Wedding in Greece: organization of a wedding tour, travel, ceremony, photo session

A wedding in Greece is an extraordinary choice for couples who value romance, sophistication and want to make this significant event unforgettable. You can hold a full-fledged celebration with the official registration of marriage, or arrange a symbolic ceremony. The right time to organize a wedding in Greece is from May to October when the weather is calm and sunny.

Where exactly in Greece can you get married?

Greece is a place where newlyweds have the opportunity to have a truly unforgettable wedding in a romantic atmosphere.

You can celebrate the holiday in various parts of this country, but the Greek islands are becoming especially popular among future spouses.


The Greek island of Santorini has many venues for weddings. The landscape is stunning – the sea, blue sky, mountain peaks. Houses with beautiful architecture are everywhere. Here, hotels offer their services in organizing a wedding, and you can also rent a villa. All of them are mainly located near the capital of the island.

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Here you can spend a holiday according to any scenario, whether it is a quiet solitude of the bride and groom together or noisy fun with guests with songs and dances, even traditional ones.


On this island, newlyweds can get married on the seaside or within the walls of ancient monasteries.

For example, go to the city of Lindos, where the mayor himself conducts the wedding ceremony on the shores of the stunning St. Paul’s Bay. After the wedding, you can ride along the amazing Street of the Knights.


Crete allows future spouses to take advantage of all possible places to celebrate such a significant event. The lovers will have Greek hotels, beaches, fortresses, chapels at their disposal. And all this against the backdrop of picturesque nature, sea, and bright sun.

The Greek city of Rethymno, namely the old port of the fortress of Fortezza, is very popular for weddings. There is entertainment for every taste, a large number of ancient monuments, in particular the famous Minotaur labyrinth.

What can be a wedding ceremony?

There are three options for couples in Greece:

The Greek people are known for their hospitality. The wedding ceremony is conducted by the mayor himself, and all comers often join him, who are always happy to congratulate the newlyweds.

A Greek wedding can be organized in different ways, it all depends on the imagination of the couple in love. For example, the following scenario is possible:

  1. All guests gather at the place of official registration, sit down in rows.
  2. The newlyweds walk the red carpet to the arch.
  3. Guests, according to the Greek tradition, raise their hands up, thereby forming a tunnel for the couple to happiness and well-being in family life.
  4. At the wedding arch, the future spouses are greeted by the mayor, who will register the marriage.
  5. Then the parents come up with a cup of wine in their hands. First, a glass with a drink is presented to the groom, who takes a sip and passes it to the bride. The girl, having sipped a little wine, again gives the glass to her beloved, who drinks to the end, and then breaks the container to loud applause from those present.
  6. After the official part, the couple in love accepts congratulations, wishes and gifts from the guests.
  7. Next, the direct celebration of the wedding begins with treats, contests, dances and other entertainments.
  8. The celebration ends with the launch of fireworks in honor of the newly-made family.
Celebrating a Greek wedding

Newlyweds can think of a wedding scenario in their way. Nobody forbids in Greece to celebrate a holiday according to their traditions if the couple so desires. But if you take Greek customs as a basis, the celebration will be truly unique.

Preparing for a wedding in Greece

The best option is to turn to professionals for the organization of the wedding celebration.

Agency employees have experience in holding such events, so they can easily come up with a script, draw up documents, suggest good places for a holiday, and give useful recommendations.

If there is a desire and time, you can take all the trouble of preparing a wedding in Greece on yourself: determine the place where to celebrate the celebration, agree with the local authorities on the possibility of holding an official ceremony, think over the event scenario, find a photographer, musicians, stylists, and other specialists, which are planned to be involved in the preparation and conduct of the holiday.

If the newlyweds want to register a marriage in Greece, you need to prepare a package of documents:

  • passport of a citizen;
  • international passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • a certificate confirming the absence of obstacles to marriage for both parties;
  • a certificate from the registry office about marital status;
  • divorce certificate;
  • certificate of change of name.

Beforehand, it is necessary to clarify what kind of package of papers is needed in the city chosen for registration, whether it is possible to submit copies or only originals are needed, whether it is required to certify duplicates by a notary.

Also, preparation for an event abroad involves the choice of a tour. You can contact any agency, compare the conditions.

Be sure to check what services and activities are included in your wedding tour in Greece so as not to overpay for something that is not useful.

Greek style outfits?

The girl who chose the Greek image of the bride looks very sophisticated and elegant.

No pomp and bulkiness, only a light dress, you can have a high waist, a corset, or a bodice with thin straps.

Materials such as chiffon or silk are ideal for an outfit.

The Greek-style bride is also different:

  • an abundance of jewelry;
  • traditional embroidery;
  • exclusively white clothing and shoes;
  • short veil or lack thereof.

Instead of a veil, you can wear a gold hoop or a laurel crown.

Hairstyle of the bride at a wedding in Greece

It is better to replace a high hairstyle with a voluminous braid.

Hairstyle at a wedding in Greece

For a wedding in Greece, the groom should wear a classic suit – black or white. In the latter case, it is worth adding some contrasting details, for example, a brighter tie, a colorful boutonniere.

Newlyweds' outfit at a wedding in Greece

If the wedding is in a Greek style, guests should be advised in advance. There is no need to bother the invitees regarding the choice of outfit.

Attire for wedding guests in Greece

But it is important that there is at least some hint of a Greek theme, for example, golden or silver embroidery, corresponding colors – white, olive, yellow, light blue.

Wedding cost

Newlyweds need to calculate the upcoming expenses. Prices are different depending on the chosen tour. The approximate cost of a cheap wedding ceremony on an island in Greece, organized by the agency, is 800 euros. The following services are usually provided:

  • treats;
  • wedding procession;
  • conducting a ceremony by a toastmaster;
  • symbolic marriage certificate.

The price of a plane ticket and a hotel room reservation is considered separately. The total cost of a wedding in Greece is around 1,800 euros.

Photoshoot for a couple in love

Taking pictures against the background of the Greek landscape is a pleasure.

So many beautiful mountains, sea coasts. The picturesque nature allows you to take truly fabulous pictures.

Excellent photos are taken near ancient buildings, historical monuments, monasteries.

Ancient traditions and rituals

If you want to have a wedding in the Greek style, you should familiarize yourself with the local traditions:

  • the couple are usually escorted to the wedding altar by drummers, flutists, torch-bearers;
  • the celebration takes place with noisy fun, songs, dances, since the Greeks believe that noise can scare away bad spirits;
  • the newlyweds at the wedding are showered with money, dates, nuts, which symbolizes wealth;
  • the newly-made spouses are showered with rice, which, according to the Greeks, makes the union strong and fertile;
  • during the wedding dance, guests attach bills to the newlyweds, thereby wishing prosperity in marriage.
Wedding ceremonies in Greece

In modern times, magnificent weddings are not so often arranged in Greece, now everything is most modest. Old Greek traditions can only be found in villages.

How do you spend the rest of your wedding tour?

A post-marriage wedding in Greece can be spent on the islands described above. Soak up the beach, swim in the sea, ride a yacht or even a motor ship, spend time among the picturesque natural landscapes.

If you want not only to relax but also to visit many interesting places, then it is better to choose a city. For example, go on a trip to the historical capital of Greece – Athens, where there are monuments of culture and architecture, a large number of museums and galleries.

It is worth visiting the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon Temple, the Dionysus Theater.

A wedding in sunny Greece is an opportunity to arrange an unforgettable celebration against the backdrop of picturesque nature and stunning architecture.

If desired, the couple can officially register the marriage or hold a symbolic ceremony.

But the organization of the celebration requires a special mood, inspiration, and strength from the newlyweds, and this is worth it because the holiday will turn out to be original and will be remembered for a lifetime!