Wedding rehearsal bouquet ideas

Rehearsal Bouquet

In particular, we think that the bridal bouquet is not too tricky. But it is not true. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for brides how to hold it. They will not carry it with more comfort when they do not practice it. Therefore, it is necessary for your wedding that you should rehearsal it. Here, we will tell you stunning wedding rehearsal bouquet ideas. All of these ideas are easier to follow, and you will make them in a very short time.

Top ideas for the making of a wedding bouquet

Now, it is the season of the bridal shower. There are also different ways to make bouquets instead of using only the traditional way. Most of the brides practice the holding of the bouquet before the wedding on her bridal shower.

Wedding rehearsal bouquet ideas

1. Make a ribbon bouquet

The first idea that we will give is about using ribbons to make a beautiful bouquet. It is more straightforward, and you will need only a few things to make it. We all know that before the wedding there is a very busy routine for the bride and her family members. The whole family is active with the preparations for the wedding. So, if it is your wedding, you should try this method and make it in just a few minutes. Moreover, you will not require any help from anyone.  


  • Colorful Ribbons
  • A scissor
  • One white tape
  • A paper plate


You will get different ribbons at the time of opening gifts that you received from the bridal shower. You will utilize them. First of all, make a hole in the middle of the plate. After that, make several holes in it. The purpose of several holes is to do it more easily. Pass the ribbons from every hole and then knot them in the middle of them. You will pass ribbons through holes one by one. 

For making it more lovable, you can use bows also. The gifts also contain them. With the help of a tap, you can easily attach bows to the plate. Always use thing ribbons on the edges. It is good to curl them with the scissor. When you see no empty plate portion, it means your bouquet is completely ready.

2. Bouquet with your Cricut

Another great idea is to use a cardstock that contains colorful cards. It looks too delighted due to the presence of pearl beads.


  • Cricut maker
  • Cardstocks
  • Hole punch
  • Tape and wire
  • Pearl beads
  • Glue gun


The first step is about the selection of the size of the flowers. It is your own choice that which size you will like. After that, cut the design of the petals and then curl them. Carefully curl the entire petal and then join all of them. The hot glue helps in the easier joining of all petals together. 

The most inner layer of the petals has a small middle hole. This hole is for the attaching of the pearl beads. Combine these beads in the wire and then attach them to the flower. With the use of the green card, make the stems for the flowers. Now, you will use floral tape to attach stems with the flowers. Consequently, you will see your beautiful rehearsal bouquet.

3. Button & felt bouquet

The button and the felt bouquet is one of the remarkable ideas. If you are a decent or simple living person, you should try it. In this case, you can use pre-made flowers. They are in different colors and sizes. So, you can choose according to your desires. On the other hand, if you are interested in doing crafts, you can make them in your home. The handmade flowers look beautiful and enhance the attraction.

You can use one or two buttons in the middle of every flower. Use a different color of flowers with buttons. It looks so unique and charming that everyone likes it. Even you can use it as a decoration piece after your wedding in the house.  

4. Use tissue paper

Tissue paper is readily available everywhere. On your bridal shower, you will get a lot of gifts that contain colorful tissue paper. You can utilize all those papers and make the prettiest flowers. For this making, only roll them and then connect with the ribbons. There are two options for the ribbons. You can use one color or multiple colors. It is interesting to use different colors to enhance the charm of your bouquet.

5. Bows from gifts

It is one of our favorite ways to make bouquets for brides. In rehearsal, you should try this one and then you will surely love it. Our moms also love to do some traditional things in this modern life. One of the moms of the bride especially makes it for her daughter. This method is more accessible, and you will make it in just a few minutes. 

Just look at your gifts of the bridal shower. And you will wonder about a large number of bows on them. Take all the bows from the gifts, combine them with fabric, and create one of the attractive bouquets. You will enjoy it while holding it.

6. Paper flowers for bridesmaid

In your rehearsal bouquet, never forget your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are always with you during the wedding. And when they also hold bouquets in their hands, your wedding will look more impressive. Therefore, paper flowers are the best choice in this situation because they are simple. 

One important thing is that use colorful paper flowers for bridesmaids also. It is best that all of your girls also practice with the bouquets. So, during the wedding, they all hold them comfortably with the same position of hands. Now, we will tell one of the surprising tips from the wedding planner. It is about that all girls will put their arms on the hip bones while sitting. In this way, they all will easily hold them and show off their dresses smoothly.