Wedding scenario without toastmaster – how to entertain guests?

In recent years, small weddings held in a narrow circle have been gaining popularity. They are chosen by couples who are short of money or who do not want to spend the happiest day of their lives with little-known or not-known people invited to the celebration by their parents.

Such weddings are most often held without an invitation from the host. To have a fun celebration, it is necessary to prepare in advance a program of modern entertainment and write a script. In the publication, we examined a ready-made, modern and cool wedding scenario without a toastmaster.

In what cases is it possible not to invite the toastmaster?

Specialists of wedding agencies advise to celebrate the birthday of a new family without a toastmaster only with a small number of guests, namely, not exceeding 30 people. When organizing more crowded weddings, it is best to invite a host.

There are several reasons why young couples decide to hold a small wedding without involving a toastmaster:

  1. A modest wedding is being arranged for the closest relatives and friends who already know each other. Such an event has a special family atmosphere and will be fun without the involvement of a professional host.
  2. In addition to close relatives, a cheerful and close-knit group of friends who are able to organize the fun on their own are invited to the celebration.
  3. Finances do not allow you to hire a good host. A professional toastmaster who works according to a modern scenario and who knows how to find contact with all the guests invited to the wedding costs a lot of money. Not having the financial ability to hire a highly qualified specialist, it is better not to risk hiring an inexpensive toastmaster so as not to ruin an important day in your life.

A professional presenter is not needed if the newlyweds with their witnesses have prescribed a wedding script, with a set of preferred ceremonies and competitions.

A scenario thought out to the smallest detail can be brought to life by witnesses, friends or relatives of a young couple.

Scenario of an event without a toastmaster

A festive banquet without a script will turn into a protracted feast in the circle of relatives and friends, sometimes interrupted by dancing. As a rule, people unfamiliar before the celebration have the opportunity to get to know each other better during various competitions.

Therefore, it is important to develop a wedding script that includes contests and various unexpected turns of the development of the holiday, which will create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The scenario of the birthday of a family without a professional toastmaster should still be developed adhering to the traditional sequence of weddings, and add originality through modern contests, funny quizzes and other extraordinary entertainments.

They will not let the guests get bored, bring bright emotions and make the wedding memorable. Consider a rough plan for the development of events.

Meeting of young spouses at a restaurant or cafe

Before entering the restaurant, the groom’s father is holding a loaf of salt, and his mother is holding a tray with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Guests create a lively corridor and have rose petals cooked. When the newlyweds approach the edge of the created corridor, the host meets them:

Dear guests! We are watching the approach of the heroes of the occasion. Let’s welcome them with loud applause! Hello, then the name of the bride and groom is called.

All the guests gathered for the celebration sincerely congratulate you on the creation of a family – he says his last name. Let your family road be strewn with flower petals. Take your first steps on it. Guests sprinkle the young with petals.

– Newly made spouses, you approached your parents, meeting you with a wedding loaf. Look how magnificent and spiritous it turned out, which means that there will always be prosperity and prosperity in your home. Break off a piece at the same time. Start breaking off from the base itself.

Show us your pieces. Whoever has more will be the head of the family. Now comes the moment when you are given the last opportunity to annoy each other. Salt your bite generously, and then, looking tenderly at your other half, feed it.

– Now it’s time to hear the clink of glasses. The bride’s dad opens the champagne and refills the newlywed’s glasses. The presenter says: Make a wish and drink champagne, and then throw the glasses over your left shoulder to be loved dearly!

Well, dear guests, we will be able to determine the sex of the firstborn by the fragments. If the fragments are large, then there will be a boy, and a small one – a girl. Now everything is according to the law – marriage is sealed with crystal ringing! We invite everyone to attend the festive banquet!


Parents accompany the young couple to the places prepared for them. Take a short break for everyone to have a drink and a snack. The presenter will then provide one by one the word for congratulating the newlyweds, starting in this sequence: parents, godparents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, and then other guests. But the feast should definitely be interrupted by an entertainment program and dancing.

After about five glasses, the first dance of the young is announced. Before him, witnesses can read a tender and touching verse about love. The hosts invite all guests to the dance floor.

Feast and dances alternate with contests and merry relay races. At the end of the celebration, it is appropriate to hold karaoke, during which everyone will be able to present the young people with a song performed by themselves.

At the end of the wedding, ceremonies are held to light the hearth and remove the veil. To light the hearth, you need to prepare 3 candles: two thin for the parents of the bride and groom and one lower and thicker for the newlyweds.

Parents light their candles, and then at the same time light the candle of the newly-made family, which is held in the hands of the bride, and the groom carefully supports. Thus, parents pass on to their children a piece of the hearth of their father’s house.

The ceremony of removing the veil from the bride symbolizes her farewell to girlhood and the beginning of family life. The bride throws a bouquet to her unmarried girlfriends, and the groom throws a garter to the unmarried guys.

By tradition, the one who catches the wedding attribute will celebrate his own wedding by the end of the year.

TOP 5 fun wedding contests

We offer modern and fun contests:

  1. Groom’s Wedding Promises is a fun contest for newlyweds. You need to prepare two identical bags. In one to put the questions asked by the bride to the groom, and in the other – his answers. You can ask questions like: Will you buy me a car? Will you go to my parents daddy and mommy? The answers will look like this: After the Silver Wedding Anniversary. After 10 years of marriage. The newlyweds get the questions and answers in random order, and it’s pretty fun.
  2. A hearty present is a pair competition. Without negotiating with each other, the ladies write on a piece of paper how they will use the received gift, and the gentlemen – what they plan to give. It turns out pretty funny. Young ladies will put earrings in a vase of water, and put on a multicooker on holidays.
  3. Inflatable tango is a fun dance competition. All couples are given an inflated balloon. A man and a woman need to squeeze it between themselves with their bellies. The winner is the pair whose balloon bursts faster. To the melody of tango, dancers try to surpass the competition in passionate steps.
  4. Funny training camp – a competition for couples and their helpers. The girl and the guy are placed shoulder to shoulder and their hands are tied. Then dolls with long hair and ribbons are brought into the hall. The assistant holds the doll and the ribbon, and the couple braids a pigtail with their free hands, and at the end ties the ribbon with a bow.
  5. Young parents – a pair competition. Girls play the role of mothers who need to tie a cap on the baby’s head and feed him from a bottle filled with juice. Guys play the role of moody babies. The winner is the couple in which the mother can complete the task, despite the whims of the over-aged baby.

Competitions will be even more joyful with musical accompaniment.

Entertainment for guests

Have a fun quiz. Each guest comes to the basket and pulls out a piece of paper and reads aloud what is written there. Only the beginning of the sentence is written on a piece of paper, and its end is read by the presenter and presents the corresponding present.

For example, a guest reads out: Today there is a lot of fun, and tomorrow the present will save you from … The host continues the sentence: hangover. Then he hands the guest a pack of aspirin.

Here are some more examples:

  1. Thank us soon. After all, the best present at a wedding is … – A book. Give any book.
  2. Our modest gift is called … – Pencil. He acts as a present.

It is worth preparing comic gifts for all wedding guests, including newlyweds.


When planning to hold a small wedding, to which no more than 30 people are invited, you do not need to hire a professional toastmaster. The newlyweds, together with their witnesses and friends, will be able to prepare a fun and original celebration. The main thing is to think well in advance of the entertainment program, draw up a script for the entire wedding and select the hosts.

Most often, witnesses act as the main ringleaders, but it is quite acceptable to give this role to your friends or relatives, who know how to unite people into one cheerful company and make the holiday unforgettable.

Happy wedding to you!