Wedding theme for toastmaster after church: ideas for the ceremony

The wedding ceremony signifies a special spiritual bond between two lovers. From now on, newlyweds are betrothed before God. Their relationship is considered valid both in society and in more lofty terms. Everyone dreams of God’s grace. Therefore, a fairly large number of married couples after the official registration of marriage go through the wedding ceremony.

The spouses thereby cement their union and raise it to a new special level. The sacrament itself is sacred and revered. This is a real holiday for the whole family. I want to celebrate it right after the event. Although the newlyweds are perplexed and do not understand, according to what scenario the wedding should develop.

Features of the wedding ceremony

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Wedding script.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the main essence and task of such a glorious Orthodox rite as a wedding. Many people regard him as a fashionable whim. In fact, before deciding on it, you should find out what a sacred sacrament is.

A prerequisite is the couple’s faith in God. Moreover, faith should not be thoughtless. Young people should explain why they need this kind of sacrament. Only those spouses who believe in marriage both on earth and in heaven can get married. The ceremony itself is special for its conduct.

To comply with it, you must follow certain rules that cannot be violated:

  1. Only officially registered couples can perform the sacrament of the wedding. If the spouses want to hold two events on the same day, then they need to agree on this in advance, in the church and, as confirmation, provide an extract from the registry office, which will say about the time of registration.
  2. In the family, the main one, after the sacrament, is appointed by the husband. He is the head of the family, which both wife and children need to listen to.
  3. Only those who are baptized can come to the ceremony. If the spouses or witnesses have not gone through this kind of procedure, then they are strictly prohibited from entering the church.
  4. Age features are simple and deviate slightly from generally accepted state norms. A man must be at least 18 at the time of registration, and a woman must be 16 or more.

Surprisingly, the unwillingness of parents to bless such a marriage cannot be considered as something that can negatively affect the conduct of the ceremony.

Scenarios for the ceremony in the church

Wedding script.

The rite itself, or in another way, the sacrament takes place exclusively in church halls. It can be either a small parish church or a large city monastery.

Regardless of the location of the ceremony, the whole and completely fall on the shoulders of the priest. Therefore, neither the toastmaster nor the wedding organizer participates in this event.

The wedding ceremony is special in many ways. Most couples believe that it has a lot in common with the painting in the registry office. The two sacraments are united only by the desire to connect the two halves, making them one whole. The registry office proposes a new status of husband and wife, but the church moves much further and gives God’s blessing.

The ceremony can be conditionally divided into several stages. Each of them follows a specific scenario. Having attended the same event, you should not expect anything new from holding in another church. Non-married couples regulate how the ceremony will take place. The priests are entirely responsible for this moment. It is they who have been conducting the sacrament according to the same scenario for several centuries, strictly following the Orthodox regulations and canons. With a wedding ceremony:

  1. The priest meets the young couple even before the ceremony. He needs to communicate with them, learn about their desires and needs. Pop will ask questions, trying to understand how necessary it is for the newlyweds to have a wedding. Subsequently, he will give a positive or negative answer. If the young spouses have mutual consent to the wedding, and they do not have clear prohibitions on holding the celebration, then the church will allow them to organize the ceremony.
  2. On the appointed day and hour, the newlyweds must appear at the church with their witnesses and guests. At the doorstep they are met by a priest, who begins the betrothal at the entrance. This stage, although the very first, is one of the fundamental. This process means that the young partners are now husband and wife before the face of the Lord God.
  3. After this procession, all those present enter the hall and take their places. The witnesses lay towels in front of the young, on which they stand in front of the priest. Pop begins to read prayers and ask for God’s grace. He prays that the couple will have a long and happy married life. After the petitions, the priest proceeds to the Thanksgiving. He thanks the Almighty for those trembling feelings and love, which is sent by heaven itself.
  4. At the end, all those present repeat prayers and ask the Lord God that the family has the most harmonious relationship.

As a rule, the ceremony lasts from 40 to 60 minutes. This difference depends on where the sacrament takes place. In the parish and village churches, the time will not exceed 40 minutes, but in the monastery you will have to wait a little over an hour.


The wedding ceremony is special and the observance of the appearance, which must comply with church rules. Certain prohibitions apply not only to the bride and groom but to all guests. The bride is supposed to wear a white and modest wedding dress. He should not have a deep neckline, open cutouts, and bare legs.

The girl should look as strict, intelligent, and feminine as possible. Do not forget about the headdress. The choice of young ladies falls on a veil, although the use of hats and other hats is not prohibited.