Wedding Witness Dress Ideas

Wedding suit for a witness or witness: how to dress, what suit to wear

Wedding witnesses are faithful helpers of the young couple at the wedding ceremony and wedding banquet, in addition, they take part in photography. Having received an invitation to the role of a witness at the wedding of friends, you should think about your outfit.

First of all, it should be discussed with the newlyweds. After all, the wedding is the most important day in their life, and perhaps it has already been thought out to the smallest detail. In this publication, we examined what clothes a witness for a wedding, as well as a witness, can be.

How should a witness dress?

A witness at a birthday party for a young family should look stylish and elegant. But when choosing an outfit and thinking over an image, one should not forget that one cannot overshadow the bride. After all, it is she who should be the center of attention at her wedding.

In an extravagant dress and luxurious jewelry, the witness will be able to show off at some other event, and for a wedding to a friend it is better to dress more modestly, but always tastefully. Before choosing an outfit, discuss it with the bride.

How to choose a suit color?

When preparing a thematic wedding, its main color is determined. Guests invited to the celebration, including the witness, should choose outfits in the appropriate shades. When there are several witnesses, then their dresses should look harmonious. Most often, girls choose for themselves different dresses from the same fabric.

Then in the photographs everyone will be in outfits of the same color, but different styles. Each of the girls will be able to choose a model for herself, emphasizing the advantages of her figure and hiding flaws. Since different shades are suitable for blondes, brown-haired and brunettes, it is possible to sew dresses from fabrics of the same texture, but different shades of the same color.

If at the celebration of the birth of a new family it is planned that only one witness is present, and there are no wishes for the color of her outfit, then it is necessary to use the long-established rules:

  1. White should be discarded. Otherwise, in the photographs you will merge with the bride into one big spot.
  2. Black is not appropriate. For many, it is associated with mourning.
  3. Shiny fabrics in photographs sparkle. It is advisable to choose dresses exclusively from matte fabrics.

Usually, for the outfits of witnesses, they choose a delicate pastel range. Although bright colors are not prohibited. Against their background, the bride’s snow-white wedding dress looks advantageous.

Outfit style

Having decided on the color, you need to choose the right style of the dress. Let’s start with what a witness should not wear, even if it suits her very well. Discard the idea of ​​wearing too short an outfit or a deep neckline. The clothes described are usually worn at parties, not at weddings. A fluffy skirt is on the list of unwanted clothing.

After all, the witness needs to be active at the wedding ceremony and wedding banquet. She will have to walk a lot, help the bride get into the car, especially when her dress has a train, dance and take part in various competitions. Nothing should interfere with her from the very beginning to the end of the holiday.

The optimal choice is an elegant dress that has some zest. This is an outfit in which the rule is maintained that when the top is open, the bottom is closed and vice versa. In other words, in short dresses, the top of the dress is made closed, and dresses to the floor can have a seductive, but not deep neckline.

The best option is a dress made of light flowing fabric in the Empire style, which is also called Greek. It features a cut-off top and a flowing skirt to the floor, as well as above or below the knee. Traditionally, the waist is high, but there are models in which the waist line remains in place. Usually dresses in the Greek style have an interesting decorative element. This outfit combines beauty and comfort.

We select shoes, accessories and jewelry

When choosing shoes, keep in mind that you will have to be on your feet all day and most of the evening. Therefore, high-heeled shoes can be prepared for a wedding photo shoot and wedding ceremony, and then change into another pair, with a comfortable heel. Shoes and sandals in color and style should match the dress.

The most important accessory is the evening bag. After all, you will need to put your phone, lipstick, powder, handkerchief, etc. somewhere. The handbag should be matched to the dress or contrasting with it. Choose jewelry not flashy, but graceful. Earrings, a pendant on a chain and a couple of rings are enough. The hairstyle can be decorated with a headband and hair clip that matches the style of the outfit.

How should a witness dress?

The witness should coordinate his outfit with the newlyweds and the witness so that everything looks harmonious at the celebration and photos. If the wedding is not themed, and the young have no special wishes, then you should adhere to the general rules for the selection of festive clothes. The best option is to wear a suit.

Several pairs of witnesses must agree on their outfits. They can wear the same costumes or different, but the same color. They will show their individuality in the selection of accessories: a tie, bow ties and a scarf. Witnesses should not choose too extravagant and bright clothes for a wedding, so as not to overshadow the image of the groom – the main character of the celebration.

What color should I choose a suit?

The costumes of the groom and the witness must not match in color, but must be harmoniously combined. At a ceremony held in the warm season, light shades should be selected, and in the cold months, on the contrary, dark ones.

Outfits look stylish in which the jacket is several tones lighter than the trousers, but both products are sewn from fabric of the same texture. For such a kit, only light-colored shirts need to be selected.

For a classic wedding, it is better to choose a suit in a calm color and a light shirt. The dress code of themed weddings may include the obligatory presence of jeans, plaid shirts, bright outfits or contrasting combinations of a jacket and a shirt.

Determine the style of the outfit

The clothing style of the witness must match that of the spouse. When the groom wears a tuxedo for the claim ceremony, the witness also prepares a tuxedo for himself. The classic suit of the groom, maintains the outfit of the same style. If the groom plans to do only with a vest, then the witnesses wear the same vests of a different shade.

For a summer wedding held in nature, the groom can wear a long or short sleeve shirt, suspenders and a bow tie. Witnesses support the image he created with suspenders and butterflies of a different tone, and sometimes with a different shade of shirt.

The free style fashion trend is socks in bright colors and with different unusual patterns: rhombuses, cages and even polka dots. When the groom follows the trend, the witnesses choose the same pattern and reflect personal taste in color.

Optimal footwear

When preparing for a traditional wedding, you should give preference to classic leather shoes with thin soles. The color of the shoes depends on the color of the jacket. Black shoes are ideal for all dark colors except brown.

Brown shoes are matched to brown, gray and blue colors of the outfit. Light-colored shoes are appropriate for light-colored clothes. On themed holidays, witnesses support the groom by choosing shoes. Everyone can come in chirps, interesting colors, moccasins and sneakers.

Witness and witness outfit combinations

Witnesses are considered the second most important person at the wedding after the newlyweds. They are perceived as a couple and, accordingly, you need to look appropriately.

Between themselves

The attire of a witness and a witness must be combined. Therefore, they should discuss the selection of clothing for the holiday, not only with the newlyweds, but among themselves. It is easier to choose clothes for a themed wedding with a specific dress code, but it is advisable to discuss the choice.

Some newlyweds want two pairs of witnesses, and sometimes even more. They should all get together and decide on the choice of clothing.

With the outfits of the newlyweds

Witnesses from both sides at the wedding are almost all the time near the newlyweds and get into the lenses of cameras, and also take part in the wedding photo session. Therefore, their appearance should fit into the general concept of the celebration and be combined with the outfits of the bride and groom.

It is important that the shades of the witnesses’ outfits are harmoniously combined with the bride’s dress. The style of the groom is supported by the style of the attire of the witnesses. Accessories play a special role. Namely, due to the same choice, styles are combined. For example, the groom wears a bow tie, and friends opt for a bow tie, similarly with ties.

All witnesses have the same bow ties or ties, while the groom has a different color scheme. It is possible that the groom has a tie, and his friends have bow ties, but all accessories are made of the same fabric. With this approach, very beautiful photographs are obtained, which will be kept by the heroes of the occasion all their lives and will be proudly shown to children and grandchildren.


To be witnesses at the wedding of friends is responsible, troublesome and pleasant at the same time. I would like to share with them the joy of creating a family with a loved one, and the beginning of a new stage in life. Harmoniously selected clothes will help make the family’s birthday even more vivid and memorable, both for the heroes of the occasion and their guests. We wish you a happy wedding!