What Is Considered A Long Distance Relationship

For many, a long- distance relationship is likely to end in failure sooner or later. The kilometers or hours between the two partners alone constitute the main constraint mentioned. Yet it is not impossible to experience perfect love when you live far from each other. It’s all about the manner. Don’t we just say that there is no border between two people who love each other ??? If you’ve been in long-distance love for a short time, don’t miss this article. Read it to discover my 5 effective tips to make your relationship last. But first, I’ll try to make you understand the implications of this type of relationship and what is considered a long distance relationship?

Considered A Long Distance Relationship

When two people as a couple do not live in the same city, they are said to have a remote connection. They can be two different localities in the same country, or even two different countries. It is therefore this estrangement between the two partners that tends to make the relationship improbable. It is indeed easier to keep the flame of love alive when we do not have the possibility of seeing each other easily.

It should be noted that a love affair can be distant from the start, thanks in particular to meetings on Meetic or on other sites of the same kind. However, a couple can form in the same place, but then be forced to live their relationship at a distance. In this case, work or studies are the main reasons that can cause such a change.

Loving each other from a distance: good or bad idea?

Many people will have certainly told you that a long-distance relationship is not a good idea at all. A position, moreover, reinforced by the adage which affirms: “Far from the eyes, far from the heart”. Yet there are valid reasons to believe in love, even when the loved one is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

An ideal solution against monotony

A physically separated couple can be very fulfilling, if the partners know how to take advantage of this separation. So, not seeing each other every day can be an excellent remedy for boredom and routine. This makes the exchanges more interesting, for example, and more fascinating. The fact that you almost always have something new to tell makes you enjoy listening to yourself. In addition, it is difficult to argue over a yes or a no.

Online love strengthens the desire and urge to meet again

Have you ever been excited to see a loved one you haven’t seen for too long? Well, it’s the same when you’re in a long-distance relationship. The moment we meet again, after a long absence, is always privileged and eagerly awaited. In addition, physical separation can turn out to be an aphrodisiac to spice up the reunion under the duvet.

What Is Considered A Long Distance Relationship

Distance adds a touch of romance

Whether through dating on Meetic or not, romance is a valid reason to believe in the success of the couple. The fact that long-distance love seems impossible a priori has a romantic side that is not without advantages. For example, we like to fantasize about being loved. One thus imagines scenarios of meeting all as romantic as the others. As a result, we are impatient for our imagination to come true.

How to live your long distance relationship if you want it to work

Whether your partner is in another city or another country, online love can work and last. Here are 5 smart tips to make your relationship work.

What Is Considered A Long Distance Relationship

Keep in touch

It is very important that you are in regular contact with your partner. When physical contact is impossible, communicating regularly is the best way to strengthen sentimental bonds. Indeed, talking about everything and nothing, even 5 minutes each day, is what is best to keep the flame of love alive. As for the means of contact, you are spoiled for choice, with all that technology offers today. But be careful, there is of course no question of bombarding the other with calls or messages all day long.

Trust your partner

If in a “normal relationship” trust is very important, it is even more so in a long-distance relationship. And when I say trust, I mean not only trust in the loved one, but also in yourself. Although these are natural and normal feelings under certain conditions, don’t leave too much room for doubt. Indeed, you gain nothing by imagining all the time that your partner is cheating on you. All you risk is developing behaviors that will only ruin your relationship.

What Is Considered A Long Distance Relationship

Share moments together

Even far from each other, you can have moments of bonding and do things together. You certainly have some hobbies that you can share. For example, you can watch a TV program at the same time by commenting on it by text. This will allow you to stay sentimentally close, through simple and interesting activities. Do not forget also that the little attentions (images, gifts, little words, etc.) contribute to the maintenance of love at a distance.

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Make plans for the future

Having common projects is also a good way to make a long-distance relationship work. For example, organize a reunion for a weekend or a romantic trip. Also consider the possibility of reducing the number of kilometers between you, so that you can see each other more easily. The main thing is to be as optimistic as possible , telling yourself that it is worth waiting for your situation to improve.

Maintain privacy

Physical contact is not the only way to maintain sexual desire and intimacy in your relationship. Even from a distance, it is important not to neglect this aspect. Photo in alluring outfits, sexting or erotic video chat: let your imagination run wild. Also, trying yourself for example at online love or on the phone will only fuel the flame. It’s up to you to see what works best for you.

What to remember?

A long-distance relationship can be very difficult to live with, especially when the physical separation is uncomfortable. The many compromises that can be made, the sacrifices that must be made, are all discouraging factors. Nonetheless, just like a “normal” relationship, it’s worth hanging on and believing in your love. The advice I have just given you will help you do this effectively, as long as you really apply it. In short, keep in mind, that it is up to you so that the distance is not an obstacle between you and your partner.

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