Well-groomed woman: signs of how she looks

A well-groomed woman: signs and rules of how she should look

Between beauty and grooming, a well-groomed woman enjoys great success with men. Next to them, men want to see, first of all, a well-groomed woman or girl. Moreover, a well-groomed appearance helps a woman feel good, it increases her confidence and self-esteem.

These women are not just beautiful at first glance. And they don’t have to wear designer clothes. But according to men, they definitely know how to look after themselves even with minimal investment to emphasize their attractiveness.

But what do well-groomed women look like, what are their signs and habits? What does grooming mean? From the article you will learn the answers to these questions and what makes a woman well-groomed in the eyes of the people around her.

What is grooming

It’s not the same as beauty. A beautiful woman can be due to her natural or genetic data and a certain decor: hairstyle, makeup, clothes, jewelry. Whereas grooming does not come from the word to decorate, but from the word to look after. (Read about how a girl can become beautiful and remain beautiful without harming herself).

Conclusion : well-groomed means the efforts and means that a person invests in himself, his appearance. This is the time spent on self-care.

Then what does a well-groomed woman mean in the 21st century?

According to the generally accepted definition, this is a well-built and healthy woman who takes care of her hygiene. A well-groomed woman is one who does not harm herself in the name of physical attractiveness, consistent with the canons of modern Instagram fashion. She goes through life easily, well rested and full of energy.

This is a woman who loves herself and does not diet, but has a healthy appetite. She will intuitively choose an apple over a candy bar or crackers. And he will do it for his own health, and not because of the figure.

I have my own definition. Well-groomed in the 21st century is a self-confident woman who knows what she likes. She takes care of herself to the best of her ability and focuses on what suits her personality and beauty type.

Agree, all this description always remains with her, even when the jewelry is removed, makeup and varnish are washed off.

Signs of a well-groomed woman

There are signs of appearance, considering which any person can tell about a girl – is she well-groomed or not. Let’s look at some of the main features.

  1. Clean hair. A well-groomed girl always makes sure that her hair looks fresh. Her credo is clean and well-groomed hair under any circumstances. She can’t imagine leaving the house with unwashed hair.
  2. Beautiful hairstyle or well styled hair. Hair should not be tangled or stick out like straw in all directions. The right hairstyle can have a very positive effect on the appearance of a person, even of average beauty. And for this it is not necessary to do complex styling. You can look well-groomed and with soft curls or straightened hair. Hair color should not be extravagant (green, blue, red).
  3. The skin of a well-groomed girl always looks clean. She constantly monitors her cleanliness, takes care of cleaning and moisturizing her skin. Therefore, it spends an order of magnitude less time on makeup. Her skin speaks of health and well-groomed.
  4. Brows. The girl knows that untidy eyebrows catch the eye right away. Therefore, their shape is corrected weekly, at least 2 times.
  5. Makeup looks flawless on her. She uses it discreetly, with a minimum of makeup. Emphasis is placed either on the eyes or on the lips.
  6. A well-groomed woman has well-groomed teeth. She takes care of them, regularly visits the dentist. Cleans them with a good toothbrush, uses mouthwash and floss. She has a fresh and pleasant breath.
  7. Well-groomed hands with a clean manicure are always a sign of belonging to high society. A well-groomed girl knows how much self-confidence gives beautiful hands. She knows that her hands are her business card or a mirror that reflects her neatness. Therefore, she regularly cares for her hands, turning caring for them into a pleasant ritual.
  8. The element of appearance that is easiest to notice in a well-groomed woman is, of course, her clothes, or rather her style. A well-groomed woman does not have to be fashionable, but she must have a style that reflects her personality. She knows what to wear so that the clothes fit perfectly and are comfortable.

A sign of an unkempt woman

What do not well-groomed women and girls look like? Here are some of the signs men noticed.

  • Lack of depilation, overgrown, thick eyebrows.
  • Uncolored scalp roots.
  • Ill-groomed skin of the face, neck.
  • Messy, messy hair.
  • Peeling, cracked nail polish.
  • Unpleasant body odor.
  • Bitten nails.
  • Excessive, flashy makeup.
  • No pedicure.
  • Wrinkled, torn, dirty clothes.
  • Uncleaned, worn shoes.
  • Chapped lips.
  • Worn handbags, wallets or phone cases.

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Well-groomed girl, signs of men’s eyes

Are you interested in knowing the opinion of men about how they imagine a well-groomed girl, and what details they pay attention to? We will give only a few interesting male opinions about female grooming. So what do the men say?

Appearance and clothing

Well-groomed they consider the girl who does not wear baggy jeans and tops. Her clothes are not necessarily expensive, but they are clean and whole, even if simple. She avoids vulgar or overly revealing clothing. In general, preference is given to the classics. Therefore, in the guise of a well-groomed girl, some kind of luxury or chic is always traced.

Home clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive clothes. May be ordinary, but clean and in good condition. No greasy stains, hippies, torn holes, stretching, wrinkling of clothes. This is important to consider for married women or those who have some kind of relationship with a man. Such clothes do not speak about the grooming of a woman, which means that they do not attract a man. (I recommend reading the article on how to become attractive to men and guys ).

A well-groomed girl or woman should not look like a shabby kept woman, even if she is a housewife. She knows how, without going beyond her budget, to take care of herself in such a way as to always capture and attract men’s views. Men believe that if a girl is not able to take good care of herself, then she is unlikely to be able to keep her children, husband, house well-groomed.

She keeps her handbag well-groomed, both outside and inside. Considering that one handbag, but expensive and of high quality, is better than many cheap and low-quality ones. Therefore, her handbag is without scuffs, just like a phone case or wallet.

Shoes should always be clean and with intact heels. There should be no worn heels or knocked-down toe shoes. Shoes immediately paint the whole picture of a person. No matter how expensive clothes or accessories would be on her, but dirty shoes or shoes with a knocked-off toe immediately change a man’s opinion about her. They do not consider such a girl well-groomed.

Makeup, manicure, pedicure

Makeup is minimal, only to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and the fullness of the lips. Preference is given to natural tones so that a man can easily imagine her without makeup.

Manicure. What is the most attractive manicure through the eyes of men? Men like peach, soft pink, beige shades. These colors look very neat and natural. French manicure gives the girl elegance and femininity. Lavender is reminiscent of spring and a flowery meadow, which is always a good association. Red and burgundy nails are considered by most men to be the sexiest and most attractive. They prefer short or medium length nails. They don’t like false nails.

Pedicure. Men believe that a well-groomed woman should definitely watch her legs, nails and heels. They must be trimmed, cleaned and without cracks. When it is, then the girl is not afraid to keep them in sight and does not hide them.

Face and look of a well-groomed girl, woman

Well-groomed lips. Lips should not be chapped, chapped with bruising or faded, colorless. They should be moistened with balm, oils or folk remedies.

Teeth. She has no caries and does not smell from her mouth. Her teeth are whole, white, not smoky. She regularly does some preventive procedures at the dentist so that her oral cavity is always healthy.

Well-groomed women are distinguished by a confident and at the same time soft look. Therefore, they always look directly into the eyes, their gaze does not wander around. The look is clear, friendly, open.

figure, gait

A well-groomed girl needs to keep herself at a comfortable weight for her. Someone likes to be skinny, someone with some folds. The main thing is that the figure emphasizes femininity and health. (I advise you to find out what femininity is through the eyes of men and what they say about it)

A woman who takes care of herself always keeps her shoulders and back straight and her head up. She has no stoop, stiffness. Each of her gestures is well thought out, filled with meaning. Even making some kind of gesture, he makes it beautifully, wanting to show something by this, and not just waving his hands. Her gait is soft, confident, slow, she has no inherent haste.

Accessories and perfume

Accessories should emphasize the female individuality, attracting attention not to themselves, but to their owner.

She uses perfume delicately, so that only a small imprint of the fragrance that she likes is felt.

Golden rules of a well-groomed woman of all ages

Knowing the rules of a well-groomed woman, you can be attractive in any condition, age and with any physical appearance.

  1. It is impossible to be well-groomed, doing everything hastily, in a hurry. So make time for yourself.
  2. Always follow the principle of grooming: it is never too late to take care of yourself and your appearance.
  3. Grooming doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is regularity.
  4. Manicures and pedicures are procedures comparable to brushing your teeth, therefore they are mandatory and regular. The way a woman takes care of her hands and nails tells others about whether she is well-groomed or not. Take care of yourself or not.
  5. The cult of cleanliness is the cornerstone of a well-groomed appearance! There are good recommendations in the books on cosmetics regarding the obligatory frequent washing.
  6. To know and preserve self-respect everywhere and everywhere. In appearance, dress, demeanor, speech, behave with dignity.
  7. Love yourself first of all. By learning to love yourself, you will always be well motivated to take care of yourself.
  8. A well-groomed woman should never smell like a perfume factory. A light fragrance of perfume should come from it. If you use deodorant, shower gel, perfume and body cream with very different scents from each other, the result will be a cocktail that others will find hard to bear.
  9. Eat right and get in the habit of exercising.


Contrary to popular belief, a well-groomed woman is not actually a superhuman. She just knows how to look after herself. If you don’t see a woman running around with week-long coffee stains on her blouses or wobbling around in mismatched heels, it’s not because those things just don’t happen to her.

But because she knows how to take care of herself and that grooming starts at home the moment you wake up. You have probably noticed that most of these signs correspond to the concepts of hygiene, cleanliness and modesty.

A woman with well-groomed skin, in discreet but clean clothes, neatly but tastefully dyed, will always look better than one who put on makeup for an hour but forgot to wash her hair.

Beauty is created from small things, do not neglect them.

Did you find something new or interesting for yourself? Tell us in the comments. Share your tips!