What kind of gift can you give your sister for a wedding?

Having received an invitation to a wedding, two questions always arise: what to go to the celebration and what gift to prepare for the newlyweds. When a sister walks down the aisle, the questions are even more acute.

What can you give your sister for a wedding.

In our publication, we will consider in detail the second component of the question, namely, what to give your sister for the wedding. After all, I really want the present to be original, memorable and at the same time useful or bring vivid emotions.

Features of the choice of wedding gifts

Before choosing a gift for a sister-bride, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for wedding presentations:

  1. Regardless of which side the guest is invited from, he gives a gift to the young couple. In other words, the present is meant to be shared, not exclusively male or female.
  2. When choosing gifts, you need to take into account the interests and tastes of both heroes of the occasion.
  3. Consideration should be given to where the couple plans to live after the wedding. If they begin to live separately and have not previously lived in a civil marriage, then they will have to organize family life from scratch. The couple will come in handy with everything that is necessary for housekeeping and arrangement of comfort. For newlyweds who are going to live with their parents, it is preferable to give personal items and the opportunity to be together – pay for a romantic trip or a weekend, as well as dinner for two in a good restaurant.

An original gift for a sister for a wedding  must be beautifully wrapped or decorated and presented in an original way, having prepared a short congratulation, with an appropriate parting word for a happy and long marriage.

Appropriate presents

All gifts that are customary to give for the birthday of a young family can be divided into the following types:

  1. Universal – monetary funds in national or foreign currency. If earlier it was generally accepted that money is given when they do not want to bother with choosing a gift, then in the past few years the situation has changed dramatically. For the money collected at the wedding, the couple will be able to purchase more necessary things and choose them according to their taste. Now a similar trend is observed in European countries. Preference is given to money presentations over things.
  2. Useful – things for arranging a family nest.
  3. Intangible – certificates for SPA procedures, romantic places, extreme pastimes.
  4. Original or comic – bringing positive emotions. For example, T-shirts or posters with cool parting words for family life. It is customary to give them in addition to money.

Regardless of the type of gift prepared for the wedding, it should have a message for a happy and prosperous family life.

Which surprise to choose?

When a sister gets married, the present is chosen especially carefully. After all, I want it to differ from the gifts of other guests in its originality and usefulness. If you are close to your sister, then you know her desires and dreams, but nevertheless, it is better to ask directly what she wants to receive as a gift.

What a gift to give a sister for a wedding.

After all, the present is chosen for joint use by both newlyweds. You will surprise your sister with the original greeting text, decoration and presentation of a wedding gift.

For interior

Having married, the sister will become the keeper of the family hearth. She has to create home comfort and establish a family’s life. Undoubtedly, the bride has already thought a lot about this, looked through fashion magazines and got acquainted with an overview of current trends in modern interior design, as well as the necessary list of large and small household appliances.

Invite your sister to go shopping together and decide on specific gifts. In the West, newlyweds even make a list of desired gifts, and guests choose the best option from it. After all, guests invited to a wedding often ask the brothers and sisters of the newlyweds about the preferences of the newlyweds.

In addition, the bride, wishing to receive from you a set of beautiful bedding, will be able to choose it on her own, and you will only pay. Indeed, silk linen in bright shades will perfectly fit into one bedroom interior, and in another – only in pastel colors.

In addition, in a bedding store, the bride will be able to appreciate the benefits of different lingerie options.

Silk undoubtedly looks impressive, and crinkled fabric, for example, does not need to be ironed. When making a decision, the practicality can outweigh the aesthetic aspect of the kit.


A young housewife will need a lot of different dishes and kitchen utensils. You will need sets of pots and pans made of stainless steel or coated with Teflon and ceramic. She will have to acquire dining, tea and coffee sets, as well as various salad bowls, bowls, etc.

When ordering a large porcelain tea set for you as a wedding gift, the bride can fall in love at first sight with a set made of fireproof glass with an interesting shape of cups in the tableware store.

It will be much more pleasant for her to use dishes that she likes and brings aesthetic satisfaction. Invite her to jointly choose a present that you will pay. Then think carefully about how to present it in an original way.


The most memorable surprise for a sister’s wedding from a sister is the one that caused vivid emotions. If your sister and her future husband are extreme, then they will appreciate the certificates for extreme recreation. Depending on their preferences, give them a go-kart or ATV ride, diving in a diving club, etc.

Give a romantic couple a gift in the form of a hot air balloon or hang-glider ride, horseback riding. A memorable gift is a paid romantic dinner hosted by a restaurant on the roof of a high-rise building or in a hall with a huge fireplace or an aquarium with exotic fish.

A great option is a certificate for two for a day in the spa. The newlyweds will be able to have a pleasant rest together, and relieve the fatigue accumulated from pre-wedding worries.

How to give an original cash gift to your sister?

What a surprise you can give your sister for a wedding.

Newlyweds planning to make a large purchase in the form of an apartment or a car after the wedding ask everyone not to give gifts, but to make their own contribution to their family budget. But it is not necessary to come to the wedding with a banal envelope. It is advisable to cheer up the newlyweds with your present.

DIY a money wedding cake. A dummy cake is made of cardboard with a height equal to the width of banknotes. Each bill is rolled up and attached to the cake. Depending on the planned amount and denomination of bills, you can prepare a one-story or two-story masterpiece. When giving your gift, wish the young couple a sweet life. After all, there is never a lot of such a dessert.


A sister who is getting married should prepare the necessary gift and figure out how to present it in an original way. We propose to ask a loved one directly what she would like to receive from you as a keepsake, about a touching wedding day. If she needs money more, then present it in the form of an original cake.

When your sister has already planned the arrangement of a separate home, then together choose dishes or bedding for the amount that you were going to give her for the wedding. Give a gift of emotion to a young couple who are going to live with their parents. We hope our tips have helped you decide on the choice of presentation. We wish you a happy wedding!