What is the dream of an ex-girlfriend or wife: 13 reasons

No matter if you are currently single or in a relationship, it is not at all surprising if you dream of an ex-girlfriend or wife, whether you want it or not.

Feelings that you once experienced can rush again, having different intensities – from quite strong emotions to insipid sensations that cause only a slight smile.

But under whatever conditions this does not happen, the question of the reasons for this dream will become quite natural.

What is the dream of an ex-girlfriend or wife

1. Do you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend

One of the common reasons guys may dream about their ex-girlfriend or wife is that they still have feelings for her.

This situation is most likely when not much time has passed since the breakup.

If you still have thoughts about your ex-girlfriend often enough or from time to time, you thereby give her an invitation to visit in a dream.

Even if you still have feelings, this does not mean that you should strive to revive the relationship.

Just accept the fact that a person with whom you have been together for a long time cannot leave your conscious mind or subconscious mind at the snap of a finger.

Also, the feelings you have for an ex-girlfriend don’t have to be romantic.

It is possible that you are not satisfied with how your relationship ended and you are trying to resolve this conflict in your mind, feeling, for example, resentment or guilt.

2. Relationship problems with a new girlfriend

The presence of tension in a relationship with a new girlfriend can be a reason to remember a previous love partner. Well, where we do not.

However, you just have to understand that if you and your ex-girlfriend were made for each other, you would not have to leave.

It may be that your new relationship does not experience objective complaints, however, having a previous love experience that is difficult to characterize as very successful, you will subconsciously turn to the existing knowledge base so that this time everything works out in the best way.

What is the dream of an ex-girlfriend or wife: 13 reasons | extraMan

3. Feeling of loneliness

If you have not found a new girlfriend at the moment, while having a conscious desire and an objective need for another relationship, your mind, dissatisfied with this state of affairs, will strive to fill the feeling of loneliness with someone or something that replaced it in the past.

If you feel unhappy, your subconscious mind can give clues through dreams on how to solve this problem, but you should not always trust this help.

In the same way, the dream may be trying to tell you that it is time to move on, as well as to make changes in your life that will make you a more joyful and happier person.

4. The day before you visited the page of the ex-girlfriend in the social network

Social networks are like a magnet that can make you visit the page of an ex-girlfriend, because it’s so interesting to find out what she does there.

There is always a temptation to start following the lives of former relationship partners through social networks, especially if emotions for them have not subsided yet.

It may seem important to you to find out if your friend was better with you, or even without you, her life is in full swing? How does she spend her time? Does she look better? She has a new boyfriend, and who is he?

But even if you did not purposefully visit the page of the former chosen one, only her photo, flashed, for example, in the recommended friends feed, can hurt your feelings.

If this is the case, then don’t be surprised if an ex-girlfriend visited you in a dream.

5. Do you miss some of the positive qualities of an ex-girlfriend

Even if your past relationship ended on your initiative, the ex-girlfriend may still have some positive qualities that you, as it seems to you, could not find a worthy replacement.

Perfect people do not exist, but most of us still have a certain zest that is not so easy to find in another person.

Your ex-girlfriend may have had some special traits or boasted some skills that made her stand out from the rest.

Memories of these features may well cause you to dream about her.

At the same time, you may not necessarily miss the girl herself, but even the place where you lived, rested or dined with her.

6. An ex-girlfriend recently tried to contact you

There may be a situation when you are already in a happy relationship with a new girl, forgetting everything that happened before, when suddenly your ex-girlfriend may suddenly try to get in touch with you: call or write a text message.

Why can this happen? She is probably alone now, some negative event has happened in her life, or she is simply bored, as a result of which memories of your person flooded over her.

If an interest in this incident arises in your mind, and you begin to ask questions why this happened, how she feels about you, how she is doing now, it is not surprising if one of your dreams invites an ex-girlfriend to visit you.

In addition, an unintentional meeting with an ex-girlfriend or working together can also push you into memories and thoughts that are better not to get carried away.

7. You just remembered the past tense

The human mind, which is not really in conscious mode all that often, is very fond of thinking about the prospective future and the forgotten past, touching on various situations and events that once took place in your life.

And since the former partner is part of the past, it is not surprising that memories of him can rise to the surface of the present moment from the depths of bygone days.

8. Something is missing in your life

The emptiness in your life and the desire to fill it can be associated not only with the absence of a beauty in love next to you, but also with problems that have arisen in relationships with relatives, friends or colleagues.

9. A minor circumstance reminded you of an ex-girlfriend

It could be a song or movie associated with a past relationship, a scent of perfume, a similar laugh, a voice, another girl’s hair, a mutual friend, or a place you once visited with an ex-girlfriend.

10. Problems with self-esteem

If certain events in your life have led to a deterioration in its quality and a decrease in self-esteem, your subconscious mind may try to draw pleasant emotions from memories of previous relationships through your dreams.

11. The need to analyze the past and draw conclusions

No matter what your past experience was, you can still draw a lot of conclusions from it, learning something new.

Think about why your relationship ended and what you could have done differently.

It is not implied that it is necessary to establish who is to blame for what in order to punish the guilty, but it is important to understand the situation in order to prevent the repetition of the identified errors.

12. You are afraid to experience the pain again

For most people, going through a breakup is not an easy task.

Therefore, only a fan of extreme sports will want to repeat the emotions experienced, which, it may seem, are capable of splitting brain cells into subatomic particles.

Perhaps you feel that something has gone wrong in your current relationship, and with the help of sleep, your subconscious seems to be hinting that you should slightly influence the usual course of events so that history does not repeat itself.

13. Ballast to be disposed of

An ex-girlfriend in a dream can be a symbol that personifies a person, a process, or anything else in your life that it would not hurt to get rid of, because these phenomena make you unhappy.

If there really is something on the road of your destiny that is a barrier to your further development, it is better to take the necessary steps in a timely manner to eliminate destructive factors.

How to respond to dreams about an ex-girlfriend or wife

1. Accept the fact that you are not meant to be together

The worst thing you can do after breaking up with a girl is to hope that you will get back together.

It’s important to acknowledge that the relationship is over and you need to move on.

An attempt to rekindle a dead hope and reanimate past feelings is doomed to failure, without carrying anything constructive in itself.

When you learn to let go of your past and move into the future with a confident step, you will begin to look at your life from a completely different angle.

2. Time heals

Time really has a healing effect on the spiritual wounds of each of us.

The more time you spend outside of your past relationships, the less you will think about your ex, dissolving memories of her and not allowing her to appear in your dreams.

If enough time has passed since the breakup, and thoughts about the ex-girlfriend have not left you alone, perhaps you should just get to know the new contender for love, discarding useless memories.

3. Don’t get hung up

Just accept the dream with the ex-girlfriend as something completely ordinary, because it is, and do not dwell on the reasons, feelings and memories.

Dreaming about an ex-love partner is a common occurrence, but if you start treating it as something extraordinary and deserving of mega-close attention, you will doom yourself to useless experiences.

Draw the necessary conclusions and move on.