What Are Funny Compliments For Girlfriends

100 funny compliments to a girl in your own words to cheer you up

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Classic compliments are pretty boring. Everything becomes much more colorful when we add humor.

Funny and cool compliments can help you easily and quickly establish contact with a person. Thanks to pleasant words, we give a person a wonderful mood and show our attention.

We made a selection of cool compliments in case nothing comes to your mind. Don’t be afraid to say them to the girl you like and maybe they will make her day better and make her smile.

You can send a message with these compliments or use them in a one-to-one conversation. Let’s read what are funny compliments for girlfriend.

Cool and funny compliments to a girl

1. It’s not easy being yourself. That’s why I need you.

2. I would like to spend every minute with you, but sometimes you have to do business.

3. The hardest thing is to pretend that I like other people, just like you.

4. I don’t have a favorite color, my favorite is whatever you wear.

5. If you knew how often I think about you, you would blush.

6. I can’t take my eyes off you. But if you notice me, I will quickly turn away and pretend that nothing happened.

7. You are the main cause of global warming.

8. If there’s one thing I like about you, it’s that I like everything about you.

9. Talking to you is the best part of my day, apart from sleeping and eating.

10. You are so clumsy but so cute.

11. It is a pity that you cannot see what I see, otherwise you would smile.

12. Do you know what is the sweetest thing? Chocolate cake and your face.

13. Our time together is like light sleep, it just doesn’t last very long.

14. You are sometimes so strange. And it’s cool.

15. You are too hot to be ice cream.

16. In addition to food, you are my favorite.

17. You are like my sweatpants. I don’t feel as comfortable with anyone as I do with you. 

18. Thank you for not considering me an eccentric. We both know I’m weird, but you accept me and that makes me happy.

19. You are as cute as a rainbow.

20. Even if you were cloned, you would still be unique and look better than a clone.

21. Your smile is proof that the best things in life are free.

22. You are smarter than Google.

23. If you could marry food, I would still choose you over pizza.

24. You’re not the kind of person I’d pretend not to see if I saw him.

25. I can never remember my dreams, but I think that they always have you.

26. You, are like the last piece of the puzzle, Without you, everything loses its meaning.

27. If we were the last people on earth, it would not be difficult for me to repopulate the Earth.

28. You inspire me, friends, fans, and most likely strangers.

29. I don’t know if sarcasm can be considered a skill, but you mastered it to perfection.

30. You are so beautiful that I would definitely steal your photos, make a fake account and gain followers online.

31. Against the background of your face, everyone else seems ugly.

32. You are like a sock that disappears all the time. I don’t know how I lost it, but I want you back.

33. I am sure that babies smile at you.

34. You have such a beautiful body that looking at you, there is a desire to go in for sports.

35. You are unique and beautiful, like the smell of a new book.

36. The person who raised you deserves a medal for good work.

37. I’m not drunk, I’m drugged by you.

38. You are my answer “Nothing” when people ask what I think.

39. I don’t like you, I adore you.

40. Every day with you is like a day without a phone, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

41. I’m good at people-watching. I’m so glad I can practice this hobby with you.

42. You do everything better. If more people were like you, this world would be perfect.

43. You are not lazy, just people around you are too active.

44. I would walk with you even if you didn’t take a shower for several days.

45. Looking like a complete idiot with you is not so shameful.

46. ​​There are ordinary people, and there is you.

47. You know, you are almost as beautiful as a cake. Nearly.

48. To be honest, you have really good taste in friends (i.e. me).

49. I have many friends who bother me. You’re not one of them because you’re flawless.

50. You are better than bubble wrap.

51. I want to walk with you and do stupid things together.

52. If the world was full of pretzels, you would be a doughnut.

53. You are the one I do not want to smack.

54. You are so sweet that it seems to me that you would be forgiven even for a crime.

55. At school, you would be voted for the girl who always remains amazing.

56. If I had to finish my work, I know for sure that with you I would not have finished it.

57. You are my favorite karaoke friend.

58. You are so charming that even if I became a psychopath, I would kill you last.

59. You, like mathematics, are sometimes difficult, but you are worth getting to know.

60. You are perfect in your imperfection.

61. I don’t think you’re clumsy. It’s just that the walls and floor are friendly to you.

62. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are 11.

63. With you, I feel like I just got out of the shower.

64. You embody all the best qualities of every Hogwarts house in one.

65. When a brilliant idea comes to my mind, I always call you to make sure it’s not too stupid.

66. You make me do things I don’t want to. Like falling in love with you when I’m not ready for it.

67. You are so sexy that children under 18 should not be allowed to look at you without parental supervision.

68. From now on, all my wishes for my birthday and New Year will be connected with you.

69. A smile from you is more than enough to make my day better.

70. I don’t know why, but when you do something awkward, you attract me even more.

71. I’m sorry that I smile so much, it’s just that when I saw you, my mood immediately cheered up.

72. You are very beautiful, and I don’t know what to do about it.

73. You make me feel feelings that I can’t handle, but I like it.

74. You always remember small details about me. I like it.

75. I didn’t do anything today, but I thought about you, so my day was great.

76. I get worried when you are not around. I would be much happier if you didn’t leave.

77. I know that you have everything to survive the zombie apocalypse.

78. Cats and puppies should be jealous of your cuteness.

79. Is there anything you can’t?

80. You can easily make anyone smile.

81. I usually don’t like people very much, but you are an exception.

82. Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an amazing story.

83. You have an amazing ability to see the good in people, even if everyone sees the bad.

84. I can lie next to you forever, or until we go to eat.

85. I would give anything to be able to talk to you about anything.

86. Your voice is like the anthem of the angels.

87. Your kindness is a balm for any heart.

88. The chance to meet someone like you is the only reason I talk to strangers.

89. You are so sweet that my teeth start to hurt.

90. You’re just stunningly beautiful and that’s not the most interesting thing about you.

91. You are the only one I would trust with my passwords.

92. When I first saw you, I fell in love, well, maybe I didn’t fall in love with myself, you just smelled so good.

93. When I first met you, I thought: “She’s cool”, now I think “She reads my mind”.

94. You deserve a kiss from Brad Pitt.

95. You are so beautiful … from the inside.

96. Wait, now I will put on my sunglasses, you are so dazzling.

97. What I like most about you is that you don’t let me do stupid things on my own.

98. I would trust you to delete my browser history.

99. I have changed so much since I met you that my dog ​​does not recognize me.

100. The more I get to know you, the more I believe in unicorns.