What to give for the engagement to the young: how is the engagement going, congratulations in your own words

Over time, new traditions appear, borrowed from other countries. A striking example is a tradition of organizing an engagement before the wedding, instead of the primordial matchmaking.

At the engagement, a young couple officially informs their relatives and friends about their desire to start a family, and the groom asks the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand. In this post, we’ll take a look at what to give for an engagement.

What does the groom come to the engagement with?

The modern engagement is organized at the bride’s house. A festive lunch or dinner is organized, to which it is customary to invite godparents and close friends.

The most important gift at this event is an engagement ring presented by the groom to the bride. But since the engagement is a very significant day for a young couple, all the relatives and friends invited to it prepare gifts.

The tradition of gifts from the groom to the bride

How is the engagement going?

At the engagement, the groom, with all the guests, makes his beloved an offer to marry him and gives her an engagement ring. The bride, having been allowed to put jewelry on her finger, demonstrates her consent to get married. The ring is put on the finger on which the wedding symbol will subsequently be put on.

An engagement and wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Catholics put on the same finger, but the left hand. The same is done in America and many European countries. Therefore, in Hollywood films, which serve as an engagement guide for many, the bride’s ring is worn on her left hand.

White gold jewelry with one large diamond is considered a classic of engagement rings. It can be set off by small stones. The size and cut of a diamond depends on the financial capabilities and taste of the groom. This standard was introduced by Charles Tiffany, founder of the American jewelry company Tiffany & Co.

When choosing a ring, you should take into account the tastes of your beloved and know exactly the size of your finger. If she loves jewelry in warm colors, then she will be more delighted with a yellow gold ring. Instead of diamonds, other precious and semi-precious stones are selected.

Just ask in advance about their meaning. Black pearls, alexandrite and amethysts are classified as widow’s stones. Pomegranate attracts loneliness, and topaz frees a person from love feelings.

How and how long is the ring worn?

What an engagement looks like.

The engagement ring is worn until the wedding. Thus, the girl demonstrates to the representatives of the opposite sex that she is already busy and is not looking for a life partner. On the wedding day, the jewelry is changed to the middle finger of the same hand or the ring finger of the other hand.

Some girls take it off and hide it in a box, and after the wedding, they either wear it together with the training on one finger or wear it on special occasions.

According to one of the existing wedding signs, wearing an engagement ring leads to widowhood. Those who believe in the signs of a young lady do not wear jewelry after the wedding but give it to their son or grandson who is going to marry. Then he presents his chosen ones with a family heirloom, and not a new decoration. There is no single rule for wearing an engagement ring. Each bride chooses the option suggested by her heart.

Original gifts from the groom

Wanting to make an engagement, one of the brightest days in the life of their beloved, the grooms, in addition to the ring, prepare additional gifts indicating their boundless love.

We have prepared a list of interesting gifts for an engagement:

  1. If you have video recordings of a joint vacation, then it is really possible to make a small video about your love story. The final scene is a beautiful declaration of love. The film will turn out to be very touching, and your chosen one will revise it many times in the mood.
  2. With a pleasant voice, sing your favorite song. If you doubt your vocal abilities, contact the recording studio. You will record a musical presentation, and a specialist will correct all the mistakes and make the perfect sound. At the end of the video, pick up a gorgeous bouquet prepared in advance and confess your love to your girlfriend. Say that you consider her to be your soul mate, and are ready to live with her until the end of your days, together with raising children, and then grandchildren.
  3. With the gift of writing poetry, write a verse to your beloved. If writing is not your strong point, then memorize a beautiful poem and read it mentally.
  4. Buy a beautiful photo album and write in it your love story from the day you met, illustrating it with the existing photos.
  5. Present a beautifully made photo collage of your joint photos as a gift.
  6. Present a beautiful box, and put a hundred notes of romantic and tender content inside. In one note, promise to send such messages all your life, but do not forget, then, to keep the promise you made.

You can cause a hurricane of positive emotions, including delight, by fulfilling an old dream of your beloved. For example, she has long dreamed of going somewhere, but for some reason could not afford to travel.

What is customary to give young people for engagement?

For the engagement, it is customary for a young couple to give practical things and romantic gifts.

Congratulations from parents

The bride, in memory of an important day in her life, is presented with jewelry. Parents give gifts that a young family will need in everyday life. It is customary to give a set of suitcases or travel bags for a comfortable trip during the honeymoon. happy engagement of parents – an important attribute of the engagement.

They give you beautiful dishes, bed linen, tablecloths, and hand-embroidered napkins. A good gift is bathrobes and large towels with the embroidered initials of the young people.

Present from relatives and friends

What do they give for an engagement?

Relatives of the couple give romantic gifts for the engagement. These include: certificates for romantic travel, ordered and paid for a romantic dinner in a good restaurant. It is appropriate for a couple to present a breakfast table in bed or an umbrella for two.

Friends make gifts with an emphasis on the fact that the lovers from the moment of engagement are already called the bride and groom. They order T-shirts or cups with the words “groom” and “bride”. A great gift is a bottle of good wine or champagne, but with a custom-made label. A photo of the future spouses is placed on the label.

A very touching gift – a photo panel with photographs of a young couple. Friends will always have photos of the heroes of the occasion. In addition, the photo panel fits perfectly into any interior. A magnetic board for a refrigerator with a photo of a couple in love looks no less touching. It comes in different sizes and shapes. Planks in the form of a heart or two hearts look especially romantic.

Making a gift with your own hands

If you liked the last two ideas from the list we proposed, and you did not find suitable options in the store, then make a gift with your own hands. Photopanels are made using decoupage technique. First, a panel is made of a fabric of the planned color and texture. The frame of the required size is prepared, and the fabric is pulled over it.

Then the existing photos are laid out. Only after the composition created from the photographs is pleasant, do they begin to glue the photo with the help of double-sided tape.

The entire surface of the finished photo panel is covered with glue-varnish used in the manufacture of decoupage. After the glue polish is completely dry, the gift is ready.

Similar technology is used to decorate a magnetic board for a refrigerator. Photos are glued to it only in the upper part, and on the remaining square, they write funny and romantic wishes, as well as notes indicating joint household management – do not forget to buy bread, wash the dishes, etc.


Engagement is a very important day in the life of a couple in love. At the engagement, a young man asks the father of his chosen one for his daughter’s hand and presents her with an engagement ring. From that day on, they are called the bride and groom.

To make him remember him for a long time, guests invited to the holiday give gifts. We considered what gift besides the traditional ring can be prepared for the groom, as well as what gifts are given by the parents, relatives, and friends of the couple. We wish you a memorable engagement!