Wedding favors for guests 15 ideas to surprise them

Wedding favors for guests. Delivering them at the end of the party is a tradition in all weddings. However, it does not guarantee success on its own, it is proven that most wedding favors end up forgotten in a drawer.

The intention of this detail is to thank the guests for having attended the wedding. Ideally, it is a memorable and original gift so that the emotion and experience of the union last beyond the wedding day. To design Nar  our thanks follow these easy tips.

1) Wedding favors for guests: make them handcrafted

Nothing is more special than having personally entrusted you with the realization of the memories. Making them homemade or by hand should not represent a big problem, there are tons of ideas and infallible tutorials that do not require much effort.

In addition, this option is ideal to be able to personalize in each wedding favors the messages or cards that accompany each gift, this will give it a truly unique touch.

2) Useful and functional wedding favors

The key so that your memory is not lost is that it can be useful for your guests and is not just an ornament. Making it functional does not mean that it is boring, it can be very original and special. 

Think of a cute and elegant detail without being bulky like corkscrew, coaster set, fans, lighter or keychain. If you are more modern, even a pendrive will love them and it will be very useful for the guests.

3) Wedding favors for guests: ecological and recyclable

Use a recycled product to deliver an amazing gift without spending too much money. A small terrarium with plants or cactus will delight everyone and will go with your wedding if it is in an open space. You can also buy handmade soaps, exfoliating oils and reuse jars by decorating them with candles.

In this video you will see many ideas for nature lovers.

4) Wedding souvenir for immediate use

Give something that can be used from the moment of the party and that is related to the theme. Everyone will start using it on the spot and you make sure your memory works. They can be sandals type slippers or closed slippers for women and a handkerchief for men to add accompanying their suit. 

Functional and practical is this wedding keepsake for guests

5) Romantic and decorative souvenir

You can make your memory romantic and universal. Keychains or heart-shaped soaps to remember love. If you wish, you can add a personal message but externally, with a postcard or envelope that goes with the decoration of the party.

6) Wedding favors for guests that are edible

Choosing an edible souvenir will be the touch of sweetness and detail that you are looking for because they produce joy when receiving them. Of course, remember to give them at the end of the party. Choosing a sweet or chocolate is not enough as wedding favors for guests but you should give it a personal and representative touch.

  • Artisan honey
  • Chocolate bonbons in a decorative jar
  • Decorated mint medals

You can do the same with more original and artisan options, for example, a few small chocolate coffee beans, a jar of homemade jam or miniature bottles of wine.

7) Souvenir for the workplace or office

An idea that is very popular is to give away stationery and study details to be used at work and at home. A good option for this are diaries, notebooks, pens or card holders and useful things for day to day.

8) Wedding souvenir for elegant guests

In this case, for elegant guests, we must think of memories that awaken the emotions. They tend to invest in higher quality items. One idea would be to offer as a souvenir a product of design and good taste but that is also functional. A mug stamped with evocative phrases of the bride and groom. 

9) Souvenirs for weddings

If we want our memory to be the most trendy we must look for objects that work as such. Things that, although they are a trend, do not become obsolete over time, such as functional and funny garments and accessories.

10) Wedding favors for men

Another option for choosing memories is to segment by gender. When choosing souvenirs for men we must think about the guest list that we have. Undoubtedly there are many totally different profiles of men. Some more technological than others who will be more car or sports lovers.

What is given as characteristics of most men is that they work. This is why designer stationery is always a good idea for men’s souvenirs at a wedding. 

11) Wedding favors for women

As we did with men, we have to do with women. Let’s think about all the female guests at our wedding. Create a prototype profile to decide what the memory will be for them as a woman.

In general, it is convenient to choose something very feminine, related to the emotions, feelings and neatness of every woman with herself.

12) Thank you wedding favors

These can be anything from notepads for the house to use in the kitchen. Something practical and functional for the whole family. Fashion and decorative pieces for the home of the wedding guests.

13) Wedding favors for guests

These ceramic pieces for the house can be used on the table or in the garden. It will be something very special for having personally commissioned you to make the memories. 

14) Elegant church wedding favors

Decide to make a souvenir to give to your guests after church that is functional as well as elegant.

Have a presentation and the most appropriate colors for this celebration. Consider the budget and the practicality of the souvenir.

  • Sweets and candies
  • Tés o tisanas de hiervas
  • Candles

These may be some of the examples for you wedding favors.

15) Golden wedding anniversary memories

The golden wedding anniversary is the date on which we have been married for 50 years. It is a very important event in the life of the couple because because it symbolizes the strength of the relationship for so long.

All gifts must include the No. 50 and ornaments with gold ribbons to represent the metal “gold”. 

  • Keychains with the Nr. 50
  • Salt and pepper shakers with gold trim
  • Box with cup holder
  • Candles with golden ribbon
  • Mini portrait holder with photo of the couple

The current trend is to give away small pots with plants.

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