What are the types of wedding dresses: distinctive features of wedding dresses

Wedding fashion loves and pampers its clients very much, namely brides. Real masterpieces have been created for them. Designers and stylists are working hard to ensure that absolutely every girl finds herself a festive dress that fits her figure.

It is sometimes very difficult to do this. The choice is hampered by the huge assortment that is available on the store shelves. In fact, in order to single out one favorite style, you need to analyze your own silhouette and objectively assess its advantages and disadvantages.

The existing advantages can be emphasized, but the disadvantages still need to be skillfully hidden. There is nothing serious about this, since there are very few girls with ideal forms. Most still have at least small flaws that have to be dealt with.

Style names

Traditionally, it is customary to divide all dresses into subspecies, which differ in cut and tailoring. Such subspecies are called styles. For some girls, only the style of a fluffy ball gown suits. For others, several options may be suitable at once. In any case, it is worthwhile to understand what this or that type is, so as not to get confused in the store and ask for a product of the desired style.

Empire (Greek)

Types of wedding dresses and their names.

A model that has recently gained its popularity. In her, the girl looks like Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty in Ancient Greece. Her appearance is equally beautiful and airy. This cut has its own advantages, for the sake of which girls focus their attention on them:

  1. Comfort – the model does not fit snugly, which means that movements will not be constrained. You can freely move your arms without feeling discomfort or constraint. Tight dresses by the end of the day simply tire and exhaust the brides. But the style of the Greek outfit will ideally sit on the bride all day long.
  2. Femininity – Incredible femininity comes from outfits like this. In them, the girl looks especially gentle and romantic.
  3. A variety of models – the dress is also unique in that it is possible to choose absolutely any model. One can be modest and subdued. The other, on the other hand, looks bright. This is achieved thanks to the decorative element, which is actively used on the very style of the festive dress.
  4. Modeling the silhouette – using this style, you can easily correct the existing imperfections in the figure. For example, it will be possible to hide plump hips or a rounded belly. At the same time, refined arms and an elongated neck will remain in sight. The Greek style of dress is very fond of busty beauties. They try to choose those models that have a voluminous neckline, which makes their image more attractive.

We can definitely say that the Empire style is suitable for absolutely all young ladies, without exception. He looks good on tall and short, and on thin and fat. You can’t find a girl that he just doesn’t fit.

If a young lady feels that she wants to look gentle, romantic, to become like a Greek goddess, then she must definitely pay attention to a similar style in wedding dresses.

With the help of the Greek style, you can even adjust your figure. Tall and slender girls will emphasize their height, while they will not look too elongated young ladies. Miniature beauties, on the other hand, can visually complement their growth.

Puffy girls will hide voluminous breasts and bellies. Brides with small breasts will add volume to the neckline. To do this, you can choose a dress with flounces or additional drapery.

Princess (ballroom)

Wedding dresses types.

It is very easy to distinguish a ball gown in a store from other types. It is tailored in a special way that allows it to stand out from the general background. So, it has a fitted bodice and a fluffy voluminous skirt. Additional volume is achieved due to the multi-layer fabric or hoops. As a result, a girl in a similar outfit becomes like a fairy-tale princess. That is why this model is called this way.

Despite the fact that the fluffy dress looks quite impressive and beautiful, it can be clearly noted that it is not suitable for every girl. It is especially unacceptable to wear this option for girls with curvaceous forms. In this dress, the bride will seem even more than she really is.

The princess model has such a flaw. It can visually increase volumes. Most of all, the style suits slender beauties. They immediately clearly show a slender top. They can afford to add volume to the bottom.


A wedding dress of this model has a rather interesting silhouette. It is an always-fitting bodice and a light, loose flared hem. The dress in all cases lacks straps and sleeves. Visually, when viewed from a distance, such a model resembles a large letter A.

This style can be considered universal, because it is suitable for girls with any type of figure.

Slender beauties will emphasize their waist. Girls with extra shapes will hide them behind a voluminous bottom. The image is also good because in it the bride looks gentle, feminine and romantic anyway.

It is worth choosing a beautiful hairstyle for such a dress. It can be a tall bundle or a shell. With the help of a similar hairstyle, the girl will show how beautiful her swan neck is. In addition, it will be possible to emphasize the charm of an open back and collarbones, which look so erotic in such an outfit.

Wedding dress types.

Gode ​​(little mermaid)

Perhaps the most original and erotic style of a wedding dress. In it, the girl will look dignified. However, it has a small peculiarity. It lies in the fact that such a model is suitable only for brides with perfect shapes.

The style fits the figure snugly and emphasizes all the benefits. Thus, if a girl has flaws in the silhouette, then she should abandon this format.

The peculiarity of the model is that it fits snugly on the figure, fits all the charms, and the flared model goes down.

Tall and slender girls are most suitable for a year. It gives femininity, sexuality and grace.

Straight silhouette

A special model that is recognized as a classic. Girls use it both in everyday life and at festive events. The style is considered one of the simplest. But from this he does not lose his charm. Its straight cut makes it suitable for any body type.

Despite the straight cut, nevertheless, this style fits several points: the line of the chest, hips and waist. As a result, you can hide flaws on the one hand. On the other hand, to emphasize such important and most beautiful places of the young lady.


With such a wide and varied assortment of wedding dresses, women have a lot to choose from. Wedding fashion has become loyal.

Each season, several models are offered to choose from, which means that any bride can be realized and find the wedding dress that suits her best and will delight those around her with her beauty.