What is an anniversary dance at a wedding

The dance in every function is crucial. It gives the boosting energy in the events. You may think about what is an anniversary dance at a wedding. Luckily, you are in the right place. Here, you will get your answer. It simply means the dancing of married couples. Below there is the complete information about it. Moreover, the ceremony also contains many different activities.

Wedding traditions

There are a lot of traditions. One of them is the doing of the dance of bride and groom. Before your wedding date, you can also practice it with your partner. Therefore, when you perform during the event, both of you will do amazingly and attractively. Everyone participates in it, such as the father, mother, siblings, or other guests. Traditions are the best to make more beautiful memories. Thereby, enjoy them and happily celebrate them.

Meaning of anniversary dance at a wedding  

First of all, we will tell you about what exactly it means. It means that the other couples also celebrate their married life at your ceremony. There are numerous unique ideas to do the anniversary dance. 

In general, it depends on the DJ of your wedding. He enables to keep all the couples on the dancing floor. So, your selection concerning DJ is most important. Another essential point is the participation of many married couples. In this way, your wedding will become more attractive.

Changing in the traditions

As we above told that the dance of married couple is a tradition. But when you also include non-married couples, you can make it more modern. A little bit of change in all functions makes them more enjoyable. 

In this entire scenario, you can also add some more pleasant things. They are exciting ideas. One of the best ideas is to give the gift to the couple. You can gift your desirable couple or the couple with longer married years. It depends on the mutual decision of both of you. No doubt, the married couples take actively participate in your wedding.

Selection of song

The choosing of the songs is the crucial perspective. You can take ideas from the newlyweds. Any kind of song can play. It is either instrumental or romantic lyrics of songs. All of such songs show the love between the couples. You have to consider the recommendations of songs from your friends or family. 

Even you can surprise some couple with the playing of their anniversary song. Always avoid slow songs because they do not give more energy to everyone. Some songs have strong motivational meanings. This kind of song ensures your best bonding with your partner. Further, you can also play your partner’s favorite music and surprise him/her.

How does this dance work?

It simply works with the inviting of the couples on the dancing floor. The DJ will ask them in groups according to the years of their marriage. All of them perform in their style and get applause from everyone. There are two ways of inviting. The first way is to call newlyweds first, and the second way is to call the older couples first.

The timing for the dancing depends on the host. Some prefer only a few songs. But, it can last long according to the number of the married couple.

Order of dance

The order is the essential part. All couples must come to the floor willingly. Now, we will describe who comes first for the performance and who comes last.


We all know that the initial stage of everything is the most crucial. In this part, the newlyweds get the chance. They come with the grand entry and have the power to play their own choice of song. The newlyweds look charming and significant. You will like them and get inspiration for your married life from them.

Parent’s Participation

The second order is the participation of the parent. Both your parent and your partner’s parent will take part in it. The parent will dance with the bride and groom. For instance, the father will perform with the daughter and the mother with the son. You will perform with your parent at any time of your reception.

Party time

The next stage is about the party time. It is for all the unmarried younger. It includes all of your unmarried friends also. Some of them will prepare the dance performance in their houses. In this way, when they perform on the floor, their choreography looks more charming. They want to give you unique feelings for your ceremony. Few events skip this stage because their primary preference is inviting couples on the floor.

Role of DJ or host

The DJ will play the songs and continue the order of the dances according to his style. You can also give your recommendations to him. There are two ways of running this segment. One way is the traditional elimination of the couples, and the last couple will win. In this case, you can give a gift to that couple. And the other way is to continue dance without any elimination. The couple will enjoy more and show their best powerful performance.

After the cake cutting

There is also a cute tradition after the cutting of the cake. It is about the toss of the bouquet or garter. Both winners of the toss will get a chance to dance. At this time, anyone can join them without any restriction.

At last

The final stage includes the playing of the slow songs. The songs can play till the end of your ceremony. But the last songs must slow beat. You can also choose which song should last for the finishing of your event.


We tried to explain all the information regarding the anniversary dance at your wedding. You have the option of both traditional and modern events. If you want to remain stick to tradition, then the elimination during the couple’s dancing will do. You will also continue your function without eliminations.