What Do You Write In A 50th Wedding Anniversary Card

Congratulations on the golden wedding: 50 great sayings & 5 sample texts

Golden wedding congratulations should be as special as the occasion itself. A fifty-year marriage is rare and deserves fine words that suit the couple. We have put together sayings and sample texts for you that will make your congratulations something special. What do you write in a 50th wedding anniversary card?

The golden wedding: 50 years of marital happiness

The golden wedding 50 years of marital happiness

The couple has managed a total of five decades together. They look back on good times and bad, but they have always stayed together. In our fast-moving times, this consistency is something very special. Friends and family come together for this event: it is celebrated, congratulated and given.

The color gold symbolizes the value of long-term marriage and is probably also a theme throughout the celebration. Congratulations on the golden wedding can also be written on a golden card or decorated with gold. Usually there is also a gold wreath and speeches on the happy couple. Many families put together picture shows that show the guests the years they spent together and awaken wonderful memories in the anniversary couple.

What other wedding days are there?

Wedding anniversaries remind married couples that it is important to be proud of the milestones in your relationship. They make them aware of what they have in each other and that their marriage is worth celebrating. Thus, wedding anniversaries reinforce the love of the couple. On special wedding days you meet the family, there is a celebration and there are endless congratulations. We have put together a list for you which special wedding days there are and what they are. This way you get an overview and know when you should make an extra effort with your congratulations.

Not every special wedding day is celebrated in a big way. Usually there are only the silver, the gold and the diamond wedding. But if you also know the other names for the respective wedding anniversary, you can even surprise the couple with them and stand out from other congratulations on the wedding day. Very few people know which wedding day is called how. Design your greeting card appropriately: for example, send a wooden card for a wooden wedding or choose a rose design for the rose wedding.

  • 1 year: paper wedding
  • 5 years: wooden wedding
  • 10 years: rose wedding
  • 12.5 years: parsley wedding (half to the silver wedding)
  • 15 years: crystal wedding
  • 20 years: china wedding
  • 25 years: Silver wedding
  • 30 years: pearl wedding
  • 35 years: linen wedding
  • 40 years: ruby ​​wedding
  • 45 years: brass wedding
  • 50 years: golden wedding
  • 55 years: platinum wedding
  • 60 years: diamond wedding
  • 65 years: iron wedding
  • 70 years: grace wedding
  • 75 years: crown jewel wedding
  • 80 years: oak wedding
  • 85 years: angel wedding
  • 90 years: marble wedding
  • 100 years: Heavenly wedding

Congratulations on the golden wedding: 5 sample texts

Congratulations on the golden wedding

The 50th wedding anniversary is something rare. It is not only very important for the bride and groom, but also embodies what wants to be achieved with the marriage: Growing old together, going through the good and the bad times and always being there for one another. For this reason, you should make an effort with your golden wedding wishes. Refrain from wisdom. You no longer have to give this to a couple for their golden wedding anniversary. Since the two partners have already reached a certain age, they are very familiar with life and love. Your congratulations should not be instructive, but appreciative and respectful. Finding a nice formulation and expressing your appreciation appropriately is sometimes not that easy. For this reason we have created the following sample texts for you.

Example 1: classic

Dear Lieselotte, dear Johannes,

50 years of love, 50 years of marriage, 50 years together through life. We congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary and wish you luck, satisfaction and, above all, health! You are a great role model for us and we hope that you can enjoy each other for many years to come. Have a lot of joy today in the circle of loved ones.

Example 2: personal

Love her,

Anyone who celebrates a golden wedding has endured each other in good times and bad for 50 years. You have experienced ups and downs and have mastered your life together to this day. You can really be proud of yourself. We congratulate you and wish you all the best!

Example 3: cordial

Dear gold couple,

half a century of marriage is a real masterpiece! You have held together almost your entire life – in good days and bad. We would like to congratulate you on this from the bottom of our hearts! Enjoy your retirement together and celebrate your special marriage anniversary as you like!

You are still a great couple and we love you very much.

Example 4: rhymed

To the golden couple

50 years ago you got married,
grandpa was the groom, grandma the bride!
Our family came into being through you,
for which we want to thank you today.
50 years are really not without it,
so I am now giving you the golden wedding crown.

Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary!

Example 5: short

Dear bride and groom,

I congratulate you on your golden wedding and wish you all the best! Continue to have as much zest for life as you do today. You really deserved the golden 50.

Make a greeting card yourself

Making the greeting card for the golden wedding yourself is particularly beautiful and personal. Photos of the whole family or couple are suitable for this. Maybe you can still find photos from their time together when they were younger or even from their wedding 50 years ago. Even if you don’t have a photo on hand, it is a nice touch if you try to decorate the card yourself. The 50th Wedding Anniversary card motif should not be too cluttered. Choose a classic or a vintage design.

50 sayings for the golden wedding

Wedding sayings are wonderful as congratulations on the golden wedding. You can either use them as a supplement to your own congratulations, write them on a gift tag or include them in a speech for the couple. If you want to write your own saying for the golden wedding, our examples can help you with orientation and inspiration. Always keep in mind that it is important to choose the type of saying carefully so that it really suits the bride and groom. In the following, we will give you a brief overview of how much sayings can differ and what options you have.

What Do You Write In A 50th Wedding Anniversary Card?

Classic sayings as congratulations on the golden wedding

These classic sayings are suitable for golden weddings of all kinds. You can congratulate your family members with whom you have a very good relationship. But these sayings are also suitable for friends or acquaintances with whom you are not so sure which saying really suits them. They address love and the golden wedding in general. So you can’t go wrong with them. Use them to complement your own text if you still have space on your greeting card.

  1. 50 years of love,
    50 years of happiness.
    Always look
    forwards, not backwards, on your far way .
    Confidence, unity and connectedness
    will surely guide you through the future.
    We wish you, the cheering couple,
    many more nice times together.
  2. Fifty years of married life
    firmly united in happiness and suffering,
    always giving only the best,
    that is no small matter.

  3. You both look back on 50 years of marital happiness .
    You have
    already given us so much in your life . Thank you very much
    for all the trouble you make
    May there be
    a lot of joy and health for you in your further life .
  4. Time flies, love endures.

  5. We wish you joy, happiness and security for all eternity!
    And remember that in good and bad times
    your love for one another will always be with you!
  6. Many people celebrate green weddings,
    there are also silver weddings in the country,
    but very
    few are able to achieve their fifty-year goal .
    Two people who
    have loved each other for 50 years are still on cloud
    nine for the golden wedding
    (Edith Helminger)
  1. It is now 50 years of marriage that
    you have spent together.
    You survived difficult times,
    hoping, crying and laughing together.
    We are sure that a couple like you will
    also master the next 50 years.
    So we want to be happy today
    and celebrate with the cheering couple.
  2. Miracles happen.
    You two are proof of that.
    I know through you that
    everything can be done.
    Miracles happen.
    I saw it.
  3. 50 years and not tired,
    because your love keeps you awake.
    50 years through mountains and valleys,
    together you made your way.
    In the 50 years that have united you
    , the time was sometimes marked by suffering.
    But you could find happiness in your hearts,
    it was still a glorious time!
  4. Love is fulfillment, burden and medicine.
    (Kurt Tucholsky)
  5. Marriage is always a bit of merging.
    Two become one.
  6. Always floating on cloud nine,
    friends who live together,
    have forgiven
    your heart a long time ago ,
    I would also like to experience what you have .
  7. 50 years togetherness,
    600 months of satisfaction,
    2600 weeks of happiness and suffering,
    18,250 days togetherness.
    Today we celebrate this bond!
  8. Rose wedding done first,
    attended bronze
    wedding, survived silver wedding
    and stood together until the golden wedding!
  9. 50 years together,
    that’s an eternity!
    You are a really great couple,
    see you at the celebration of the 60th year of marriage.

Funny sayings as congratulations on the golden wedding

The following funny sayings as congratulations on the golden 50th Wedding Anniversary are particularly suitable for married couples who are still young in spirit. They appreciate a few modern or funny words that differ from the monotonous masses of congratulations. Our selected sayings take marriage with humor, but they also take it seriously. Many of these sayings are written in rhyme form, as the older generations in particular can identify with them. The melody also makes it easier to read

  1. When you are married, you sometimes have to argue, because that’s how you find out about each other.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  2. Three types of men have difficulty understanding women: young men, middle-aged men, and old men.
  3. Powdered through for 50 years,
    that is only possible with a lot of perseverance.
    We are very proud of you
    and we are happy that you are happy!
  4. The golden wedding – we have respect.
    Now share your luck – give us the recipe!
  5. You have lived in your four walls for 50 years.
    That means compromises without end. We congratulate you
    on your loyalty and patience
    – your love is cult!
  6. Marriage and wine have one thing in common: true goodness only shows itself after years.
    (William Somerset Maugham)
  7. Today we celebrate this golden couple who
    were so loyally connected.
    In the sun and even in the rain
    , they walked hand in hand on every path.
    That’s why the glasses should sound today,
    we want to join in and sing happy songs.
    Dear cheering couple, join us,
    you should continue to be so happy.
  8. If you keep your mouth shut when you realize you are wrong, you are wise. If you shut up when you are right, you are married.
    (George Bernard Shaw)
  9. What have you already experienced,
    sometimes the world has shaken.
    The way was difficult and also very long,
    but at least there were two of you.
    Our wishes should accompany you,
    your love, which will continue to guide you.
  10. If
    your wife is too salty in the soup , tame the anger,
    tell her with a smile: “Sweet doll,
    everything you cook is good.”
    (Heinrich Heine)
  11. Sometimes it was steep and sometimes downhill,
    but you two never gave up.
    It is for this reason that so many guests
    have come to your wedding anniversary celebrations.
    50 years are unbelievable,
    as a couple you are already quite amazing.
  12. Man alone is an imperfect thing. He has to find a second to be happy.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  13. I would like to congratulate
    you on the golden wedding, how did you manage
    to motivate yourselves to marry for 50 years?
    It’s not easy these days,
    but congratulations, you’ve reached the gold!
  14. You actually made it,
    even after 50 years your love is bursting with power.
    The fire still burns in you,
    the passion, it is dear to you.
    Keep up the
    good work, let it rip , don’t be afraid to do crazy things.
    Then luck will stay with you,
    you honestly deserve it, your gold!
  15. Love is the shared joy in mutual imperfection.
    (Ludwig Börne)

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Beautiful quotes about the golden wedding

Quotes are also nice as congratulations on the golden wedding. They have the character of a saying, but usually do not rhyme. They contain wisdom that honors love and appreciates the golden wedding couple. A quote can be a true compliment to the couple or highlight special features of their relationship. They can also inspire you to write your own little text for the couple. Describe what the quote means to you and why the couple personifies it particularly well. You will know about what do you write in a 50th wedding anniversary card?

  1. The common happiness of two people is nothing more than two small lines carved next to each other into infinity.
    (Robert Musil)
  2. Love is not about looking at each other, but about looking in the same direction together.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  3. As far as the earth can be heaven, it is in a happy marriage.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  4. Age does not protect against love, but love protects against aging.
    (Coco Chanel)
  5. Love has no age, it is constantly being reborn.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  6. To love a person means to consent to grow old with them.
    (Albert Camus)
  7. Love is the fabric that nature has woven and imagination has embroidered.
  8. Love is more powerful than fate.
    (Giovanni Boccaccio)
  9. When two people love each other, they stay young for each other.
    (Paul Ernst)
  10. Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and getting rich yourself in the process.
    (Clemens Brentano)
  11. The quarrel in marriage is the blanket of snow under which love keeps warm.
    (Jean Paul)
  12. No love is greater than that in which one can show one’s weaknesses.
    (Ernst Wiechert)
  13. A good marriage is based on a talent for friendship.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  14. Our life cannot always be full of joy, but it can always be full of love.
    (Thomas Aquinas)
  15. Whatever we may attain in this world, love is the highest happiness.
    (Philipp Otto Runge)
  16. I pray that your love will still be richer in knowledge and experience.
    (Epistle of Paul to the Philippians 1,9)
  17. The great happiness in love is to find rest in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)
  18. All you have to do is love and everything is joy.
    (Leo Tolstoy)
  19. Real love stories never end.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  20. Everyone encounters the person of his or her life once, but only a few recognize him in time.
    (Gina Kaus)