What Are Some Good Truth Or Dare Questions

The game of truth or dare is one of the most fun you can play at a party or gathering with friends. But when it comes to asking questions, ideas run out, so we have prepared for you what are some good truth or dare questions.

When you play truth or dare, the questions depend on the people you are playing with. It is not the same to ask your partner, your ex, your more demure friends, or your more crazy friends. For you to play in the most fun way, here we leave you a list of the best 50 questions divided into specialized categories. You will have a lot of fun, dare to ask!

Fun truth or dare game questions

Table of Contents

It’s time to start the fun with the fun questions. Dare to ask your friends, no one escapes from this game.

1. Imagine that you are 35 years old and you have met the love of your life. Would you rather he was 15 years older than you or 15 years younger?

This question can be very revealing, it can tell you about Oedipus complexes or other things…

2. How long is the longest you’ve lasted without taking a bath?

You can get surprised at the degree of laziness that some people have, some reach 30 days, it is a matter of asking.

3. Tell us about a time when you’ve laughed until you felt like your stomach hurt from so much laughter.

This question brings fun, maybe the laughter spreads to you and you end up with that delicious pain that laughter produces.

4. Name a person present that you could not see completely without clothes.

Let’s see how shy your friends can be and who bullies them the most.

5. What detail about the other person could completely ruin the first date for you?

Some people do not tolerate how others chew or someone’s aroma when it is incompatible, with this question you will know one more intimacy of your friends.

6. If you could erase a memory, what would you erase?

This can be both serious and fun, depending on the person’s approach.

7. Imagine that you can exchange your body and mind for a day with one of the people present, who would you choose and why?

This question becomes very interesting, especially the reasons it will give.

8. What has been the ugliest dish you have ever tasted in your life?

Their response can either warn you not to try that type of food or tell you about your friend’s style of the elegant palate.

9. Choose between aging without wrinkles on the face or aging without wrinkles on the body.

Let’s see what is most important to your friend.

10. What do you prefer: happy ignorance or painful conscience?

A question to ponder for hours.

Questions to play truth or dare for my boyfriend

It can be as dangerous as it is exciting to play truth or dare with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These questions might have answers that you don’t like or might positively surprise you. It’s a game, the important thing is to have fun.

11. What do I like most about my body?

Perhaps he has never told you and you would be surprised at the answer.

12. Have you been unfaithful in other relationships?

What better than talking about serious topics while having fun with “truth or dare”, so the answers will not cause conflict because what happens in the game stays in the game.

13. What is the biggest insecurity you have?

This question could touch you a lot and make you value your partner more.

14. Tell me something that in the past you wanted to hide from me for fear of my reaction.

It is important to remember that it is not worth getting angry, this is a game and what it is about is having fun.

15. If you could have a threesome with me and someone else, who would be the third member?

How about this question becoming reality? The answer could be interesting…

16. Seduce or be seduced?

Sometimes we are so busy in the day-to-day that we do not realize what the couple wants, with this question you can get an idea.

17. Tell me 3 parts of my body that you would like to kiss.

It would be best to take action with this answer.

18. What has been the intimate moment with me that you have enjoyed the most?

Let it be repeated, let it be repeated…

19. Have you ever been attracted to someone of the opposite sex?

Questions that require an open mind to the possibilities.

20. Name a person who has made you jealous in your relationship.

Perhaps it is not the case or it may be correct, pay attention to this answer so that you take care of your partner.

Questions to play strong truth or dare

21. What was the worst day of your life like?

Get ready for all kinds of answers, topics that you can’t even imagine could come up.

22. What do you regret?

A question that allows you to get to know a person in depth.

23. Why did you cry last time?

We are all vulnerable, this answer could deserve a lot of respect, be careful with your reaction.

24. What is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life?

If he still blushes when he tells it, it’s because he hasn’t gotten over it.

25. What bothers you most about your partner (or your ex if you’re single)?

Cloths in the sun

26. Have they been unfaithful to you?

Let him tell you how he found out about the bad move.

27. Have you dreamed that you kill someone?

Dreams are revelations from the unconscious, take note.

28. Of those present, who are you least compatible with?

This can cause conflict, remember that it is a game.

29. What crazy thing have you done in life?

We’ve all done crazy things, some more than others.

30. Have they betrayed you?

It is good to share negative emotions with others, it helps to overcome bad times.

Bold and hot questions to play truth or dare

To give the game a more interesting tone, you can try these daring questions, you will see how much they enjoy it.

31. Which person in the present would you kiss (other than your partner)?

Perhaps after this question, a new couple will emerge.

32. What is the craziest fantasy you have?

It’s about being honest, we all have fantasies, and only many don’t dare to tell them.

33. Have you been unfaithful?

Don’t judge, let them talk and tell the experience.

34. With which person present (not counting your partner) do you think you would have better relationships?

Prepare everyone for the answer…

35. Have you been discovered making love in an unusual place?

moment of truth

36. If you could fall in love with any of those present, who would it be?

It is not worth not responding, there is always an opportunity for love.

37. Who did you think about the last time you touched yourself?

If he mentions any celebrities, he is most likely lying.

38. How long was the longest period you’ve been without having sex?

Remind him that what is not used, decomposes.

39. Favorite position to make love?

It’s worth not being in the Kamasutra.

40. With whom, of those present, would you have a threesome?

This question could be taken as an invitation or not…

Questions to play truth or dare with my ex

41. What do you miss the most about me?

Surely he misses something, otherwise, they wouldn’t be playing right now.

42. What is the best memory you have of our relationship?

We are made of memories.

43. How many people have you slept with after me?

Remember not to get mad at the answer, it’s your ex, not your current partner.

44. What was the most intimate moment you enjoyed with me?

Maybe they could do it again…

45. Have you confused someone else’s name with my name?

When you’re slow to get over someone, you usually put their name up to the cashier at the supermarket.

46. ​​Do you still keep something that I gave you?

Objects also take value, sometimes a photograph can be the only thing you have left of someone.

47. Do you regret anything you have done in our relationship?

Maybe it’s time to fix it.

48. Do you still go to the places we used to visit together?

Maybe they could go together again, to reminisce about old times.

49. Have you imagined what our relationship would be like if we went back?

Get ready for this response, it can be bright and light and dark and terrifying.

50. Have you stalked my social networks?

They say that inside an ex there is always a stalker.