Wedding Photocall: Ideas for fun spaces for photos at the party

One of the activities that is very successful among the wedding guests is to take fun photos using props or props (wigs, signs, hats, glasses, boas, giant frames…). A great idea is to designate a space in the party for this purpose, designing a wonderful wedding photocall where your guests can take very original photos.

These spaces for souvenir photos are really a hit at parties. I have had to see that the guests even line up to participate and have their photos.

Photobooth and Photocall?

I’ve heard the terms applied to the same situation, but actually the difference between Photobooth and Photocall is as follows:

The Photobooth refers to a photo booth in which guests take a sequence of photos instantly. They play with different poses using accessories to complement them and at the end of the guest’s “turn”, the booth throws his photo strip at him.

It is also known as a photo booth.

The great thing about these photos is that they can bring the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom or their monogram. Also, they can be double printed, so that one copy stays with the guests and the other in a photo album where they can write a message to the bride and groom (such as a signature book).

 Ideas for original signature books

The Photocall for weddings is a stage with a thematic decoration that is arranged at the party for the guests to take photos. Whether it is just a background or an entire montage of objects, it is about creating the ideal environment to have some beautiful photos of the guests.

As accessories for the photos, you can add accessories that have to do with the theme of the photocall or funny props such as signs, lips and mustaches.

This is a larger space than the cab, which takes a lot more work to design.

And who takes the photos at the photocall?   It can be done by the guests themselves, or a photographer can be taking the photos to make sure they all turn out right.

Original Ideas of Photocall for Weddings

To inspire you, I leave you several ideas of original wedding photocall:

Photocall idea with musical theme

If your thing is music, check out this stage idea with a musical theme, set up for the photos of the guests.

Stage for photos at the party

A background with strips of colorful fabrics or ribbons can also work very well. For the wedding photocall, you do not need to prepare a space with great production, with something simple, colorful and with details such as flags and lights, you will make the setting for the photos very cozy. Caroline Ross Photography | Confetti Daydreams

Fairy tale photocall

Nothing is more romantic to reach the moon and the stars with a kiss 😀 Make your guests fall in love with this different photocall of moon and stars. Ruffled

And if the theme of the wedding is very original and you want a fairy tale decoration, how about a book that tells its romantic story? Green Wedding Shoes

Parchment background for photos

Or a scroll to see your favorite poem or song.

Tammy Horton Photography | SMP

Vintage style wedding photocall

Prepare a rustic corner for the photocall, with vintage furniture and photo frames. To complement it, you can provide your guests with vintage-style accessories (hats, necklaces).

Another idea for the vintage corner is to use romantic wallpapers as the background and decorate with some natural flowers.

Elizabeth messina

And how about a wagon or combi? Don’t forget items like vintage suitcases and psychedelic curtains.

Natural flower background

The natural flower walls are a very good option for some fantastic photos, in addition, they will make the decoration look a lot. The only downside to this flower covered wall would be the cost for the amount of flowers needed.

This is a lighter version of the flower wall. To put together this photocall, place flowers on the wall to create a romantic atmosphere for your guests’ photos. Check the tips to do it in Green Wedding Shoes.

Props or atrezo

Don’t forget to include props for the guests to interact with and make the fun of it in the photos (most guests love to play with them). Some ideas for props: wigs, boas, hats, mustaches, kisses, crowns, signs. These elements also work for the photo booth.


Ideas for guest photos

This is a great idea for a cheap wedding photocall, you only need a light and fun background with colorful flags and very good lighting, the main thing in this idea is to play with the props that must also be very original.

Sea theme

A great photocall idea for a beach-themed wedding.

Chalkboard and chalk style photo background

DIY: If you like the wave of chalk, you can make a paneled background like this yourself. Write romantic and sympathetic phrases along with the names of the novos and the wedding date. You can find the link with a tutorial to do it in the  chalkboard and chalk ideas for the wedding post.

Background for photos with music notes on chalkboard and chalk.

Every Last Detail

Photo space with hanging frames

If you like giant frames, you can leave them fixed in a corner for people to take photos, either using them or as a decoration of the photo. Like this idea of ​​a polaroid frame with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

In addition to the straining frames, hang series of lights to give it a special touch. At night it will look like a magical place.

Wedding guest photo idea

You can also leave the frames fixed on a panel.

Organic hoops

The natural and the foliage are one of the wedding trends. Incorporate them into your photos in organic hoops made of leaves and flowers. They will look very in and will give all the photos a very romantic, fresh and natural touch.

Use wreaths of green leaves as frames or as a background for photos. If your wedding is in a garden, take the opportunity to hang them from the branches of a tree. Use flowers and colors that match the other flowers and the theme of the wedding. Wedding chicks

Another option is not to hang the leaf ring and fix it to a wooden panel. You can take advantage of the wood to draw on it or write the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Complement the background with a bicycle and flowers.

Paper Flowers Background

Paper flowers are a sensation in wedding decorations. You might think that they do not look so good, but if the combination of colors, materials and the contrasting background is chosen well, they will harmonize perfectly and look very chic.

I love the contrast of the pink flowers against the black chalkboard background. And the touch of the golden letters was perfect. In this idea, the shades of pink combine very well, and only some flowers stand out with touches of magenta.

Ethereal backgrounds can be achieved by combining natural leaves with paper flowers, as is the case with this photo background with blue crepe paper flowers.

Arrange the flowers in a circle and you will have a fantastic background. Take care of the combination of colors and choose a background that contrasts very well, so that the flowers and the people who will take the photos stand out more.

Recreate a garden of giant paper flowers at the wedding. If your wedding is in a closed room or in a garden, the giant flowers standing on their stems will highlight and complement your decoration. These salmon-colored flowers have blown me away!

As you can see, it is only a matter of imagination to create a memorable corner for the photos of the guests.