Wedding Trends 2022

Wedding Trends 2022: We must not extend to the emotional a year that was very particular due to the pandemic. Today is the time to take our lives back and move on. Why not? finally marry our longed for better half. That is why we must create a more intimate and less structured environment for the wedding in addition to asking ourselves:

What’s going to happen at weddings in 2022?

This year 2022 with many questions, we will see an increase in micro bod as or micro petite weddings and weddings. The average number of guests may be about 50 people. There will no longer be mass weddings with several honored and unknown of the couple for being a friend of their parents.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro Weddings are the most intimate unions with few people. This preference will bring us trends of:

  1. More personalized weddings
  2. Outdoor celebrations
  3. Reduction in the number of guests

The festivities will have the advantage that they will be more familiar and with greater environmental awareness. This will be the most intimate and emotional weddings with the closest friends. A new format of celebration necessary in these times of so much uncertainty.

Some couples will surely choose to divide their celebration into two parts. The first to share with family and the second with friends.

Smaller tables will be made, of up to four people, to continue keeping social distance during the party. Of course, there will be more outdoor gatherings.

Difference between an intimate wedding, an elopement wedding and a micro wedding

Couples choose to reduce their wedding by preferring smaller party alternatives than the traditional “big day” with many guests. It is important to see the different party alternatives that are gaining popularity in this new reality.

Elopement Wedding The original definition of an “elopement” or elopement wedding is when a couple runs away without telling anyone and does so in secret to get married. Some couples will “elope” and have perhaps only their Mom, Dad, and siblings sharing that moment.

Other couples consider that the one who takes the photos can also be their witness in the Marriage Registry. This type of marriage is carried out with very little planning, almost simultaneously, “flee and marry”

Intimate wedding The definition of an intimate wedding is to hold the party with a small list of guests, but with a normal organization, as is usual in large galas.

Micro Wedding The micro wedding is a celebration with less than 50 guests but with the development of a wedding party program with steps like traditional weddings, only on a much smaller scale.

Wedding trends 2022 to inspire

There will be many novelties in terms of clothing styles, catering and decoration, of course respecting the tastes of each couple. More outdoor and beach weddings with digitization in the organization. The style will be casual, with tents in the garden and maintaining social distance.

Wedding Style 2022: Detachable Wedding Dress

This year, the trend in the bride’s dress consists of an open back and several pieces that can be removed such as:

  • Jackets
  • Sleeves
  • Covers
  • Skirts

In this way, it will allow you to dispense with that princess outfit and opt for outfits that you can wear more than once. Also, for having detachable and transforming in the event that the wedding takes place in several places.

For the same reason, this year brides will prefer more comfortable shoes and not so high. The bride committed to an ethical consumption may think of a suit rental and not buy it.

Bridal hairstyles

2020 was the year of letting go of our perfect selves and finding the middle ground between casual and presentable comfort. This is due to the surprise of WhatsApp video calls. The trend is to look more like a glamorous version of the natural self. Natural waves, loose and without extensions are key for this season. 

Brides of 2022 seem to be inspired by ‘tousled’ hair and hairdos, with high buns and some loose, casual locks.

On the other hand, perhaps having been stuck at home watching Netflix made people nostalgic for the 50s, 60s and 70s. These looks are beginning to take hold in the bridal inspiration of day bridal makeup with a natural and fresh look.

Wedding Gifts 2022

The trend will be to give experiences, although household appliances or tableware are the most classic gifts.

There are websites like bigbox, offering gift cards or gift vouchers to live experiences from romantic dinners in five-star restaurants, a day at the beach and even sailing or balloon rides.

Wedding themes

One way to make an original wedding is to choose a theme. All the components from the invitations, dresses and decoration have to do with a motif that can be vintage, rustic or boho.

Bohemian Weddings

A bohemian wedding has a very distinctive romantic stamp. Like the pages of a forest fairy tale book, inspired by nature and the beauty of the great outdoors.

This bridal style places flowers in the foreground in earth tones: ivory, white, coral, mixed with dried flowers and feathers.

Brides wear dresses with antique lace details and flower crowns in their hair. The bouquets are usually unconventional, very elaborate and large and to set the scene they are accommodated in certain corners.

Sustainable weddings

At this time we are more attentive than ever before to the preservation of the environment. Digital invitation cards or recycled materials will abound. Decorations and ornaments of the room or garden that can be used again.

Throw flower petals instead of rice or confetti, why not? The most important thing is to minimize the amount of waste and make the most of every resource we have on hand.

Use recycled paper for the menu. Ambient with local plants and rent furniture instead of buying it. Folk style weddings combine the industrial with:

  • Fabrics
  • Woods
  • Metal and iron materials

Lighting “is everything” and helps to achieve a romantic atmosphere of this style.

Healthy Buffet

The food stations and the bridal table will have healthy options such as:

  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetables

All these ingredients are turned into simple and delicious dishes. With the renewed food trends, the bride and groom can even choose vegetarian options. With a beautiful creative presentation they will captivate all who come. The drink stands with lemonades and sweet individual servings in the candy bar are the best.

Flowers that adorn and are eaten

Flowers are the eternal protagonists of wedding decorations. Present for decades in the bouquet, centerpieces and decoration in general. 

We love edible flowers in wedding cakes, and modern recipes even decorate salads, cocktails, and even ice cream. There are wild flowers like:

  • Marigolds
  • Madreselva
  • Manzanilla

And roses or lavenders not only smell great, they can also be eaten. Even if the guests do not try them, it will be a memorable detail.

Colors for wedding 2022

Bright and bold colors like the classics

White mixed with pastel tones will always be the classic, but when it comes to true color there will be no more basic color palettes. This new year will bring new shades, mixes of prints and striking touches never seen before.

  • Bold and vibrant pigments
  • Fluor
  • Gold and metallic

The green and brown colors combined with white and beige is a fantastic decoration worthy of the parties dreamed of for months. It will be about creating a world in which the bride and groom and the guests enjoy for a day or night.

Table centerpieces that surprise with candles and unique flowers harmonized on several levels that inspire joy and vitality to the meeting together with the soft colors of the tablecloths.


A new vision

Bistro-style music can liven up an intimate gathering. No matter how you prefer the decoration, the most important thing will always be to live it to the fullest on this special day. For this world with a pandemic, make a gift kit with masks and gel or hydro alcohol to give to the guests.

For those who cannot attend live, remember that you can broadcast your ceremony on facebook or instagram live. Online weddings are the new trend!