Wedding under the sea: sea of ​​love, how to get married under the water?

What is a wedding under the sea?

The underwater wedding is an intriguing and unique ceremony. It is a memorable wedding for divers, surfers and ocean lovers and for those who are not too. If your work is related to the sea, this type of wedding is ideal because the mask and diving equipment are familiar to you.

If you are new to this activity, with a diving lesson you will surely be comfortable underwater. There is nothing to fear, because some diving experts will guide you to nice and shallow waters.

When the couple dreams of a romantic wedding, they generally do not think about the great adventure of diving under the waves of the sea to give their vows of love and the famous “Yes, I do.”

Surely the professionals will guide you at all times giving security and giving you the absolute enjoyment of an underwater wedding. They also include courses to prepare the participants, witnesses and the priest you chose for the event, if he is not an expert underwater.

There are prominent companies that meet all safety standards. They provide advice and excellent quality of service . They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in addition to being friendly to the environment.

How deep is your love?

It is a good idea to put on dry clothes after the underwater ceremony. Enjoy a beach party with the guests.

Planning and logistics for an underwater wedding is different but simple to organize. There may be boats of their own or for rent. Witnesses and guests are transported to the chosen location to dive and perform the wedding underwater.

Let’s remember to see the weather forecast to make the beach the ideal setting. Except for a few days in the year, the Caribbean has a stable and pleasant climate for this type of wedding celebration.

In some cases the area is shallow and with sandy soil. You can walk underwater and even kneel because the environment is safe and wonderful. The masks can be replaced by underwater helmets that do not require training.

Every ceremony is preceded by a safety briefing.

underwater wedding

Underwater weddings in Mexico

If you are a water lover and your wish is for your wedding to be unique and special, we will mention the advantages of getting married under water.

  • give an exotic character to your wedding
  • get the intimacy of an underwater event
  • reduce the cost according to the number of guests

Due to the beauty that surrounds the Caribbean Sea, it is the ideal place to celebrate it. We suggest getting more information on the spot about living the experience of swimming with dolphins and snorkeling.

Underwater weddings in Cancun

For couples who choose something fascinating for their honeymoon, like Cancun, this type of underwater wedding is ideal. They have the possibility to interact with dolphins and colorful species of fish.

underwater wedding

Underwater wedding

It is usual that people who work and live in sea and beach areas have the desire to enjoy a day as special as their wedding in the usual place. For example, for those who are sailors or work in a yacht club, an underwater wedding is interesting.

Underwater wedding in Havana

A wedding in Cuba can be an intimate but equally unforgettable event. In a tropical atmosphere with a Caribbean musical aroma. Drinking a delicious cocktail on the beach after diving into the water can be very romantic.

Fulfill the dream with personalized attention. Take care of every detail so that the couple enjoy the panorama to the fullest.

underwater wedding

The couple’s questions when holding an underwater celebration:

  • How will it be?
  • How do I adapt your dress to this celebration at sea?
  • Will the photos turn out okay?
  • Will my makeup last?
  • How is the development of the ceremony at sea?

This unique and colorful Cuban experience will be the desire of many couples who work and live in areas of the sea and beach.