Wedding Giveaways For Guests

Gifts for contests to guests at weddings from newlyweds: what do they give?

In European countries, it is customary to give gifts for a wedding not only to the newlyweds, but also to the guests themselves. These are symbolic souvenirs that are necessary in order to express gratitude for the fact that the guests came to the wedding, deciding to share the joy.

There was no such tradition. She began to develop only recently, with stylization on the European wedding fashion. Each guest was placed on the table with a small beautiful bag containing sweets. Currently, newlyweds are not limited in the choice of gifts. They can give whatever they think is necessary.

Tips for choosing gifts from newlyweds for participating in contests

There is an entertainment program at any celebration. It is simply impossible to imagine a wedding without her. Competitions show a competitive spirit and at the same time relax everyone present at the celebration.

And to participate in such undertakings, and to be an outside observer – all this is very interesting and unusual. As with any competition, the competition should have a reward. It can be expressed in the form of candy or a bottle of alcoholic beverage. It is perhaps difficult to find a universal prize. First of all, it is worth starting on the basis of who the gift is supposed to be.


The easiest way is to decide on a pleasant trifle for women. The beautiful half of humanity loves a lot of things. Moreover, they are all represented by an affordable pricing policy.

No woman will give up jewelry. For example, buy the trendiest earrings of the current season. They don’t have to be precious metals at all. Accordingly, there will be enough money for such a gift for every young family. Jewelry is not expensive at all, but it looks quite interesting.

The second most popular gift for women is cosmetics. Absolutely every young lady uses hand and foot cream. Therefore, you can donate them. Do not choose funds based on age. Try to stick to universal options. For example, nutrition or hydration.


It is much more difficult to choose a present as a souvenir for men. They are more demanding on gifts, and besides, they do not like little things. But still, there are universal things that will delight absolutely every guy. For example, a bottle of champagne.

Everyone wants to give only expensive alcohol, but this will require quite a lot of money. In order to deliver a presentable drink at the same time, and not spend a lot of money, you should pay attention to the dosage. The store sells miniature bottles of 100 milliliters. They are an exact copy of large bottles, not only in taste, but also in appearance.

For children

When a large number of children are present at a wedding celebration, then they are always separately given not only contests, but also come up with gifts. Of course, the child will not be pleased with either an alcoholic drink or an expensive cream.

But a child can be pleased with a simple thing, namely balloons. Pay attention to the selection of them in stores. It will be a big surprise if you invite a specialist who will make you outlandish balloon figures.

Children are madly in love with sweets. This present will both delight and give you the opportunity to have a tasty snack.

Ideas for original gifts

Many people mistakenly believe that giving gifts to guests at a wedding is an incomprehensible whim. In fact, everyone present will be pleased that they were marked with a memorable souvenir, thereby giving attention to everyone. There are several options for ready-made gifts. All of them have a low price, which is good news.

The most popular ones are:

  • photo frames;
  • photo albums;
  • set of balloons;
  • bubble;
  • candles;
  • photograph of young people with a guest;
  • music disc;
  • juniper or pine twigs;
  • calendar;
  • notebook;
  • fridge magnet;
  • the Rose;
  • lavender;
  • soap;
  • flowers in a pot.

Stylists advise, when choosing wedding gifts, based on the theme of your celebration. If it is, for example, in the boho style, then it means a free spirit. In this case, a bracelet made of beads acts as an interesting gift.

If the newlyweds decide to have a European-style wedding, then they should decide on the country. For example, Provence flowers from France will form the basis. In this case, either a sprig of lavender or a souvenir in the form of a small Eiffel Tower is suitable for guests.

Comic gifts for guests

Guests will appreciate not only unusual, but also comic gifts. This will relax the atmosphere, set everyone in the right mood. Comic presentations can be awarded both during competitions and to each guest separately.

A small comic photo zone with inscriptions about the current event looks unusual. Add some photo accessories such as glasses, fake mustaches and wigs. The guests come to the photo zone, dress up appropriately, they are photographed and they leave.

The photographer takes several pictures, then processes them and prints them. As a result, each guest gets a memorable photo by the end of the evening. It will be quite funny, because the guests will try on humorous images.

Another way to entertain guests and make them a comic gift is a caricature. It is necessary to hire an artist who will paint small and quick portraits for everyone.

In addition to the gift itself, it is worth deciding on the method, namely, how to present it. There are several different options. For example, you can arrange in advance for each guest at the plate.

The host will tell you what kind of present it is and ask each guest to pick it up as a sign of special love for the newlyweds. You can also make a symbolic tree, which will denote the sensual relationship of a young couple. Each guest will be able to walk up to the tree and pick a gift for himself, hanging like leaves.


It is always pleasant for guests to receive gifts. It’s very nice when you come to a celebration where everyone is taking care of you. Guests sometimes do not care what they see as a gift: expensive flowers or a small handful of sweets. The main and important point in this case is attention, and in the second place, the decorative design of the presentation is assessed.