What To Do With Bridal Bouquet After Ceremony

What to do with the bride’s bouquet after the wedding: can it be dried, to whom to give it

After the wedding ceremony, a young married couple has many questions. One of which is a misunderstanding of what to do with a wedding bouquet. On the one hand, he is a talisman and guardian of the family.

On the other hand, not everyone wants to see a fading bouquet in an apartment. It is quite reasonable to ask what to do next with the bouquet. Only a small number of brides think about this issue in advance.

Signs associated with the bouquet

People are used to relying not only on their own opinions, but also on customs and superstitions. These are the kind of things that have been observed for a long time.

Everyone has an ambiguous attitude to omens. Someone blindly believes in them, observing every step. But there are also those who consider themselves to be an absolute skeptic, not believing in anything that is happening around.

There are many peoples and religions in the world. Each of these nationalities has its own personal customs and superstitions. Moreover, in each nationality they can be diametrically opposite in meaning.

Regarding the flower arrangement, there are two completely opposite signs. According to the first, namely, the bouquet is an amulet and a talisman. It is believed that his family must dry and cherish all their lives. In this case, it is important to make a reservation that it is not allowed to store the entire bouquet, but only a couple of twigs or flowers.

Can I keep the bride’s bouquet for myself?

This will be quite enough to preserve the energy received during the wedding ceremony. The Slavs believed that a bouquet is able to reconcile a family and protect it from evil spirits during a long life together. During a quarrel, a husband and wife can look at the bouquet, forget about the cause of their commotion and continue their peaceful coexistence further.

The second version belongs to the so-called feng shui. Recently, it has become fashionable to adhere to this direction. Many families and couples try to live by these rules. Feng Shui assures that you cannot even carry a wedding bouquet into the house.

Moreover, this applies not only to the bride herself, but also to the girlfriend who caught the flowers. It is believed that flowers when they wither can bring grief and misfortune to the family. Plants are saturated with such strong energy that they will subsequently feed on the forces of another person.

What to do after the wedding with flowers?

Is it possible to store a bridal bouquet after the wedding.

The bride’s bouquet is the attribute that is charged with strong energy. He is present with the bride throughout the entire wedding day. Tears are falling into him, he hears a ringing laugh, feels boundless happiness and bitterness from parting with a girl’s life. The bouquet is filled with a different spectrum of emotions, most of which are considered good.

At the end of the celebration at many weddings, brides throw their bouquet to their bridesmaids. It is believed that the young lady who caught him next will marry. And this is where the custom ends. Many girls are sure that they should save the accessory for a happy married life.

In fact, this is not the case. A friend just needs to catch a bouquet. By the way, esotericists advise not to carry the flower arrangement home at all. After all, she can only bring disappointment to the family.

It happens that the bride does not give up her accessory or uses a stunt double. After the ceremony, the girl carries the bouquet home. The bride is allowed to do this. The flower arrangement should not be placed in the bedroom. The ideal place for her would be the kitchen or the hall. It is there that the bouquet can stand in a vase of water for a long time. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the purchased flower arrangement.

How to keep a bouquet?

How to dry a bridal bouquet after the wedding? The girls try to bring flowers home after the celebration and keep them for a long time. It should be noted right away that the durability of flowers directly depends on their variety and type. For example, roses will last a little less than chrysanthemums. There is nothing surprising.

If your composition is not so durable, then it can always be prolonged at home. To do this, ask the florist in advance to use only freshly cut flowers in the bouquet. They have every chance to stand a little longer.

In addition, purchase special water fertilizers from the store. After the celebration, rinse the stems, carefully cut them off. Place the flowers in a vase of warm water. If necessary, you can add a special fertilizer to the water.

It contains the necessary amount of trace elements that will help flowers to stand in water much longer than usual. As a rule, with this method of processing, plants can stand for a week. After one week has passed, it is necessary to remove the flowers from the packaging, throw it away. Divide the entire bouquet carefully into individual pieces. Try to do this very gently so as not to damage any of the petals.

What to do with the caught bridal bouquet.

What you need to know about dry flowers in your home?

Many brides cannot part with their bouquet for a long time. All the water has already evaporated, and the flowers have dried up, and the bouquet is still flaunting in a vase. This means that the girl cannot decide to throw him out.

There is no right answer as to whether to throw away the flowers or not. One thing is for sure, the bride must decide this on her own, without listening to her mother or girlfriends.

It should be noted that it is worth thinking about the future fate of the bouquet in advance. Therefore, think carefully about what you will do with the composition. If you decide to keep it, then you need to choose several correct ways.

  1. Make a scent pouch – the dried and fragrant leaves are placed in a canvas pouch, which is tied tightly and left in a visible place. It will emit a pleasant aroma for a long time, and you will know that this bag contains your amulet and talisman from evil spirits.
  2. Buds – initially, carefully cut the buds of the flowers and dry them naturally. In doing so, place the buds in a beautiful basket so that they do not get damaged.
  3. Nail polish is one of the easiest ways to keep the whole bouquet intact. To do this, after the composition begins to fade, take a varnish and sprinkle it on your flowers. The used hairspray will help glue the petals together, which will be able to maintain their shape.


Throwing away or drying the bridal bouquet is a personal matter for every young lady. Know that nothing bad will happen if you throw out the wilted flowers. Also, unfortunately, dried branches of wedding plants will not save you from troubles.

If you decide to keep the composition for a long memory, then give it a finished look. For example, a scent bag or pillow.