What is the right way to bless a son or daughter before the wedding?

For Christians, parental blessing is endowed with a special and very powerful power. The words that parents say to their children before marriage have an impact on their family life. Without parental blessing, our ancestors were not allowed to get married in the church.

Now many couples decide not to get married, but only to register the marriage at the registry office, but the parting words of their parents are no less important for them. In the publication we will look at how to bless a son or daughter before the wedding and what icon should be done.

Features of the blessing of the newlyweds

The rite of blessing children on the day of marriage is quite ancient and has undergone many changes during its existence. Before the appearance of the registry offices, lovers only got married in the church. Before the wedding, the groom ransomed the bride, and the couple asked for parental blessings. From the wedding, the newly-made spouses came to the groom’s house, where they were to live.

They were greeted by the parents of the newlyweds with a wedding loaf. They blessed the couple for a happy family life and brought them to the set wedding table. The father had to circle the newly-made spouses around the table three times and seat them in a place of honor. Then guests were invited to the table, and the wedding celebration began.

Modern blessing

There is no consensus on how to see a young couple off to the registry office and then meet them. We will present to your attention the most popular options, and you will choose the one that will please the heroes of the occasion and their relatives.

The first option provides that the parents of the newlywed bless him before he goes to the ransom of the chosen one. After the ransom is completed, the parents of the hero of the occasion give their daughter a blessing in a separate room, and the father takes her out to her future husband. Parents meet the newly-made husband and wife at the entrance to the restaurant with icons, a loaf, and sometimes wine or champagne.

The second option starts out the same way. After the ransom, the mother of the bride blesses the young couple with the icon of the Mother of God. Near the restaurant, the newly-made spouses are met by their parents. The parents of the young husband bless the couple with an icon of the Savior and a loaf, and the parents of the young wife stand nearby.

Popular blessing option

The third option is similar to the second, but with the difference that for the ceremony of redemption, the mothers of the newlyweds buy the children a pair of icons as a gift, with which they will bless them together for marriage. Icons must be covered with embroidered towels, through which they are taken into hands and presented with them. Mothers buy towels for icons and a large towel.

After the ransom, a large towel is laid in front of the newlyweds, on which they kneel, and the mothers baptize them three times with icons, pronouncing their blessing, and give the icons to kiss. Then they are placed on a table covered with a snow-white tablecloth near the loaf.

The young couple will take their icons to the apartment where they will live and hang them in the red corner. Not wanting to hang icons on the wall, they are wrapped in towels and carefully kept.

At the ceremony, the mother of the future wife holds an icon of the Mother of God in her hands, and the mother of the future husband holds an icon of the Savior. Before entering the banquet hall, the newly-made spouses are met by their parents. The parents of the newlywed say their parting speech, holding a wedding loaf and a tray of glasses filled with champagne. The young treat each other with a loaf, sip a sip of champagne, and the rest is poured over the back and break the glasses for good luck.

According to an ancient custom, during the blessing with icons, the young people knelt, and their parents baptized them three times over their heads with icons, and then gave them a kiss. In a modern ceremony, newlyweds do not always kneel, but believers act according to the existing rules. In the third option, near the restaurant, parents meet children without icons, and therefore, the question of how to bless them correctly and where to put them at a banquet will disappear.

Daughter’s blessing before marriage

We will look at how the ceremony takes place in the first option, discussed above. Only relatives and godparents of the hero of the occasion can be present in the room. If a desire arises to film what is happening, the process is entrusted to the godparents.

The mother of the bride with the icon of the Virgin in her hands, gives a blessing for the marriage and says parting words, then she baptizes her daughter three times and lets her kiss her face. The father says his parting words and gives his daughter a hand to take to the room to the groom.

In prose

Mother’s blessing: My beloved daughter! I want to say the last words of parting words before you get married. I wish you to create a strong and friendly family in which love, harmony, tenderness, kindness and mutual understanding always reign. Let the cheerful children’s laughter sound in your house for the joy of you and your husband and me and dad.

If adversity is encountered along the way of your family boat, then become support and support for each other. I bless you to marry … – the name of the groom is indicated. Advice to you and love! Long and happy family life!

Dad’s blessing: My dear daughter! You know how much your mother and I love you. We are very worried about you now and will always be worried. It’s hard for me to let you go to another house, but I believe in you and in your choice. Therefore, I will try to accept your future husband as my own son. Be a loving, kind and faithful wife to him.

May love and understanding always reign in your family. All the efforts to create home comfort and spiritual atmosphere fall on your fragile shoulders. Be patient, caring, able to forgive and support, remember that love can overcome all life’s adversities. I bless you for marriage! Happiness and prosperity to your family!

In verse

Mom can bless her daughter with such a verse:

Our dear daughter, dear blood!

Your road suddenly separated from your father’s house.

You have to build a family life.

From us you take the parting words of the line.

Live each other, appreciate, love,

Make peace, dare and give birth to children.

Then keep good happiness forever!

Before God and godparents We

bless you for a happy marriage!

Having uttered touching lines, the mother baptizes her daughter with the icon three times and gives her a kiss.

Blessing for the son

Traditions have some differences in different regions. We are suggesting one of the options for the blessing of the groom. Only the newlyweds, his relatives and godparents are in the room. Bread is placed on a table covered with a tablecloth, salt, holy water and a lighted candle are placed next to it.

Mom is holding an icon of the Savior. After the blessing, dad takes his son by the hand and leads him around the table clockwise, and mom closes the procession, holding a burning candle in one hand, and an icon in the other. The action is carried out three times.

In prose

There is an ancient prayer that parents said before their son left the house, going to ransom the bride.

Just as faith is strong, indestructible and strong, and the mead is sweet, in the same way, let the family (called the name of the son) and (the name of the bride) be indestructible by any adversity and be strong in each other and their love sweet. Let them be inseparable, starting right from this day and this minute – only together, so that not a moment apart in thoughts is separate! Amen. I bless you to start a family!

The groom’s mother can read the prayer, holding the icon, or say wishes in her own words.

Father gives his son parting words for a long and happy marriage: Beloved son! I bless you to start a family. May the Lord keep her from all misfortunes and evil. Love your wife and be faithful to her. Become a strong shoulder for her and future children, protecting and supporting from everyday problems and difficulties. Help her in all matters. May there always be peace, harmony, love, prosperity and prosperity in your family!

In verse

Parents can bless their son with the following lines:

On the day of celebration and a step towards a new life

We want to convey our parting words to you:

Remember that a word can hurt,

But a word can also heal.

Sometimes a simple white daisy

Can cheer you up.

And there is no need to drag yesterday’s grievances

Sad trail. Learn to forgive!

All important decisions in the family

must be made together.

At least know – sometimes it will not be easy for you.

Take care of each other and pity,

And most importantly, love and always appreciate.

We wish you prosperity and health.

The way children’s laughter will sound in the house.

Do not forget us in the whirlpool of life.

We are always ready to help you.

My father and I bless you!

Let love illuminate the road,

And your marriage will be happy!

The poem will be read by the mother, and then she will cross her son with an icon and let him kiss his face.


There is no template for how to pronounce the blessing of a son or daughter before registering their marriage. Parents sincerely congratulate their children on the most important day in their life, express their wishes and give advice to help make the marriage happy, and be sure to say that they are blessing to create a family.

To make it easier for you to navigate, look at the examples we have proposed. We wish you a happy wedding!