What To Ask A Girl You Just Met

There are effective and interesting questions you can ask girl you just met. In the interest of delving deeper into the tastes and details of a person’s life, the best thing you can do is start a conversation and ask some things casually.

It is not an interrogation. It is a way of knowing through certain details, the reasons and relevant aspects of another person’s life and their hobbies and preferences.

So through the conversation you can ask some of these 50 questions to ask a girl you just met.

Interesting questions to ask girl you just met

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We should not remain in suspense after having asked the classic questions. Once they have passed the “Do you study or work?” and where do you live?”, there is still a lot to know about the other person, the secret is in asking the right questions.

In this list with 50 ideas to ask a girl  who just met accounts with many options that are sure to be interesting, but they are also fun, so in a pleasant way you can meet more of that girl and continue to deepen.

Good Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met

1. What is your favorite hobby?

What To Ask A Girl You Just Met

Our hobbies say a lot about us, that’s why it’s an interesting question to ask girl you just met.

2. Do you like hot or cold climates better?

Humanity is divided between those who prefer cold, hot weather or those who do not care.

3. At what time in history would you travel?

It is interesting to know where we would go in time if we had the opportunity to do so.

4. What is the biggest madness you have done?

The most personal questions about things that someone has done always allow us to see aspects and personality traits.

5. Cats or dogs?

There are people of cats and people of dogs. The truth is that this preference also says a lot about each one of us.

6. What would you do if you knew you were going to die soon?

Knowing how people react to death or their possibility is a discovery.

7. What do you prefer, wealth or beauty?

If we could choose, what would be the final decision?

8. What is your favorite book?

Although sometimes it is difficult to say just one, in reality this question can open a whole topic of conversation.

9. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

If the person you are asking is interested in having a relationship, take note of the answer to this question.

10. What character would you like to be?

It is fun to imagine being and living the life of someone we admire.

11. What bothers you most about someone?

Knowing what bothers you about others is a good way to know what your principles are.

12. What is your favorite dish?

Another key question if what you want is to conquer that person’s heart.

13. What is your best childhood memory?

Sharing a passage from our past with someone helps us strengthen ties to feel closer.

14. If you had to go to live in another country, which one do you choose?

We all have a preference for a country where we would like to spend a long season.

15. If you could disappear something from the world, what would you choose?

Some will have very idealistic desires and others somewhat more superficial, so it is an interesting question to ask girl you just met.

16. What is your favorite movie?

Talking about our personal tastes is always a good option.

17. What would you change about your past?

Although they say that it is not good to repent of anything, deep down there is always something we would like to forget.

18. Tell me three words that define you.

This can be difficult for some. Apparently we don’t know each other as much as we believe.

19. What is your favorite musical genre?

The type of music we like can make us coincide or flat away from someone.

20. If you were a super hero, what power would you have?

These questions make us fantasize as if we were children and it is always fun.

21. What was the last thing that made you cry?

If there is the possibility of asking more intimate questions, do not hesitate to do so, it will help you to get to know that person better.

22. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Just as it is interesting to remember some sad passage, it is always nice to go back to happy events.

23. What part of your body do you like most?

Some people find it difficult to talk about something they like about themselves.

24. What part of your body do you like least?

Instead, it is easier for most people to quickly mention something they do not like about themselves.

25. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

This question can be very fun and even have a good time talking.

26. How do you get along with your parents?

It is always interesting to know what kind of relationship you have with your family.

27. What dream have you thought about giving up?

We all have dreams, and unfortunately, we have all had to give up some.

28. What is your biggest fear?

Talking about our fears leads us to a much greater sense of trust and intimacy.

What To Ask A Girl You Just Met

29. How old do you choose to stay like this for your whole life?

We all have a stage in our favorite life.

30. Do you prefer a life of pure sex but no money, or all the money in the world but no sex?

Maybe the answer seems obvious, but you don’t have to hurry, it’s better to ask.

31. What do you prefer? Go out to know the world but never return to your country or never leave your country but live in the house of your dreams.

This is one of those difficult answer questions.

32. What time in history would you change?

If it were in our hands, what part of the story would we change?

33. What is your biggest motivation?

This question will help you get to know people better. Do not hesitate, use it when you want to deepen someone’s personality.

34. What do you most appreciate in people?

What we value in other people, often becomes our parameter to improve.

35. What do you consider your greatest talent?

We all have talents. Asking and talking about this is always very motivating.

36. If you and your friend were in love with the same person, would you make the attempt to conquer it even by losing friendship?

One way to open conversation with someone is to pose an ethical problem.

37. What do you think of infidelity?

It is certainly a thorny and complex issue. But it is a question we should all ask ourselves before starting a relationship.

38. What things do you not tolerate?

There are many attitudes or situations that we simply cannot with them. It is a question that is always good to ask to get to know someone better.

39. What bores you most?

We all have situations that we want to run away from because they are deadly boring.

40. What would be your ideal job?

If we could choose our work, how different would it be from what it is today?

41. What would you do if you win the lottery?

They say that people are really known when they have power or money.

42. If you could ask for three wishes, what would they be?

This is a great question for a girl you just met. I assure you that from it they can have a topic of conversation.

43. What do you think people think of you when they know you?

We are all curious to know what the first impression we caused was.

44. How would you like to be remembered?

If we want to be remembered in this or that way, we must strive every day to achieve it.

45. What phrase defines your life?

It’s a question to get creative, but it will surely take a few laughs.

46. ​​Would you rather live on the beach or in the forest?

If we could choose a cabin to move in, would it be at sea or in the forest? The answer may surprise you.

47. If you had to go to live on a desert island and you could only go with three people, who would you take?

These questions are always fun and the answers are also interesting. Surely they will have a conversation time around this issue.

48. What would you never forgive?

Although it is not good to hold grudges, the truth is that there are some situations that would be very difficult for us to understand and forgive.

49. What is your best moment of the day?

For some it is sleeping, others say that eating, some more choose as a favorite moment to be with their family. It is a good way to meet someone and their priorities.

50. What is the greatest love madness you have made?

When we fall in love, we are able to do things we never imagined. That’s why this is a good question that might surprise you.

What To Ask A Girl You Just Met