What is given for matchmaking by the groom: features of the ceremony

Nowadays it is surprising that there is an opportunity to hold weddings in any style. The bride and groom decide for themselves how their celebration will be held. If a young lady wants to feel like a tender and vulnerable princess, then you can use an old custom, namely matchmaking.

This is a unique rite, deeply symbolic and interesting in its reproduction. Young people can choose both a completely thematic ceremony and a slightly stylized version. On which method to stop, you will have to decide for yourself. In any case, it is worth knowing what matchmaking is, what is given for matchmaking, and how to organize it correctly.

How did the matchmaking ritual go before?

What do they give for matchmaking?

Initially, it was accepted that children did not independently determine who they wanted to marry. The young man came to his parents and reported that he would like to find a family. It happened that parents independently made such a decision.

The second step is to choose a bride for a son. A young man can also help with this by suggesting which candidates he would like to consider. Parents try to find out as much as possible not only about the bride herself but also about her family.

The next stage is the meeting with the matchmakers. Those are selected who know how to conduct a competent dialogue and will be able to positively characterize the groom. In many parts of the world, there were previously special matchmakers who just fulfilled similar goals.

At the same time, it is not at all necessary that they be the groom’s closest relatives. They were also joined by older brothers, young men, or cousins. In this composition, they went to the young bride.

Upon arrival at the house of a beautiful girl, matchmakers talk about their intentions. In ancient times, there were two different customs: matchmaking and bridegroom. Then they were combined into one day. However, the girl initially did not show herself to the matchmakers.

The bride’s parents listened to all the positive traits that the groom has. If the girl’s mom and dad decided to bless the couple, then they asked the daughter to appear and show herself. At this time, the matchmakers had to prove themselves, appreciating the beauty of the beautiful bride.

As soon as a positive decision was made, the bride’s parents did not speak about it in plain text. They only had to invite the groom to visit with his parents the next day.

This meant that the bride was married, and at the meeting of the parents there would be a discussion of the wedding itself and the future life of the newlyweds. In fact, in the days of the Ancient world, parents decided absolutely everything for their children. Despite their age, the children were only involuntary witnesses who unquestioningly did everything that their older relatives punished them.

Of course, if a girl or a boy had a trusting relationship with mom and dad, then they could tell them about their preferences. Often the parents had an agreement from the very birth of their children. This was considered a very convenient option, since the future son-in-law is growing before our eyes, and the children are initially familiar with each other’s families and are determined to live together.

What gifts are given now?

At all times it was not customary to come empty-handed. The bride and groom had to prepare pleasant surprises for each other.

Initially, the man came with flowers, in his hands, there were two bouquets at once, one of which he handed to the bride’s mother, the second to the girl herself.

Bride and groom to each other

The young man always gives gifts to the very first. The man, after the presentation of the bouquets, proceeded to the main part. She was considered a marriage proposal. For this, the young man prepared a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Currently, this is a ring indicating that the girl is engaged. Earrings were used earlier. It was believed that a girl should wear her earrings to the wedding. In addition, this piece of jewelry was, as it were, a symbol of the fact that the young girl was busy.

Now, any product can be used as a gift from the groom for the bride. Wealthier men can give their women cars. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to just a piece of jewelry. The main purpose of the gift is to show the young men that the girl is busy.

It was much easier for the girl to give a gift since she had to make it with her own hands. Previously, such quality as the economy was very much appreciated. The main gifts were shirts, a beautiful picture with knitting, and a hand-embroidered handkerchief.

The girl did all this herself, thereby showing how creative and at the same time skillful nature she is. Now no one will demand a handmade product from a girl. Therefore, women give their young people perfumes, cufflinks, ties and other accessories.

A matchmaking gift shouldn’t be too bulky and expensive. Yet it is rather symbolic. By exchanging presents with each other, a young man and a girl share positive emotions, thereby showing the depth of their feelings.


What is given to the bride for matchmaking?

What does the groom give for matchmaking? Coming to someone else’s house, matchmakers bring not only treats but also gifts. Of course, it is much easier and easier if the parents know each other long before the engagement. This means that they know what their future relatives are interested in on the part of the bride or groom. In this case, the present is chosen based on their hobbies and the wishes of the parents.

If matchmakers are going to this house for the first time, then they should pay close attention to neutral gifts for matchmaking. These are tea and coffee sets, bedding sets, bath sets. If you want to make an original and creative gift, you can try to pick up a family portrait.

To do this, ask your son to take a photo of the parents and the bride. Order a family portrait from a photography artist. It will look interesting and original, for sure there will be a prominent place in every house to put a portrait.


Matchmaking always took place with songs and dances. This event was rejoiced not only by the newlyweds but also by all relatives.

Matchmaking was an integral part of the wedding ceremony. All relatives were congratulated on him, presenting each other with memorable gifts.