What An Engagement Ring Means

Marriage proposal ring

In our country, the tradition of giving an engagement ring was borrowed from Hollywood films in Soviet times. The tradition is relatively new and many points regarding its main attribute still raise many questions.

In this publication, we will consider what is meant by such an important event in the life of every couple in love as an engagement, as well as which ring for a marriage proposal to a girl should be chosen.

The meaning of the engagement ring for a girl

When is the best time to propose to a girl? Originally, the groom asked for the bride’s hand during the matchmaking. If he received a positive answer, then he and the matchmakers were seated at the set table. Now matchmaking has been replaced by another, no less beautiful tradition – to organize an engagement, at which a couple in love officially announces their decision to start a family.

The engagement takes place at the bride’s house. The groom asks the father for his daughter’s hand, and as a sign of his serious intentions to marry, he presents his beloved with a ring. Permission to put a ring on your finger is a positive answer. The adornment is put on the finger on which the engagement symbol will be later put on.

It is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Catholics wear an engagement ring and then a wedding ring on the left ring finger, since it is located closer to the heart.

For such complicated ornaments, the finger was not chosen by chance. Even the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans believed that a vein of love runs along the ring finger and that it needs to be ringed when marrying.

The engagement ring is not paired. It is worn only by the bride, and the groom does not wear any engagement symbol. From the moment the engagement ring is put on, the couple is considered engaged.

The girl wears the ring before the wedding, demonstrating to the representatives of the opposite sex that she is no longer free.

If the engagement breaks off on the initiative of the bride, then it is customary to return the ring. When it does not come to the wedding due to the fault of the groom, the girl keeps the jewelry for herself.

The history of the jewelry chosen for the marriage proposal

Photo engagement rings.

Experts studying the history of jewelry believe that the tradition of giving a diamond ring to his chosen one on the day of the engagement appeared back in 1477, and its founder is the Austrian Archduke Maximilian.

His beloved was Maria of Burgundy, famous for her beauty throughout Europe. The couple’s parents did not oppose the marriage, but the wedding day was set in a few months in order to adequately prepare for the celebration.

Maximilian feared that during this time the beauty would fall in love with someone else and decided to make a special gift reminiscent of him. He pondered for a long time which piece of jewelry to present to his chosen one and gave preference to a ring with a diamond and the letter “M”.

The Archduke believed that the jewelry would always be in front of the girl’s eyes and the engraving would not let her forget about it, and the diamond, in those days, was considered a symbol of eternity. With a ring, he assured Mary of eternal love.

The bride appreciated such a present. Representatives of the royal families and the upper classes began to present the same gifts to their chosen ones. Then the tradition spread to other estates. Rich grooms, intending to propose marriage, ordered a diamond ring from a jeweler.

Men present rings with other precious or semiprecious stones for engagement, but for many decades it is diamonds that have been in the lead. In the late 19th century, numerous diamond mines were discovered in South Africa. Diamonds were imported to Europe and the United States in large quantities. They have become more accessible to the general population.

In the 30s of the 20th century, the Oppenheimers, the diamond tycoons, carried out the “Diamonds Are Forever” campaign with the famous New York advertising agency Ayer, which cemented the status of the diamond jewelry to the engagement ring.

Practical tips for choosing

In our time, there are no longer strict rules for choosing wedding rings, let alone an engagement ring. But there is a classic approach to choosing an engagement jewelry – a diamond ring. You can safely make adjustments to it based on the girl’s preferences and financial capabilities.

The diamond has long been endowed with magical properties. He is able to strengthen the love of the newlyweds and make the marriage unbreakable.

What ring is needed for the proposal.

Divorce statistics show that a strong family depends not so much on having diamonds as on a couple’s love and willingness to work on relationships every day. Girls love diamonds for their shine and sheer color, suitable for day and evening looks.

If the budget does not allow buying a diamond jewelry, then pay attention to its democratic counterparts – rings with cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals. They look similar, but are much cheaper.

When a girl prefers jewelry with stones that correspond to her zodiac sign, or emphasize the beauty of her eyes, she will be more delighted with a ring with her favorite stone. She will also appreciate your attentiveness.

The metal of jewelry should be chosen based on the jewelry preferences of the beloved. If she wears yellow gold jewelry more often, then it should be bought.

Lovers of white products, depending on financial capabilities, can be presented with a model made of platinum, white gold or silver. Depending on what style of clothing and jewelry the girl likes, they select the shape of the ring and the cut of the stone.

Romantic people will be delighted with a heart-shaped stone, and business women will appreciate the laconic design and rectangular or round stone.


The groom presents the bride with an engagement ring, in confirmation of his intentions to marry. According to the established tradition, a ring with one stone is presented. It can be shaded with a scattering of small pebbles, placed both on the mounts of a large stone, and on the rim of the product.

The color of the metal of the jewelry depends on the preferences of the bride, and the stone depends on the financial capabilities of the groom. We wish you to find the ring that your chosen one dreamed of!