What Men Really Want

What men really want and women ignore? Find out below!

You have probably heard, once or many times, the famous crate phrase “I’m not looking for anything serious.”

What Men Want In A Woman

You may wonder why men often have the irritating habit of delighting women if they are not interested in them, and then away or fade away from the face of the earth without valid explanations.

What has happened can no longer be changed, so the worst thing you can do, in this situation, is to waste your time and your emotional energy.

It’s true! Many things could have turned out differently if you had done or stopped doing certain things.

But nobody has the power to modify the past !; What you can do is redesign your behaviors and skills and, in that way, program yourself to become a seductive expert.

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what men really want

Below, you will find two very important recommendations that will help you have clarity and security when it comes to directing the relationship with a man.

Recommendations To Achieve Success In Love

1. Show Your Worth

It is natural that you feel annoyed at not being taken seriously by that special man, with whom you had formed so many expectations.

However, what you ignore is that, on occasion, you emit certain signals that appeal to the type of boys you want to avoid.

What are you supposed to be doing wrong? Maybe it’s your body language or your desperate attitude.


In any case, if you want to stop being the woman that everyone discards, you must undertake a self-examination and ask yourself about the image you are projecting.

Never forget how much you are worth! Only in this way will you reflect it, and men will finally value you greatly.

When you learn to value and realize how special and unique you are, that day you will become the type of woman with whom they would like to spend the rest of their lives!

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2. Choose The One Indicated

First of all, you should keep in mind that the fact that a man has taken the trouble to plan an appointment with you does not mean that he is looking for a long-term relationship.

Many simply like emotion and enjoy the excitement of meeting and dating many women. Learn more about how to excite a man.

Pay a little more attention and you can recognize which boy has zero interest in something serious and which man could be a good candidate for a relationship.


Look, for example, at how much time you spend looking at the other women around you compared to the time you spend looking at yourself.

Spy on his social networks and listen to the perception others have of him, you will have enough evidence to rethink his seriousness or falsehood twice!

He may behave like a true heartthrob, but he only uses this old trick as a strategy, which his experience has allowed him to perfect, to seduce.

Do not be confused !, he knows well what works with women, which does not indicate or guarantee that he is interested in finding someone special with whom to share his days.

Watch Out:

This is the kind of man you should take care of, since all he cares about is getting “the prize” as quickly and easily as possible.

On the other hand, it often happens that both men and women want a long-term relationship, but they simply do not seek the same things in life or do not feel identified with the other person.

On other occasions, women want to commit before the man feels comfortable enough in the relationship.

For this reason, it is essential that he finds out, as soon as possible, of all your qualities that will make the commitment worthwhile.

Take it easy, think well and choose the best!

Keep reading and discover what men really want and look for in a woman.

What Does a Man Look For In a Woman?

The masculine mind is somewhat enigmatic to girls, since they ignore that men have a way of proceeding very differently from theirs.

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Would you like to know, for sure, what a man looks for in a woman? Take a look at the following list and keep track of any points!

1. Balance

Sometimes it happens that we are attracted to someone with a totally opposite personality to ours just because we need a break from ourselves.

It is possible that the people who bring out our best side and for whom we feel fascination are often those who stand out in areas where we are not so good.

Opposites attract!

Some get frustrated and depressed about not finding someone like them, when in reality, that’s the worst kind of being they could look for.

Since when two people are too similar, the only thing they achieve is to strengthen the weaknesses and defects they have in common, and to enter a spiral of destruction that is very harmful.

It is essential to maintain a proper balance!So, to be the other half of a man, you do not have to strive to be his exact copy, but to show yourself as you are, yes, surely boost your skills.

Smash the news! and you’ll see how he falls at your feet and takes you seriously. Become your ideal complement and not one more!

2. Optimism

We all like to be surrounded by positive energy and even more so when it comes from that person who moves us the floor.

No man will want to engage in a relationship with a negative and pessimistic woman, and if he does, sooner or later he will regret it.

Men want to settle down with a confident girl, who does not fear adversity because she always sees them as a new opportunity to improve and, in turn, infects her with all her good vibes and attitude.

You know, change your negativism! Transform your experiences into learning and always transmit the best in you.

This will benefit you in all aspects of life, not only in the search for the man of your dreams!

3. Absence Of Expectations

Men, in general, do not have the same emotional consistency as women, so they are unable to understand all the emotions they feel and the countless thoughts that go through their mind.

This detail leads to great disappointment and frustration on both sides. You can show him that you are practical, that you employ emotional intelligence and, therefore, expect nothing from him!

The key to preventing disappointment from being a constant in your life is learning to manage your hopes and expectations. To do this, you must know how to differentiate one from the other.

While hope is always positive, expectations prevent you from fully enjoying and limit your ability to surprise yourself.

It’s not about losing hope, but about getting rid of the expectations you’ve created.

It is very good to want something and be honest about that desire, but having certain expectations about it and focusing on a false assumption is something very different.

Accept that you will miss the target many times before the shot goes well.

Learn to express your interest and at the same time not expect anything from anyone, it will avoid much pain!

Show your maturity in the way you react to what is happening and do not try to make everything you have planned in your personal script happen.

Women without expectations make men lose their heads, and find it impossible not to fall in love with them.

4. Make It Wait

Making it wait is fundamental; The most powerful weapon you have is undoubtedly sexuality.

There is no better tool to determine if he feels something more than desire for you.

Your attraction will increase significantly when you notice that he can have fun with you without taking you to bed.

It is important that you be strict about this; The longer you wait, the more you will be forced to recognize your great respect and self-control.

This way you will see yourself as a challenge with a high quality reward.

5. Add More Than You Subtract

Men want a woman who has something to contribute, not one that restricts them or a pond.Nothing terrifies a man more than the possibility of being stripped of his freedom, independence, energy, money, strength, friends and everything he values in life.

One way to scare a boy and make him believe that it is dangerous to compromise with you is, for example, demanding that he be by your side when he has been waiting for a game or a meeting with his friends for some time.

If you conclude that you take more from what you give, you should prepare because it is only a matter of time before you decide to leave.

Now that you know what men really want , it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to give him what he needs.

But you must also make sure that he understands that he will have to give a little if he wants to be with you.

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