in verse

Sister’s wedding invitation.

The text of the invitation card itself will be based on the relationship between relatives. These are not always warm and trusting feelings, often they are mutual banter.

One of the popular versions is the invitation card, written in poetic form. It doesn’t have much content. As a rule, it reflects the main essence of the issue. P riglashenie sister’s wedding text:

“My dear brother,

You are the best in the world.

We, often being together,

Rejoiced like children,

Thank you for your smile,

For your kind eyes.

You always forgave me for mistakes

And did not look down on me.

And even though you are much older,

And this means that you are much wiser,

You have always become a part of

My bright and clear days.

So I ask you today, To

share with me that moment,

At which I will be for sure,

Rejoice that love has reached.

And you will be there,

Smile as always.

And for

no reason in the world, Years will not separate us. “

As a rule, after the poetic form, there is a part where there is a mention of the place, time, and date of the celebration. With the proper skill, you can include such information in the main part of the poem.

The author’s text to the sister in verse

Brother wedding invitation text.

Women, as a rule, love sentimental expressions and gentle speech more than men. If you are speaking on behalf of the bride, then it will not be out of place to mention that your sister is your best friend throughout your life. It is she who is familiar with all the secrets and supports the bride in everything.

“Sister, my dear,

I hasten to share with you,

That I will soon become a husband.

I hope that you will come soon,

Congratulate me on this day.

After all, no one is dearer

then the two of us.

You always loved me,

Gave tenderness, affection, kindness.

And I kept you from the world,

Protecting your beauty.

Now I’m getting older,

And a few years older.

But I will not cease to be the brother

Whom you love the most. “

If desired, the greeting card can be written in a strictly formal style. This format is ideal for any relationship and style of celebration.

If the sister is much younger than her brother-groom, then, as a rule, one invitation card is written in which mom, dad, and sister are called by separate phrases.

Making an invitation with your own hands

You can create an invitation card with your own hands using popular techniques:

  1. Scrapbooking.
  2. Video invitation.
  3. Scroll.
  4. Tiffany style.
  5. Edible invitation cards.
  6. On a bar of chocolate.
  7. Photo collage.
  8. Original photograph.
  9. Audio invitation.
  10. Fruit bouquet with a postcard.

There are a large number of masterclasses on the Internet that allow you to create a product using one technique or another. If you are an amateur in this matter, then you should choose the simplest option for yourself. Close relatives will appreciate your attention to their person.


Brother and sister invitation cards are good because they can be written in completely different styles with a variety of colors and moods. It is worth starting from the option of drawing up a postcard, not only based on the personal relations of relatives but also relying on the style of the solemn event.

Despite this, do not forget that you are writing your invitation card to one of the most important and important people in your life, so it is still worth mentioning your feelings and reverent attitude towards each other.