Wedding hashtags: How to choose a hashtag for your wedding?

Hashtags for weddings: original ideas for Instagram, Facebook and Networks

Wedding hashtags: Having a hashtag on your wedding day is an amazing idea. A hashtag is the way to group the photos and videos that your guests took to share with everyone. This virtual label will help you make the wedding an interactive experience. Technology helps bring everyone in your wedding story together from social media.

Wedding hashtags: How to create a unique hashtag?

It’s very simple, so don’t panic if you don’t know how it works. The hashtag acts as a tag on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram .

It is formed with a numeral (#) at the beginning and a word or phrase without a space attached to this sign. It works as an internal link that opens a chain of independent messages in which all the shared content that includes the hashtag is grouped.

In this way, you will have a special space dedicated only to your event that you identified with your #Hashtag. You can find everything your friends and family shared that day in a virtual album. And that’s why we recommend creating your own wedding hashtag, so that it contains only posts related to your wedding.

Create hashtags for your wedding:  How to choose a  fun  hashtag ?

The best way to share your wedding efficiently is by choosing a unique hashtag. It is a custom branding that prevents your photos from mixing with other images that are not related. For this there are some simple tips that will help you make the decision in a fast and fun way:

1. Think of the names of the bride and groom

The best idea when creating a wedding hashtag is to unify or combine your first or last names. In the end, marriage is about the union of two people and associating their names or nicknames is a great idea. 

This will make it super representative and personal. As an extra you can try adding a more creative touch and making a play on words or a rhyme.

Hashtag for weddings ideas:




2. A special feature

Another fun idea is to use as a hashtag some distinctive, trait or hobby that the two of you share while participating in them and for which they will be recognized among their friends and family. Think of something that identifies you as a couple so that everyone laughs and can easily remember the label.

Original examples:






3. Add the date in your hashtag for the wedding

If there is a hashtag that you like a lot but it has already been used, a variation may be to add the date of the union at the end. It can be the year or the month. Don’t go adding a string of numbers that looks like a password that no one can memorize.

Hashtag for weddings examples:


# CarmenandJuan2021

# JuanYMartaJulio2021

4. Hashtag for weddings: general tips

  • You should always think of something short and easy to remember.
  • Try not to put two vowels together, so if you are going to combine the last names Araujo and Ortiz it is better to do it the other way around.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easier to read. This is important because there are no spaces in the hashtag.
  • Finally, think of keywords that relate to the idea of ​​a wedding.

Hashtag for marriages

Almost most weddings today have their own hashtag. There are web pages that help you generate your hashtag online for free.

The data that you would have to enter are the following:

  • Your name
  • Groom’s name
  • Wedding’s date
  • Wedding venue

It is also possible to make posters indicating the chosen hashtag. They are generated automatically and can be downloaded from the web. There are different designs. Some models are more formal and others informal or accompanying a country-style wedding with a rustic format.

Here are some ideas for an Instagram hashtag:

Forever, Wedding, I do, Matri, Love, Just Married, Together, Altar, Union.

Our hashtag is #webcasamiento

At webcasamiento.com we have our own hashtag that we use for our instagram posts. The hashtags can be followed and in this way the latest wedding news is known.

We invite you to follow it and add it to your Instagram posts.

How to start using hashtags for weddings?

The trick is to integrate it naturally from scratch. In the moments leading up to the wedding already add images. Today, we all like to use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a way to share our daily lives with our friends. Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your hashtag.

Wedding hashtag generator

Generate a hashtag for your wedding. Looking for inspiration for your ideal wedding hashtag? Today there are blogs on the web that have free tools to generate dozens of possibilities of choice. Simply by entering your name and that of your boyfriend with the wedding date, you will have an infinite number of options to choose from.

Remember that hashtags can be used by several people at the same time. Make sure you choose something unique.

1. Start yourself 

A great idea is to take advantage of your label to share images of the preparations through it. You will surely receive a lot of affection from your relatives or you can even use it in case of doubts at the time of the organization. Use it before the wedding.

Hashtag for Instagram, inspirate!






# Mr. & Mrs.


With the new updates from twitter, facebook or Instagram stories you can create small surveys to find out what kind of flowers to choose or what snack your guests enjoy the most. 

hashtag for wedding

Another important time to wear it is the same day of the wedding while both bride and groom are getting ready for the event. Your guests will be more excited if you share a little that previous moment. They do not need to show how they will be dressed, just capture small details of your preparation, makeup, nail color or the shoes you will wear. 

Another great idea is to give your photocall a vintage touch, with a retro camera, where you can print the images instantly.

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2. Popular hashtags to make it visible at the party

Small posters or a decorative blackboard with the hashtag will help your guests know how you are going to group the photos in your networks. 

hashtag for wedding

Also, you can add messages to encourage them to add their photos to that virtual album. In this way afterwards you will be able to see the wedding from the eyes of your friends and know how much they enjoyed it.

3. Integrate it into your design

Go ahead and place it on a card that accompanies the wedding invitation or on the location identifiers and table numbers. Make it part of the decoration and try to design it as a logo that can look cute in every place where you will put it.

You can not only make this label present on the wedding day or on virtual platforms but also in the setting.

4. Hashtag for a remote wedding

Wedding hashtags are also especially useful for migrants or people who celebrate their union away from their family or friends, either because they moved to another country or because they chose a destination to which not all their guests were able to travel.

Keeping your posts about this important moment organized with a hashtag will allow everyone to feel close to you that day, be part of the event and enjoy it.

5. Memories and countdown

Another curious idea to start using the hashtag is to ask your groomsmen, courtship or friends to post a photo of a memory that they have shared with the bride and groom at #marriage, #fiesta, #weddingday, #weddingparty.

It can be that same day or previous days in the form of a countdown. This will add value to your story as a couple and will build the excitement for the big day.

Do not use the hashtag only on Instagram, remember that other networks also allow you to group topics from them. Include it in your Facebook rehearsal dinner or engagement party album. Go ahead and see how your wedding will become an event worth remembering.

Where do I find a Hashtags for weddings and how to gain followers?

Wedding hashtags are important for sharing your wedding photos on instagram, facebook and other social networks. Having your hashtag on your wedding day is as simple as typing the keywords of a post.

There are no established lists but there are web pages that can help you like All-Hashtag.com

Hashtags gain followers because they make it easy to discover posts on a specific topic. They are also very effective on various social media platforms.

If you want to add some original detail to your wedding you should not forget to create a personal hashtag to share the photos of the selfie area.

Hashtag for bachelorette party

This important moment in the life of the bride is to enjoy with friends. Games and laughter among all of them.

  • #Fired
  • #Bachelorette party
  • #farewellAna (add name)
  • #Boatparty
  • #Goodbyegordy

To give the photos of your farewell more color and uniformity, we recommend organizing that they all have the hashtag printed on a T-shirt. For the decoration of the bachelorette party we give you ideas in our other post. You can also customize the Phrases for bridal shower t-shirt.

Creative hashtags for wedding

In addition to sharing your hashtag in a fun and visible way, it needs to be remembered by all the guests. That is why we must be creative in the choice. Your creative hashtag should also be: 

  • Simple
  • Functional
  • Concrete

Creating a creative wedding hashtag can be one of the first fun things when planning your marriage. To help inspire you, first take a look at other hashtags on the web and design one that is for your style.

Hashtag for weddings, examples

Related to weddings on Instagram, we also recommend using these general hashtag

  • #Wedding
  • #Bride
  • #Girlfriend
  • #Bodas2021
  • #Wedding photographer
  • #Barcelona
  • #Madrid
  • #Love
  • #Fashion
  • #Weddingday

To generate a free online hashtag see this page: free hashtag generator

You can put the names of the bride and groom and the system creates the hashtag.

Animation can be included to your hashtag.

Wedding anniversary hashtag

An anniversary is a day to celebrate with family and friends. A day full of love to organize your anniversary, so we must create a hashtag to unite all the experiences of this day.

  • #Anniversary
  • #Wedding Anniversary
  • #Anniversarywedding
  • #Celebrateourjoy
  • #I would return
  • #Follower
  • #Thebesttomarryyou

Other ideas

Now it’s your turn, what hashtag do you plan to use at your wedding?

Which of all is your favorite hashtag?

Please, we are happy with your comment.