What Are Some Wedding Games

Wedding games, 22 fun games for your party

20 Wedding games: ideas to cheer up the guests

Wedding games
Wedding games

Wedding games are a touch at a wedding party that your guests will not forget. Nobody will like a boring wedding party. Wedding games  are not the norm, but today they are the latest trend in weddings especially in outdoor weddings, with a lot of space available and children present.

Wedding games are a very fun idea for your wedding as well as being a sign of affection and appreciation towards the guests. In this article we show you different wedding games.

To break the ice at an outdoor wedding, it’s fun to play wedding games in the garden. Your excited family, friends and guests, why not make them protagonists with Giant Classic Wedding Tower Game?

Outdoor wedding games:

  1.  Wooden “Jenga” wedding game  , young and old are lovers of this game
  2.  4-in-a-row, “Connect 4” Outdoor Wedding Set
  3.  Bocce ball game, garden games, for a style wedding in the open air
  4.  Throwing game with rings   # 1 for kids and adults

Plan the wedding in a fun way with all these games where there is no age limit to participate. The boys and the not so young who are integrated into the entertainment with ease. Measure agility through a game or an obstacle course that is not so easy to get to.

fun games for your wedding

There are many ways to entertain guests by incorporating games on your wedding day. Activities can be organized for different times on the wedding day. Most of these games are adaptable for reunions, anniversaries and other types of celebrations as well as to be part of the games for Christian weddings

Game to entertain the wedding guests. Full of laughter.

Shoe Game: How do you play this wedding game?

In the shoe game, day-to-day questions are asked of the couple. The bride and groom are sitting back to back. Each holds the other’s shoe in his hand. Questions are answered by raising her or the groom’s shoe.

A copy of the questions can also be given to guests to get more involved in this game. The guest with the most correct points wins the game and receives a prize. 

You have to imagine that when the atmosphere is hot and there is disagreement in the answers, there is humor that causes laughter among the guests. The responses of the couple can give unpredictable situations. 

Sample questions:

  1. Who will cook of the two?
  2. What is the most creative in the house?
  3. Who planned the first date?
  4. Who spends the most time on social media?
  5. Who exercises the most?
  6. Who chose the place for the honeymoon?
  7. Who is the tidiest in the home?
  8. Who is the early riser of the house? 
  9. Who gave the first kiss?
  10. Who takes care of the pets?

1) Fashion wedding game: hashtag

Create an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook hashtag for your wedding to record everything that is happening. Place a poster conspicuously with the name of the chosen hashtag. The trend is to use posters to animate photos called “Props”. This is one of the  hottest wedding games . One package has ties, glasses, red lips, party hats, mustaches, pipes, etc.

Instagram hashtag game

Explain to the guests that the idea is to take “selfie” photos and upload them from the cell phone to Instagram without forgetting to mention the hashtag. The goal is to create a fun photo community for this event. Another alternative is to reward the most original photo before the end of the night.

2) Wedding game “jenga” to entertain the guests:

Jenga is a wooden game that is divided into parts. It is ideal for an outdoor wedding . Young and old are lovers of this game. Include all family and friends during the party in the park. Jenga is a hit at a garden wedding and can be used on many other occasions later.

The classic game of jenga is to throw a block out of the tower and place it on top without the tower falling.

We all have the fantasy of animating the party so that it will be remembered forever. Encourage guests to have fun.

3) Wedding games: the chair game

The chair game is a traditional game with so much action and it is a great game for your wedding. The fun and entertainment of the wedding games ensure a laugh time.

How does the chair game work?

Arrange as many chairs in a circle as there are participants in the game. When all the players are ready, one of the chairs will need to be removed before starting. The chairs are positioned so that they form a circle but with the backs facing inwards. Players should stand around the chairs. The disc jockey will be in charge of playing and interrupting the music suddenly.

When the music starts, the participants will dance around the chairs . The instant the disc jockey stops the song, each player should try to sit as fast as possible on the nearest chair. Whoever is left without a seat will be eliminated from the game. The game continues after removing a new chair and will continue until only one seat and two opponents remain. The winner will be the last one to sit in the vacant chair.

4) Wedding Guest Game: Mega 4 in a Row (Connect 4)

MEGA 4 in Stripe  is the large garden version of the classic game that many young and old love. The board must be assembled and the pieces fall directly downwards occupying the available space. Each player chooses a color and it is decided who goes first.

The objective of the Mega 4 Line Game or Connect 4 is to be the first to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with your discs. Know how to react to the opponent and gain the experience to make the correct movements.

5) Bocce ball game

Bocce Ball : A couple of balls and there is already a great integration. The bocce ball that is closest to the goal stick is the bocce ball that wins. A ball-to-goal distance marker can be used to determine which ball is closest. Play continues until 12 points or points agreed by the players have been scored.

outdoor games bocce ball
Photo from: everafterguide.net – Bocce game

Bocce Game A traditional and fun game, ideal for all ages. Easy to take anywhere, park, garden or beach

What elements are needed in this game? Each of the players has a bocce color and a goal marker.

7) Garden Croquet

Garden Croquet, a guaranteed success for your guests and family of all ages! The timeless fun of croquet is sure to get everyone moving for a good time.

 8) Set with hoops to DIY or buy yourself

Boyfriends who love recycling can make this set themselves with painted bottles. The rings of different colors and the painted bottles. It also allows us to include the initials of the bride and groom. It is a very famous game and easy to play. The  best friends could help tailor it . It adapts to play in the garden or indoors.

If you’re looking for some tabletop laughs, get up and play, players will need to challenge each other to get the ring on their stick. It is sure to provoke a lot of laughter and players will remember this day forever.

8) Wedding game: say it with mimicry

What is this game? The couple select a  more intimate friend who represents without words, before the guests different moments that marked their relationship as a couple. Guests must find out what it is about. It is the best way to find out what the couple’s friends think and what they know about their history.

Guests entertained by the game say it with mime laughs

Through mimics and in the manner of the game, facts shared with the couple are guessed. The selected players will perform for the rest of the guests. The different tables will work as a team to guess what the situation is. Winners for example share an extra bottle of champagne.

9) Karaoke singing contest

Karaoke is a great dynamic game and more so if there are artists among the guests. It all depends on the Disk Jockey and the characteristics of the wedding. Also its success depends on the number of guests and within what time of the Party Program.

It’s really fun doing a show with music. Sing the latest hits with the help of karaoke.

wedding karaoke games

10) “Photobooth” photo booth and video messages:

This game is very original and creative. For a few seconds, leave an original joke or message for the bride and groom on their wedding day. The fun and entertainment of this game ensures a laugh time.

Arrange in a good quality video recording booth. The disc jockey can be in charge of playing and editing it. The best moments of the party remain to be seen and shared forever.

wedding games

Thinking about entertaining children at the wedding is very important for parents to enjoy the wedding. Build mini cinemas with films that keep them together, crafts, hire animators or Photobooth. To see more visit our entry:

The Photobooth is great entertainment at a wedding party. The background you select for your photos will remain as a memory forever. If it is a rustic wedding you can decorate with white flowers on a brick wall giving a delicate contrast to your photos. If your wedding is outdoors, the ideal is to decorate with flowers and create your backdrop with fabric ribbons.

10) Dance contest as a wedding game:

Did you want an original and memorable party? This is the wedding game for you! Host a dance contest between the bride’s guests versus the groom’s guests. When you hire your disc jockey, agree to put together a specific playlist for this game that contains different musical rhythms, especially songs with known choreographies.

To participate, choose those guests that you know will bring guaranteed laughs and join them with the shy ones. Take special care to choose daring and fresh couples. Divide them into two teams: guests of the bride on one side and guests of the groom on the other. As you and your new husband will be the jurors, previously rehearse a humorous dispute for each vote until they end up decreeing that the contest ended in a tie.

11) Wedding and party games with fashion show:

With this game, no one can avoid laughing! Select among the guests the most elegant as well as the most humorous and fun to parade on the dance floor. Replicate in a cartoonish way the style of fashion models and stars. The disc jockey will be essential to put music to the scene. In this wedding game there are no winners or losers, the applause and laughter from the rest of the guests will be the best prize they will take home.

Who does not have a friend or family member who does not have a beautiful voice? Amateur singers will make others laugh and they will be able to show off. The guests will enjoy a show and with their applause they will nominate the winner.

12) Marriage games for outdoor weddings:

Fun wedding ideas with lots of game, great for the outdoors Hula hula and cricket.

If it is a summer wedding in the field it can be the game of imitation of the Athletes or baggage races. Adapt board games like Ta-Te-Ti to the lawn. Bingo as a group game entertains many.

13) Amazing Wedding Game – Custom Cocktail

If your wedding party has a bar, this original wedding game summons lovers of drinks . The bride and groom choose several pairs of friends to invent and prepare a cocktail in their honor. By the way, you will find out how much your friends know about the tastes of each of the newlyweds. The participants will have to mix different drinks and the couple will choose the drink that they like the most. The winning cocktail will be named after the bride and groom.

14) Discovery Games

Keeping guests entertained is an art. Many grooms wonder:

How can I integrate my guests in the wedding?

This “discovery game” reveals who of the couple will be the best bursar, who handles the money in the house. 

Draw two columns on a board, one with objects that are used in the home and another free column for each groom to put the supposed costs. 

  • How much does a box of matches cost? $ ………. 
  • What is the price of Detergent? $ ………
  • What is the price of Oil? $ ………
  • How much does the toilet paper come out? $ …… ..
  • How much should I pay for the Shampoo? $ …… ..
  • How much does laundry soap come out? $ …… ..

Knowing the costs of basic products is necessary to manage the house in the first days of living together. More household products can be added to this list. The winner will be the one who best knows the approximate prices of the household basket.

15) Wedding game respecting social distances: 

How to keep guests engaged at all times in times of pandemic?

Wedding day is such a unique day because the couple celebrates with their family and friends. There is a lot of planning for everything to go smoothly.

This situation is complicated in times of pandemic. Help eliminate stress with proper protocol and outdoor games that entertain guests while maintaining social distance.

A group of people makes a round and one of them is in the middle with her eyes closed. It turns and the one who is pointed out must sit down. The last person left in the circle wins. 

16) Games for night weddings

We propose for the night dynamic games that liven up your party and make everyone participate. Shows and competitions among the guests are the most popular.

  • Dance of different rhythms
  • Karaoke musical
  • photo safari

Capture unexpected moments with photos. A kiss and some excited friends.

17) Adventist Wedding Games

Organizing an Adventist wedding is very challenging. Board games with their proper instructions are entertainment for young and old. With an adventure box and some piñata you can keep your party active.

  • Guess historical figures
  • Memotest
  • Naval battle

Audiovisuals with images of the bride and groom and short shows with a ribbon dance will give color to the celebration when few guests attend.

18) Games to celebrate wedding anniversary

To capture the best moments of your anniversary with magical photos, we recommend including a piñata to the party. This guarantees the participation of many when beating it so that the surprises come out. The forms it can have are numerous.

  • Heart
  • Wedding cake
  • Ring
  • Flamingo

Party entertainment is used a lot with the addition of skits and shows that complement the time of drinks at the bar.

wedding games to celebrate anniversary

19) Games to celebrate

I discovered how to entertain guests through game dynamics.

Ping pong: With colored balls for each team, place a plastic vase at one end of the table. Imitating the ping pong game with a bounce, scoop the ball into the vase. The team that fills the vase the fastest wins.

Round in action: An instructor indicates where to jump as participants hold hands in a circle. whoever disengages from the round during the jump loses. The jumps will be forward, backward, one side and the other.

Treasure hunt: Different papers with “clues” must be distributed so that the wedding guests discover the treasure (bottle or gift) within a time limit.

20) Wedding games in the living room

ames table are ideal for weddings roof over . Some of them challenging when they stimulate creativity. It is a different touch at a wedding party when what you are looking for is some after-dinner laughter.

Anecdotes : The guests invent a phrase that the next participant continues to follow clockwise. This game is creating a story between everyone.

Guess the character: Something fun to liven up the evening is when you have to guess characters like

  • Hunter
  • Scarecrow
  • Gardener
  • Fisherman

A coordinator will give the topic and the participants must guess.

21) Wedding game for everyone: Bingo

If you already know that there are guests at a table who do not dance, a group game of Bingo can entertain them. What this game is about: Guests must discover the words that a close friend uses when giving a speech to the bride and groom. 

  • I remember when…
  • They are perfect for each other
  • For those who do not know me … I am …

You need to buy a prize for the one who finishes faster receives their reward.

22) Wedding game for the bride and groom

The guests and close friends should create some crosswords with aspects that make the life of the couple.

How to play it? Put up a board with the image of the blank crosswords.

Read the clues for the bride and groom to complete the template horizontally and vertically.

Words can be descriptive or factual about the couple.

  • Where did you meet?
  • Who introduced them?
  • Favorite food

This interactive game will encourage communication from the guests.

WOODEN JENGA The classic Jenga game that consists of creating a pile of blocks and knocking it down.