What scenario of a wedding evening with contests to choose for the celebration?

A wedding evening requires a carefully thought out and planned script with interesting contests for guests. In order to draw up a suitable option, the presenter must meet with the newlyweds, discussing in detail each step.

Each wedding host has a certain backbone on which the entire script is already built. As a rule, these are contests, performances and other entertainment. And the script itself is played out individually.

Indeed, in order to write a truly interesting version, you should talk to the newlyweds in order to understand what kind of people they are and what interests them most.

Party script

Table of Contents

In order to write a text for a wedding celebration, you need to understand what main parts and moments it should be composed of. In fact, a wedding, like no other event, requires adherence to generally accepted and established norms. Already starting from them, you can compose a suitable text.

  1. Meeting the newlyweds at the restaurant.
  2. A treat with a loaf from the parents and their blessing.
  3. Time for all the guests to go to the toilet, put themselves in order and sit in the prepared places.
  4. The first toast is made by the wedding host for the happiness of the young.
  5. There are the first congratulatory speeches from the parents of the married couple. You can break it down into a speech from the mother and father of the bride, and then the groom, or alternatively invite them together. This point should be discussed with the newlyweds so that they warn their parents. It is enough for someone if the speech for all is delivered from one person, and someone may even be offended that he was not given the floor. Such a moment is negotiated in advance.
  6. A festive toast from the witnesses at the wedding. If there are no witnesses, grandparents are invited to speak.
  7. Toasts from the remaining guests and friends. It is best to divide them into blocks. Listening to speech from every family is too long and tiring. In addition, most say the same thing when reading a poem from a postcard. In order not to turn congratulations into a tedious event, it is worth calling all the guests in turn. For example, the relatives of the groom go out first, then the brides, the friends of the groom and the bride. Thus, in a fairly quick and short time, everyone will make their congratulatory speeches. And out of 10 relatives and friends, there will certainly be at least one person who will be able to say his own words and very sincerely.
  8. Contests.
  9. The first dance of the young.
  10. Dance numbers.
  11. Thanksgiving to the newlyweds, in which they express respect and respect both to all guests present and to their parents.
  12. Family hearth.
  13. The wedding cake.
  14. Seeing off the young.

Entertainment, contests, entertainment and theatrical performances are held between all parts.

It would be useful to invite professional artists to the wedding who can dance, play musical instruments or show other shows.

As a rule, such artists are adapted for wedding celebrations, so their performances always attract all the attention of the guests.

Greetings to a new family

There are several options for how you can welcome a new family. This is done at the entrance to the restaurant. However, in some cases, the family is already met in a cafe, this is especially true in the winter season. Guests arrive 10-15 minutes before the arrival of the newlyweds. They are instructed on how the greeting should go.

  1. A path of rose petals is laid out, and people organize a corridor along which the newlyweds pass under the cries of the guests present.
  2. The guests stand on the right and left sides, leaving space between themselves so that the newlyweds can pass peacefully. As soon as the young ones start walking, the guests shower them with sweets, gold and rose petals. Previously, it was customary to shower with rice, which promised a blessed life. But think about the young bride’s hairstyle. It is much easier for the groom to shake himself off, but the girls will have to spend the whole evening with rice stuck in their heads.
  3. It is enough just to shout a three-fold hurray when young people drive up.

For more originality, you can hide in the restaurant itself, turning off the lights everywhere. Then the newlyweds will be surprised to enter the hall and not find any of the guests. Suddenly, the light turns on, and everyone jumps out to congratulate the spouses.

How to entertain guests?

An important point at a wedding is holding wedding contests and other entertainments. It is imperative to know how to properly entertain all the guests present. Those present at the celebration simply will not be able to eat and admire each other all evening.

The wedding is always as fun and dynamic as possible. Various contests and fun games help in this. Guests can be entertained not only by wedding organizers, but also by professional artists, singers and musicians. The newlyweds agree with them personally, hiring for the celebration.


There are many contests on the Internet, among which it is very difficult to choose the ones that are suitable for your celebration. First of all, talk to the newlyweds, find out what kind of audience will gather at their celebration.

It happens that these are religious and completely closed people. Therefore, immediately remove contests with the slightest hints of vulgarity and eroticism.

If there are more young people at the celebration, then it is for them that the whole event should be adjusted.

For contests, it is worthwhile to separately purchase prizes and gifts that will be symbolic, but still necessary for the guests to have motivation.

The most popular wedding contests are the following tasks:

  1. During the competition, the participants are required to sing a song in which there is a word hidden by the presenter. As a result, the winner is the participant who is left alone and sang as many songs as possible.
  2. It is necessary to come up with a few ditties for the newlyweds. Whoever comes up with the most original ditty gets a prize. This competition can be made end-to-end. For example, announce it and wait for one of the guests to come up with their own version.
  3. A thread is tied to the feet of each person, on which the ball is located. The task is to burst the partner’s ball and stay with your whole. This is the most fun and energetic competition. Under it you need to turn on dynamic and funny music.
  4. The groom is called to the stage, to whom the host invites to tie a strong knot, thereby showing his love for the bride. After that, the young man must untie the knot, thereby demonstrating that he can solve any conflict.
  5. Couples enter the stage. The man takes a ribbon in his teeth and wraps it around the girl, creating a beautiful outfit. The couple with the most harmonious image wins.
  6. The leader forms two teams. The victory in the competition will be the opportunity to manage the family budget of the young. The presenter announces the product, and the participants should name its cost. The team that named the closest price wins.
  7. Stream is a popular game since childhood. It will be best played by young unmarried friends and unmarried girlfriends. This game will help them to rally and possibly form new pairs.


Not all entertainment events should end with the victory of one and the defeat of the others. It would be quite appropriate to hold a gaming marathon, during which there will be no losers and losers. The game is carried out in order to relax those present and entertain them as much as possible.

The game of karaoke is considered popular. In order for the guests not to be shy, it is worth dividing them into several teams. As soon as the music kicks in, the team must perform a musical composition with words. For this game, only those songs that are known to everyone are selected.

The next game is suitable for newlyweds. Everyone knows that after the words bitterly young spouses should kiss. So, the presenter reads an interesting and funny text in which there is a phrase bitterly. Young, as soon as they hear her, should kiss each other.

The game will amuse the young and all those present. It is called question-answer. During the game, the presenter asks questions to the spouses, and they draw out a card with an answer. The card only says yes or no. For example, will you be cooking at home? Will you take out the trash?


A carefully planned wedding evening scenario will help to hold the event with dignity. At the same time, do not forget that all guests drink a little at the celebration and may completely refuse to participate in certain competitions.

In this case, the presenter should always be ready to replace one competition with another or fill in the pause.