What to give a goddaughter or godson for a wedding from a godmother?

The holiday of the birth of a new family is a very important day in the life of newlyweds, as well as their blood and godparents. The bride and groom are among the first to invite their godparents to the wedding.

Since those from the earliest years were spiritual mentors for them, I want to share with them the moment of entering a new stage of life. Having received an invitation, the godparents seriously think about what to give the goddaughter or godson for the wedding. In the publication, we will take a closer look at this issue.

Traditional gifts to the goddaughter and godson

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Quite often, godparents, remembering their important spiritual role in the life of a godchild or goddaughter who is going to marry, are interested in what gifts are customary to give. According to long-standing traditions, it was the godmother who was entrusted with an important mission – to bake a wedding loaf and then decorate it festively.

Almost all wedding traditions are transformed over time, but their spiritual significance remains. The godmother can order a loaf from professionals and present it as part of her gift.

What to give the goddaughter for the wedding from the godmother.

Nowadays, many young couples organize themed weddings or European-style celebrations. On them, loaves are replaced with a large wedding cake. In this case, the godmothers of the bride and groom will be able to order a cake for the wedding together.

For a long time, the duties of the godparents included preparing the bed for the newlyweds. This tradition has survived to this day. The godparents present the young with bedding sets, a beautiful bedspread for the matrimonial bed, warm blankets, blankets, and pillows with modern eco-friendly fillings.

You always want your goddaughter’s wedding gift from your godmother to be liked and used with pleasure, and not gather dust in the closet. Since everyone has different preferences and tastes, it is better not to buy the listed things yourself, but to present a certificate for their purchase. The newlyweds will be able to choose for themselves those beddings that they like and will fit well into the interior of the bedroom.

Spiritual gift

What to give to the godson for the wedding.

In the old days, it was the godparents who were assigned the main roles in the matchmaking of their godchildren. It was the godparents who blessed the couple to create a family. Following tradition, godparents often give icons to newlyweds for their weddings. But here it is important to make the right choice. Usually, the couple will be presented with the icon of Christ and the Mother of God by their parents. Therefore, it is inappropriate to make another such wedding gift from the godmother.

The spiritual parents of both newlyweds will be able to jointly purchase in a specialized store or shop at the temple a beautiful icon of the Guardian Angel, protecting the family from all adversity.

If everyone plans to make personal gifts, then it is customary to give icons of saints who patronize a happy married life and the birth of children. These include icons depicting pairs of saints: Zechariah and Elisabeth; Joachim and Anna; Cyril and Maria of Radonezh; Adrian and Natalia. It is necessary to choose and give icons only with the brightest thoughts.

Gifts souvenirs

Every year the tradition of giving the newlyweds an envelope with money for a wedding is gaining more and more popularity, and in the attachment to it a small souvenir in memory of the most important day in their life. Money is an unlimited certificate for any store. A young family will be able to spend the funds raised at the wedding on what they need more.

You can give a beautiful photo frame as a souvenir. Engrave it with congratulations and the date of your wedding. After all, there will be so many touching shots after the wedding. The couple will want to have them not only in the photo album and gadgets but also in a prominent place.

A good choice is a magnetic board for the refrigerator. On many Internet sites specializing in gifts, it is possible to order a useful thing in a rather original and romantic design. Order it, for example, in the form of two connected hearts. At the top of the product is a photo of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding, as well as your congratulations and parting words for a happy long marriage.

Newly-made spouses will appreciate your present. Firstly, they will have where to attach cute little notes, with another declaration of love, and sheets with household tasks, which boil down to phrases: do not forget to pay the rent and buy food according to the specified list. Secondly, keeping in mind the cheat sheet, the spouse will never forget about the next wedding anniversary and prepare for it in time.

DIY gifts

Gifts that people close to us have made with their own hands, putting a piece of their soul into them, are always highly valued. If you know how to embroider, you can prepare a useful and original gift for the heroes of the occasion.

Buy beautiful terry robes and large towels for the newly-married couple, and then decorate with embroidery with the initials of the newlyweds.

You can even come up with the coat of arms of a young family and embroider it in the technique that you own. With enough experience and time, embroider an image or picture.

For home

When choosing a wedding gift, you should always consider where the newlyweds will live after the wedding. If the couple begins to live with their parents, then focus on personal items. When young people plan to live separately, and before that have not lived in a civil marriage, then life will have to be established from scratch. You can give them everything related to the creation of home comfort and housekeeping.

Perhaps the most needed gifts are large and small household appliances. After all, a couple will need to immediately purchase all the necessary equipment: a refrigerator, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven, etc. In addition, many devices save significant time and effort. These include dishwasher, steam ironing machine, multicooker, etc. Spouses cannot do without an electric kettle, juicer, blender, and other equipment.

But before buying, consult your godson or goddaughter. Gifts mustn’t be duplicated. Why do they need two air fryers or three food processors? Many sites are advised to present a certificate for the purchase of equipment. We analyzed the reviews of young spouses on such presentations on the forums. Those got into anti-rating.

The reasoning was as follows: certificates are given to different stores, and the amount of money for them is often not enough to buy the desired equipment. Due to the limited validity period of the certificate, couples had to buy something that was not necessary.

Having received as a gift not a certificate for a certain amount of money, but the same funds in cash, it would be possible to purchase all the equipment they need in one store, and receive, at the same time, a serious discount.


Modern wedding traditions do not limit the godparents of the bride and groom in choosing gifts for the heroes of the occasion. Wanting to adhere to a long tradition, the godparents donate icons, bedding, and a wedding cake. Wanting to help young people to equip their life, they can make their monetary contribution to the purchase of household appliances.

Knowing how to do something with their own hands, they will be able to prepare an original present for the newlyweds. Whatever option the spiritual parents of the young couple choose, an important part of the gift will be their congratulatory speech with parting words for a happy marriage. We wish you a happy wedding!