Wedding interview – a selection of dummy questions for guests

A wedding banquet is a multi-hour event, and therefore, it should be diluted with interesting surprises and entertainment. Relatively recently, a funny prank appeared for guests in the form of a demonstration on the screen of an interview recorded immediately after the wedding ceremony of a young couple.

The wedding presenter, interviewing friends of the newlyweds, asks some questions, and while editing the video, voices completely different questions. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how to prepare a humorous wedding interview.

A joke interview is a fun way to prank guests at a wedding

The worst enemy of the birthday of a young family is boredom. It is very important to create a cheerful atmosphere at the wedding banquet so that there is no dull feast, periodically interrupted by shouts of “Bitter!” It will help with this, including viewing the interview recorded at the wedding.

In addition, the presenter will be able to entertain guests who are awaiting arrival at the newlyweds’ banquet hall in an extraordinary way. After all, they are very often late, staying longer than the planned time for a photo session, riding around interesting and memorable places in their settlement.

The essence of this rally is that the presenter of the holiday, together with the videographer, come up one by one to the invited guests and report on the recording of the interview, which will be included in the video recording of the wedding. Thus, guests will be able to leave their wishes and warm words to the newlyweds in memory of the happiest day in their life.

The invited guests gladly respond to the initiative, and give answers to the questions posed, without even suspecting what the final result will be. After the interview, an express editing of the video is done. The answers of the guests are left in it, and the questions asked by the presenter are changed to others.

For example, people are asked to describe the appearance of Pamela Anderson, and in the video shown the question sounds – what does the bride look like. The mismatch of questions and answers makes the interview fun. The premiere screening takes place during the banquet and causes a friendly laugh, and those who gave the answers laugh the loudest.

Video script

The video will turn out to be funny if you plan its script in advance. First, the preparation for the wedding is shown at an accelerated pace. After analyzing frequently viewed works on the Internet, the following options can be distinguished:

  1. Gathering of the bride and groom. Dressing young people at an accelerated pace always brings a smile.
  2. The wedding ceremony and the exit of the newlyweds from the registry office.
  3. Table setting by waiters in the banquet hall.

The presenter appears in the frame with the following text – today is the most luxurious wedding of the year and he would like to ask a few questions to the lucky ones who are on this holiday. The presenter voices the questions that it is desirable to show additionally on the screen.

After all, because of the laughter in the hall, not everyone will hear them well. Better yet, leave the question text at the bottom of the screen until guests answer it. Then comes the slicing of the recorded responses. It is appropriate to end the video with a screensaver with one word – Bitter!

Sample list of questions for guests

We rearranged the list of questions that will sound in the video, and next to them are the questions that are actually asked during the interview:

  1. Introduce youreself. – Name your favorite cartoon character.
  2. What holiday is it today? – What is your favorite holiday of the year?
  3. What did you feel when you were invited to the wedding? – Would you be upset if the newlyweds did not invite you to the wedding?
  4. Describe the groom. – Ask some guests to describe Nikita Dzhigurda, and others Brad Pitt. You can ask to describe the cartoon characters. For example, Carlson and Winnie the Pooh.
  5. Describe the bride. – Ask someone to describe Angelina Jolie, and someone to Pamela Anderson, etc.
  6. What was the groom wearing when the bride first saw him? – Describe the appearance of the clown Popov.
  7. What does the groom do? – What are the men doing in the village?
  8. What does the bride do when she is alone at home? – How can you spend a day of idleness?
  9. To what song would you advise newlyweds to dance their first dance? – Perform a chanson-style piece of the song.
  10. Can you advise a young couple on names for future children? – The most unusual male and female names?
  11. What kind of treats will be on the table? – What is the optimal food set for going outdoors?
  12. What drink will you start celebrating your wedding with? – Do you know Koka strong alcoholic drink?
  13. Your gift for the newlyweds? – How much can a serving of Olivier salad cost?
  14. Congratulate the original newlyweds. – Wish the young people happiness and health.

The interview should end with real congratulations to the newlyweds from all the guests who took part in the video.


Having prepared a comic interview at the wedding, you can make a funny surprise for the newlyweds and all invited guests. But while preparing the described rally, it is important not to accidentally offend anyone.

Some videos posted on the Internet ask who will give the young couple the least amount of money or drink the most vodka. In our opinion, such topics should not be raised. After all, people have different sense of humor.

We wish you a happy wedding!