What do men really want from women? What is the husband ready to endure, and what will he not put up with?

Have you ever thought: what do men want from women? What does a man expect or want from you? Especially when they’ve been together for a while. As often happens before we get married, we think about each other’s expectations, adjust, change something in our character and habits. But time passes and we forget that we need to continue to act in the same spirit.

The tragedy of family life is often not in the inability to do something or change but in complacency. Not that we do too much, but that we do too little. Not in deeds, deeds above our capabilities, but in deeds, deeds below our potential!

What men want from women: why it is important to think about it

The qualities of women, their behavior today have undergone tremendous changes with the acquisition of financial independence from men. Meekness, patience, dependence on her husband were replaced by self-confidence, independence, assertiveness. A woman is ready to solve any questions, problems, considering herself equal to her husband. She does not want to hear about her submission to her husband.

This affects family relationships, not for the better. Although to some extent the manifestation of these qualities by the wife is not bad. But there are qualities of a wife that a husband can never ignore. For example:

  1. Qualities that he would like his wife to display.
  2. Qualities he will never put up with.

 What does your man expect from a woman as a wife?

Check yourself, dear women, do you meet the expectations of your husband, as described. For example, do I show him my love, or is living with him already a habit for me? Am I saving or wasting? Do I continue to take care of my family with pleasure, or am I already tired of doing this?

  • Does a man expect love from a woman? “I show him that I love him endlessly!”
  • Hubby expecting good food? I cook delicious, healthy food for him!
  • Does the husband expect physical satisfaction from his wife? “I won’t refuse him!”
  • Does the spouse expect financial support from the spouse? – I save money, I earn money myself!
  • Does the husband expect his wife to take care of the family? — I do it with devotion, with pleasure!

Answering these questions honestly will show if you are living up to your husband’s expectations. Remember that “the tragedy of family life is often not in deeds and deeds above your capabilities, but in deeds and deeds below your potential!”

What deeds, qualities, actions a man wants to see in his wife

To enjoy family life, try to understand your man from his masculine point of view. For example:

  1. What kind of respect for themselves as the head, men want to see from women? They long to see that wives will not challenge the headship of their husbands by their independence from them. For example: “I will do what I want; my husband is not a decree; what he understands; he will do as I want, I will tell him.” Such statements are a death sentence for marriage.
  2. When your husband gets angry, you don’t respond in kind. When the wife calms his anger, the frenzy quickly disappears. The husband is tempted to apologize for the harsh words he said out of annoyance to his wife when the wife remains calm.
  3. A man is grateful to a woman when she defends his reputation in front of those who speak badly of him. A man loves when in friendly companies, or in front of his friends in conversations, a woman, the wife does not try to dominate; attract attention with complaints, whining, or throwing tantrums, scandals. On the contrary, he shows a positive attitude, wit in conversation. This is a kind of female respect for a man, a husband, which he appreciates.
  4. A few words of gratitude can work wonders in your husband’s heart. For example: “I can’t even imagine what I would do without you!” Such simple, sincere words have great power. The husband “grows wings” because you show that you do not forget the contribution that the husband makes for the family. Even if this contribution is insignificant compared to what your girlfriends husbands do for their families. As a woman, you do not reproach your husband for doing little. Never “saw” him with this.
  5. You don’t resent his possibly “cheap and useless” gifts to you. You are happy about this, show your gratitude to your man with all your looks. For his albeit inept, small, but attention to his woman, wife. This will “melt” the man’s heart.

What men will not and do not want to tolerate from women

Grumpiness, whining

These are qualities that a man cannot tolerate. He did something wrong, stayed late at work, the wife begins: “Oh, you are so-and-so …” This takes a strong husband out of patience. With strictness, shouting, and sometimes beatings (this is wrong), he interrupts his wife, stopping the scandal. A weak husband is forced to run away from home to the garage, work, fishing. 

When a woman “nags” a man, she meets a backlash: the husband “closes his ears” and fundamentally does not want to listen to what his wife says. When a woman speaks calmly, in a soft voice, without complaints, reproaches, she encourages her husband not to repeat his mistakes. A man then feels confident in his abilities in the words of a woman.

Look, there is a difference in how to say:

Option 1: “I knew it, your hands don’t grow from there. I was sure that this would happen; you can’t do anything….“

Option 2: “I’m sure you will succeed; you can do. Don’t be upset, I’m sure you’re just tired, you forgot, you were busy, so you didn’t have time. I’m sure you’ll find a way out, a solution”

Feel the difference, how to tell your husband? In your opinion, in what case will he have a desire to do what he is asked to do?

inaccuracy, laziness

By nature, men are owners and rivals who even like to brag about their achievements and acquisitions somewhere. Want it to make others feel admiration or envy. So that they say about him: “Damn, he has a cool woman ….” Thus, this is:

1) Amuses the vanity of a man, the male ego – like: “here I am, I’m better.”

2) Confidence that you are not considered a loser or a “loh”. I did not get a job in life, I was not lucky with my wife.

Now transfer this property of male nature to your relationship with a man. How does a husband feel when his wife is sloppy or lazy? What can he boast about? And “God forbid,” employees at work found out about this. Then you automatically “LOH”. In every glance of an employee, you see a sentence for yourself.

Wives, do you think the husband will put up with this?

But when a husband is sure that everything is fine in the rear, his wife is like a “bee”, in which things are arguing in her hands, then the man feels on top of the world. The house is clean, tidy, the wife looks after herself. The husband feels a sense of “good pride” in his GIRLFRIEND of life! He seems to be saying: “Look, envy, that’s what kind of wife I have. That’s who I am!“

Therefore, the accuracy, diligence of women do wonder for male pride and the safety of marriage.


They say marriage is hard. But it’s hard when it’s made hard! Because the principle of marriage is to give and take! You give what men want from women while receiving from men what you need.

This is one of the foundations of marriage. When a woman can understand this principle correctly, then she understands her husband’s inner desire to see her best qualities in his wife! Women don’t disappoint men! Remember what men want from women – deep respect, gratitude, understanding, love.