What I Love About You

I seldom begin to deeply analyze my feelings for you, although I know that it is clear that I love you more than anyone in this world. It may seem strange because we are not quite alike. We have had our differences of course and I am very aware that we do not always agree on everything. But I have to say that even those details that make me so different are the ones that have made me love you like no one else.

I think that if we have been together so long, despite the misunderstandings we may have, it is because there is an honest and true feeling. And because we have also shared so many unforgettable occasions, which have given meaning to my life since I met you. You have completely changed my way of thinking.

When I spoke to you for the first time, I never imagined that I would go through so many things that would make me not only mature but experience what true love was. You have given me moments that I will never forget even though the years go by.

You have made me feel so many things at the same time and understand that when you love there is nothing better than seeing beyond yourself, to open your heart to someone else and see for their well-being. And do you know that there is nothing that I like more than being aware of what you need to support you and see if I can help you?

What I love about you goes far beyond your physical attractiveness, which was the first thing that made me turn my attention to you. It encompasses your way of thinking and being, and the personality with which you have managed to captivate me completely.

There are so many aspects that I could mention that you managed to fall in love with, but words would not be enough for me. Just remember that I love you.

We grow thanks to you, share 🙂