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In August 2012, Sean Red and Justin Mateen and a group of people create Tinder. His idea, although simple, was revolutionary. And it is that until that time online dating consisted of boys writing to girls. And this was overwhelming causing few girls to use this kind of services. In this post we deeply understand about what is tinder.

What’s Tinder :The story.

Tinder created what is now the standard, in order to be able to get a message both must be liked. So it was that with this simple idea they started asking friends and university classmates to download the app.

During 2013 Tinder becomes super popular on University campuses, and by 2014 it reaches two billion Matches. About 2015 Tinder begins to monetize by opening subscriptions with Tinder Plus.

During the 2015 Match Group (owner of match.com, meetic, plenty of fish, among others) acquires Tinder. And it is about November of that same year that Tinder goes public and becomes a super valuable company.

During 2018 and early 2019 it was the app that had the most revenue on Google Play. Tinder is the most popular dating app today and will remain for much longer.

What is Tinder?

What is Tinder

In many places you will see that Tinder is categorized as a social (or socialize) network, however this is incorrect. Social networks must comply with the theory of the six degrees of separation to be defined as such. Tinder really falls into what is called dating applications, or dating apps.

Dating apps look for strangers to meet (with romantic or sexual goals). On the other hand, social networks want us to share content with our circles.

The “social network” label is imputed to avoid Tinder’s association with the sexual and its “taboos.” But, ignoring the puritanism that still survives, Tinder is for flirting and intimacy. Use them without shame, dating apps are accepted today.

Some people believe that Tinder is simply a tool and its purpose depends upon user. Well, although that statement contains some truth is incorrect (at least to some extent). If I take my dinner to the cinema it does not make it a food establishment, it continues to be a cinema. Well, with these apps the same thing happens, regardless of how you use it, they are still apps to flirt with.

But in order not to enter into an unnecessary debate based solely on opinions, let’s talk with data. Tinder wanted to integrate certain social functionality at the end of 2016 and in less than a year he purged it .

Social tincture: The biggest failure of Tinder.

The idea was simple, we could choose Facebook friends who were in Tinder to date a group of strangers. Here the social component was given by the fact that we had our contacts to leave in a group. This functionality was rejected because:

  • It was uncomfortable . The reality is that these apps are an evolution of blind dates. When we go out with someone for the first time we require some privacy, it is essential. Adding more people to the “duo” is uncomfortable. That is why many users never activated this functionality.
  • It was confusing. Group outings + Tinder = Orgies. Yep, many people thought that this functionality was to organize orgies. It may seem prejudice, but why else can an app of lift link us to groups of people ?.
  • Attentive to privacy. And finally the point that led to the failure of this functionality. I repeat, everything related to the romantic and sexual is surrounded by taboos and is intimate. The fact that our friends, family and colleagues could access our Tinder violated our privacy. This was undoubtedly the main point that marked the failure of Social Tinder.

When Tinder tried to adhere some social functionality to the app, his own nature rejected him. Therefore, beyond terminology and opinions, its own history certifies its essence as a lift / flip app.

How does Tinder work?

We assume that: our profile will be shown to people who Sign- us to n to us , that the number of matches between men and women must be the same or if you do not have matches the app does not work .

All these assumptions are based on ether, in nothingness, they are only assumptions. However, by understanding the theory behind these types of apps, we can solve these unknowns. Not only that, we will also take advantage of its benefits by using them.

The basis of dating apps: Intersex selection.

For every species to survive it needs to reproduce, ours is no different. It is the pursuit of sexual pleasure that has made us, human beings, survive as a species. However, before our gametes are founded on a new being, we must be chosen for this purpose. In our species, the intersexual applies as a method of selection .

Suppose a boy and a girl at a party like each other, have relationships and never see each other again. The girl becomes pregnant and her life changes forever unlike that of the boy. This is reproductive cost, the girl has a high reproductive cost while the boy does not.

It is a simple concept, the genre you choose with whom to copulate is the one that potentially has a higher reproductive cost. It is a natural issue, it goes beyond whether or not there is a plan to conceive family.

We could complicate it a bit more from individualization or sexual orientations but I want to keep it simple. Keeping that simplicity, let’s say that the wise nature blessed the woman with the gift of choice as she is the one who can suffer the greatest consequences in the search for sexual pleasure. Of course our flirting processes are more complex than a simple rule, but it is so in essence.

Tinder and the feedback cycle.

During a study , which I will cite in several articles, a behavior was found in Tinder which they called the feedback loop . This feedback cycle works as follows. When a boy and a girl enter Tinder the level of selectivity is similar. When using the app, women have a high percentage of matches and men have a low percentage (if they have one). This causes women to raise the level of selectivity and men to lower it.

Said in other words. Men lower their level of selectivity to match, while women raise it because their odds of match are high. And this, in addition to empirically confirming intersexual selection, is the basis of Tinder’s business.

Before continuing with the business topic I would like to add some more information. The number of women who use Tinder is estimated to be one every three / four men . On the other hand it is also estimated that a high percentage of men fail to matchear in Tinder.

The “economy” of Tinder.

We must establish a framework before drawing conclusions with the knowledge acquired. Being Tinder a constant cycle of supply and demand can be defined as a market. Therefore we can use some concepts of economics to understand it better.

The first thing we should do is determine the role of the actors in this market. Surely you think that the demand is generated by the man and the offer by the woman but the reality is counter intuitive. Being the man who must strive to be chosen his offer must meet the demand. In turn, being the woman who chooses is who demands and therefore who demands.

This means that for the app women are more valuable than men. Within the Tinder market, women are the consumer and men are the products. If we also add that there is one woman every three or four men, their value increases due to their scarcity.

However, when we change the framework to a commercial one, the target audience is the male. As we have seen, women have the guaranteed match, men do not, this in itself generates a need. But as we saw in the feedback cycle that need leads men to seek match with anyone. This is where a second need is generated: quality matches. It is those needs that make the target audience commercially the male.

In other words, being the woman who chooses is the man who needs to be chosen. That is why the offer of solutions is consumed by mostly men.

Tinder: The business.

To understand how Tinder works you have to understand your business. New applications always appear with various proposals and there are others very well established (Tinder, happn, badoo, etc.). This poses a competition scenario where Tinder is king.

Tinder’s business is matches, while there are matches there will be business. They understand that pairing and a constant flow of attractive users are their business. Commercially they sell solutions to the needs we saw.

Before having commercial aspirations, they must be competent, which is why they had to solve some problems. Male / female disproportion is by far the most important.

Quantitatively there are few women to show many men and many men to show few women. The “catalog” of women will always show it completely, it will even repeat it, but that of men will not. To amend this problem, Tinder applied a fragmentary solution.

Knowing that men lower their demands and women increase them, the idea is to “go dancing with the ugliest”. That is why using the votes (who discards or gives us like and who we discard or like) can predict who are our “ugly” ideals. This is what Tinder calls Elo Score (it gives us a score and introduces us to users with similar scores).

How Do Dating Apps Make Money

* NOTE: The Tinder algorithm has undergone some changes (you can see them here ). As I explain in that article the operation remains the same.

This moves away from a perfect solution and although the results are quite good there are still problems:

  • Many users will be discarded. It will not show the profile of many users or will do very little. In that sense the ELO score is practical, it will rule out less eligible users. It is not that Tinder chooses to do it, it is a process that takes place naturally, it is simple math. If there are between 3 or 4 times more men than women there will be a surplus.
  • Your profile will not be seen by all the girls who introduce you. The reality is that the “cataloges” of women of these fragmentations are reduced. That’s why I will show you many women who have a different score than yours but they will not see you. Their catalogs will always be full and you will have less priority in them.

The ELO score searches for the best “probable” results within the disorder. In essence the problems are the same but less harmful. If there was a better solution Tinder would adopt it, your business is for people to do MATCH.

Tinder: The trade.

The same thing happened to Tinder that is happening to us while we read the article, saw needs in the problems. Tinder initially started with typical business models (sell likes and stand out with super likes). However, the true business model arises from understanding its problems.

Basically there are going to be, in broad strokes, 3 main needs:

  • Exhibition of your profile. As we have seen, the male / female ratio is disproportionate. By intuition we know that the more people you know, the more likely it is that you will find a partner. In terms of Tinder this translates to a greater exposure of your profile.
  • Match quality Having to lower selectivity quality matches are another necessity. Without a doubt, making matches with attractive people is desired by everyone.
  • Increase in matches. Finally, taking out the above options, any tool that allows us to increase matches covers a need.

As we can see the natural consequences of the Tinder ecosystem can be resolved artificially. This is not something new, the solutions to the “Malthusian catastrophe” were artificial. These are the ones that report benefits to Tinder as a company.

Tinder’s commercial solutions.

The operating cost of Tinder is HUGE. As a company you have the obligation to cover these costs and you must also generate benefits. That is why they are subject to offer useful payment solutions.

Tinder plus and Tinder Gold.

what is tinder

This is what Tinder’s monthly subscription plans are called. Within these subscriptions we find “benefits” that are supposed to improve our results. The difference between the two plans is that Tinder Gold offers a couple of extra solutions.

Unlimited Likes.

Until 2015 we could give as many likes as we would like but now we can only give 50 likes every 12 hours. Restricting likes was the first commercial measure that Tinder implemented. This, in my opinion, is not an option worth buying a subscription. That I give more likes does not mean that I increase the exposure of my profile. In other words, giving more likes does not translate into increasing my matches.

Rewind the last swipe.

This tool allows us to go back if we discard a contact by mistake. You will almost never discard someone by mistake and you will care little if you do. This option only seeks to increase the offer of the commercial package, as a utility I give 0.

5 Super likes per day.

When we give a super like the person will see a blue star in our profile, standing out. A utility with a positive and a negative side. The positive side is that it will prioritize our profile to show it to the other person. The negative side is that the blue star is inorganic and creepy . In my opinion, it is a sword of Damocles that is not worth the subscription. I would change my mind if you ensure that our profile is displayed without highlighting us.

1 monthly boost.

This is the best solution that Tinder offers us commercially. The boost gives viewing profile to our profile for 30 minutes in our area. Thirty minutes in which we will have a lot of exposure and a potential increase in matches.

It is the jewel in the crown within Tinder’s commercial proposals to date. This utility is so good that they only offer us one per month. I consider it more useful and intelligent to invest in packs of boosts than in a subscription.

Passport to swipe around the world.

If you want to stay with people before making a trip, it may seem useful. However you can download an app that falsifies your GPS location and get the same result for free. Personally, I consider it better and more fun to meet people during a trip and not before. Another option that does not merit acquiring a subscription.

Choose who sees you.

This tool allows only those who we like to see our profile. This does not mean that they will show your profile to those you like, but that they will not show it to the rest. You deserve to buy a subscription for this option only if you have the need to preserve your anonymity.

Tinder Gold (See who they like and Top picks).

Tinder gold is the most expensive subscription and offers two extra utilities. First you can see those people who like you and give it to you to match. It can be useful if you combine it with boosts.

On the other hand we have the Top Picks. They are very attractive users that according to Tinder can match you. This option has several problems. Since he launched, he shows me beautiful girls but they are more than 100 km away. Just because of that I no longer have an interest to match. On the other hand, neither Tinder nor anyone can ensure that you will match another user. I see it as a sort of misleading advertising.

Similarly, these two options can be interesting, especially to be able to please those who like it if you combine it with boosts.

Tinder de pago offers some options. I do not recommend buying a subscription, if you are going to invest in Tinder buy packs of boosts. That said Tinder in 2019 will launch several VERY interesting utilities that are surely paid. At the end of this article I will tell you what they are.

The hack that will get you matches for free in Tinder: A great profile.

I will never tire of repeating it, it is not you who discard or accept but your profile. What works best in Tinder and any other dating app is to have an attractive profile.

You will get a good ELO SCORE and tinder shows your profile to more attractive girls with better results. If you also combine it with boosts you will get an excellent experience. On the contrary, a bad profile will have a low SCORE, it will not visible.

This is the first of a series of articles that will officiate as a manual to build an excellent profile. It is completely free, complete and will always be updated. I will also show you profiles made by me and the results obtained. From a very bad profile but very common, to the best you can do. In the last profile we will also make a comparison of the paid options.

The news that Tinder will bring in 2019.

Tinder is trying some super interesting solutions. It shows how he has matured as a company and how he pampers his business. Here are, without further ado, the solutions that I hope Tinder will release during 2019.

What Is Tinder The App


  • When we frequent a place we can mark it in Tinder and we can explore profiles of people who were in that place. This mechanic will be timeless so we should not worry about our privacy and security. Restricting both the list of possible matches is good, we will get more exposure. On the other hand, meeting people we already know has a common taste with us is synonymous with good dates.

Swipe Surge

  • When Tinder detects a lot of activity in an area, it will start a Surge Party. The idea is great and simple. Imagine going to an X event, if Tinder detects that there is more activity than usual in that area, it will send you a notification. The Fiesta Surge has begun and those chosen will be shown to all potential matches in that area. He will also do it with a logo so they know you are participating and there, at that time. Another restriction of lists of possible matches added to real-time adrenaline creates a useful and fun option ( It has already been implemented ).​​


  • The loops will be two-second videos which will repeat in a loop. You can use them as your photos in your profile. This option, in addition to fun, seeks to authenticate the profile user by being more difficult to fake videos. It also gives us the opportunity to show our passions and creativity in a more dynamic and fun way ( already implemented ).

Festival mode

  • A good way to interact with other people who will go to the same concert as you. Badges will appear in the profile of people attending the same concert as you. Previously you must choose your badge also to confirm attendance. This option may take time to implement due to implicit logistic problems. On the other hand, there are not so many users who usually go to these types of events. Hey, it seems fun, maybe it causes you to have a better social life, and casual sex never hurts.


  • They work just like common boosts but with a big difference. It will show your profile with priority at peak times. According to Tinder this option will increase the matches 100 times (the normal boost increases 10). Only users who pay for a subscription plan will have access to this function. When you activate this feature, paid subscriptions will make more sense.

Read Receipts

  • From now on, Tinder will allow users with paid accounts to know if other people read their messages. But the good news is that you can disable this option. And we do not all want to inform if we have read the messages of our interlocutor. I’ll tell you later how to do it.


  • In a short time Tinder will allow you to choose your sexual orientation. And you can choose more than one if you wish. But it is not only a matter of inclusion, it will bring order to the app.

Tinder Lite

  • Do you have a low-end cell phone or Tinder consumes your data a lot ?. Tinder is a heavy app, the Lite version will solve those problems. In ligueonline we will inform you when it is available.

Surely Surge and Places are part of paid subscriptions as long as Loop is free. Both options seem functional and I think they would be worth the purchase of the Tinder subscription.

Tricks for Tinder in 2019

To be completely honest, not all the tips I will give you are Tricks in itself. Actually I will give you a mix of tricks and recommendations that do not take place elsewhere in the manual.

Change the order of the photos :

Many people delete their photos and upload them in the order they want. However you can change the order of the photos without having to do all this cumbersome process. To do this, press and hold the photo you want to change the place and then when it comes out of the socket, drag it to the position you want.

Do not use smart photos :

Smart Photos is an option that gives Tinder to automatically choose your “best photo”. If you use our manual, disable Smart Photos. With our guide you will correctly determine the order your photos should have before uploading them.

Be completely honest :

This is not a recommendation but the biggest trick of all. Whether in the photos, the bio or your data be honest. In fact the problems of not being go beyond the moral or ethical. Most of these profiles (which are many) shows the deception. In addition, a person not satisfied with his life and does nothing to change it is the least attractive in the world. On the other hand, a person who accepts their defects and hugs them is very attractive. In the end, accepting our defects or trying to correct them denotes an attractive and positive attitude.

Fill in all the data. :

Whether your studies, work, bio or your anthem fills all your profile options. It happens to all of us that when we see a profile with connected spotify, we like the data and Instagram more. This is because that person spent time building their profile and communicates commitment in their search. On the contrary those people who only upload a couple of photos communicate little interest in theirs.

Connect Instagram

One of the concerns that we all have in any dating app is whether our interlocutor is real. Unfortunately we all know or have starred in a story where the other person was not who he says to be. Connecting Instagram to our profile gives some security. We all look at insta photos in those profiles, it gives us greater certainties. Of course it is not an error-free certificate but it increases reliability. If you have Instagram, connect it, it will increase your matches and the response rate to your messages.

How to start a talk in 2019.

As of June 2019, Tinder added in its feed the possibility of reacting to the photos. If we enter our feed we can see the photos of our matches. And we can react with an emoji to these images (also to states, or profile changes).

How to react from the feed to the image of your Matches.

After reacting to the image you must write a message greeting, flattering something of that image and asking a question. For example:

Hello how are you? That dress makes you look super feminine. Are you a recognized and consecrated singer? ?Using feed reactions also gives good results to resume a lost talk. That would be the case of the image that accompanies this paragraph.

Tinder PC :

what is tinder

Many people do not know, but Tinder has a Web app that you can use Tinder from your PC .. The operation is the same although it lacks some options of the App.

Disable read confirmation :

If you do not want other users to know if you read their messages, do the following: Enter your profile -> Settings -> Read confirmation and deactivate that option.

From now on users with tinder plus or gold will know if you read their messages.This is how you can disable that option.

Delete your Tinder account :

Do not think that by uninstalling Tinder from your mobile your profile will stop showing. If you want to exit Tinder go to Settings and underneath it you will find a button that will say Delete Account . Tinder for legal issues must keep your data for 2 years but at least it will stop showing them.

Exploiting the Tinder algorithm (2019).

In 2019 Tinder published a text explaining some of the factors that its algorithm uses . The algorithm is in itself the “formula” they use to show you people and show you. I leave here two important factors that mention about it:

Let us surprise you in the best possible way. The most important factor that can help you improve your match potential in Tinder is… Use the application.

We give priority to potential matches that are active and active at the same time. We want you to stay and talk in real life, and for that there is nothing better than to be able to start a conversation with your matches right away. Using the application helps you be more visible, see more profiles and get more matches. This is the most important part of our algorithm, and you have total control over it.

In addition, the more you use the Tinder application, the easier it will be for us to choose better potential matches for you.

Connect at peak times as it probably shows your card to people who are online. We will do experiments during this year and we will tell you the results to know how active you are.

Frequent questions.

What is Tinder?.Tinder is a dating application for mobile phones and PCs. And although there are people who use it for other purposes, it was conceived to develop emotional / sexual ties.

What is to match in Tinder?

When you slide to the right or press the green heart (give like) and the other person does the same, a Match creates.  Making Match, enable chat so that they can communicate.

When I uninstall Tinder is my profile deleted?

No, when you uninstall Tinder doesn’t delete your profile. You must delete your profile in Tinder before uninstalling the application.

How to see who likes me?

The only way to know who likes you is to pay the Gold subscription. In doing so you will see the list of those who gave you like. The “golden” number tells you how many people have given you like, but to unlock the list you must pay the subscription.From mid-2019 you will find the exact number at the top of the main screen.

Is Tinder free?

Tinder is what is known as a “Freemium” application. This means that it is free but if you pay you will have extra features. Without paying Tinder works perfectly.

How to look for someone in Tinder?

The people who show you Tinder do it randomly. In other words, it is not possible to search for people in Tinder since it is not a social network. You have the possibility of creating public profiles but these are not indexed in search engines and nobody uses them.

I don’t have matches: Is Tinder broken?

Tinder is not broken. To have matches, you must like the same people you like. You get this by having an optimized profile .


You already know everything you need to know and have never been told about Tinder. In the next article in this manual I will talk about the importance of creating a plan to build your profile . I will also teach you how to do it and it will be the first step to create a super attractive profile.

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