Wedding dresses according to your body type

Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most exciting tasks for a woman who is about to walk down the aisle. More than a simple search, it becomes the materialization of an illusion. Dreaming of the magic moment that will soon come. Here we give you some tips that will help you.

Will your wedding be day or night?

This is an aspect that you should take into account, since you will set the tone for the guests in relation to the dress code. If you decided to do a day wedding then the dress you choose should be as simple as possible, with very light fabrics and avoid excess rhinestones and / or accessories.

If you decided to do your wedding at night, then you have a little more freedom with the design, you can take a risk with a dress with a long train, with lace and rhinestones, or sparkles.

New trends emerge every year. Some are here to stay, such as detachable skirts and other traditions that are lost.

  • The veil (Symbol of purity and youth. The groom was the only one to lift it when they were declared husband and wife)
  • The bridesmaids’ dresses (Similar in design to the bride’s dress)

The ceremonies in the church are often being displaced by something more intimate. It is up to each couple and their tastes to keep the wedding traditions or not.

Wedding Dress Buy it made or make it?

One of the first things to decide is whether you want to buy (or rent) a ready-made dress or have it made. For both options there are pros and cons. If you want a dress that is already made, go directly to the wedding dress stores to show you what is available.

If you want a dress designed one hundred percent by you or you can look for a dress that you like among those in fashion houses. It also depends on the budget and how you can adapt the taste and the pocket.

Do you already have a particular dress style in mind?

  • Fitted to the body or loose
  • What kind of neckline
  • Sleeves or without
  • Cut at the waist or whole
  • With rhinestones
  • Embellishments and sequins

The task could be a bit tiring, so if you want you can check first on the Internet, there you will find endless options and the best of all is that you can search web pages from other countries and they will send it to your home in the date you choose.

Wedding dress will it be a long or short dress?

Sometimes there are reasons to choose a short dress rather than a long one. The wedding dress is the expression of the bride’s personality , through it you let know how you are: classic, modern, romantic or risky. The most classic is the long dress but if you want to look more original, choose to wear a short dress. You can add a pin up bow to add volume to your skirt. Do not forget that this is such an important moment in life because it will be the beginning of a shared life.

This is definitely something you should keep in mind. Not all women are the same or have the same body. Some brides have long known how they want their ideal wedding dress. Others have no idea and must start from scratch.

The comfort of your wedding dress is essential

Do you want to be the protagonist, as the bride, or do you want the dress to be the important thing. Finding the dress that looks divine, but at the same time, you feel that it gives you comfort for the whole party. It doesn’t squeeze you and lets you move and dance with ease. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable that day.

You always have to pay attention to the quality of the fabric and the closures such as buttons and appliqu├ęs so that there are no unforeseen events on the wedding day.

Some houses seek to lower costs in finishes and details, but this can give us last minute surprises. Remember that it is a dress that cannot fail with the rattle of the whole night.

Wedding dresses according to your body type

Let your style see, be it vintage, boho, chic or whatever you want your guests to see about you. What is true is that all brides are beautiful and that is why finding a dress according to your body type will be crucial. Feel comfortable and that will fill you with security. There are many body types, let’s see which dress is right for you.

To find out more about what the colors, fabrics or the tradition of a wedding dress mean, white is purity but it can also be varied.

Guide with infographic of wedding dresses according to your body.

Every bride will have many options to choose from. That some model becomes the perfect dress and that with it you feel like a princess on the wedding day. The options are many, almost endless. Check out this infographic to make the best choice.

1. Oval wedding dress

The bust, waist and hips of this bride are pronounced. The most appropriate wedding dresses for this type of body are those that seek to refine the waist. You can also play with V-necklines and, if possible, avoid the skirt having too much volume. Empire dresses are a wonderful option for this apple-shaped bodice, as the cut starts just below the bust line.

2. Rectangle shape wedding dresses

In this type of body, the bust and hips are similar and there is little waist. For this silhouette, the ideal is to look for dresses with a cut at the waist, some dresses have a belt, which is a nice way to show the waist a little more. Fitted or A-line dresses are a very good option.

3. Triangle shape wedding dresses

When the bride has a small bust and her hips are pronounced. It is advisable to look for dresses that do not have much volume at the hips and at the top use necklines on the shoulders and sleeves that can be of any length. This dress model can be very appropriate to wear to a beach wedding.

4. Inverted triangle shape wedding dresses

The inverted triangle shaped body has more volume at the bust than at the hips. The goal is to make the bust diminish its appearance by building a visual effect. Ideally, focus on the skirt and allow the top to be simpler. Avoid high collars or very flashy lace.

5. Wedding dress in the shape of an hourglass

Proportionate bust and hips, and defined waist. This body adapts to almost any type of dress, the  mermaid and princess style dresses are the most appropriate, as they will highlight the curves and the body will look harmonious.

On the other hand, if you do not decide on any, or if you like different things, the option then is to have it made or made by yourself. 

The good thing about this option is that the dress will be made exactly the way you want it and you will be the only one to have it. Plus, it may also be a bit cheaper.

6. Detachable wedding dresses

Before buying the wedding dress, keep these tips in mind.

  • What design to choose?
  • How to customize it?
  • If it is comfortable for you?

You will see many models of dresses before deciding. It all has to do with the budget as well. That is why we recommend detachable wedding dresses to take off pieces during the night and feel more comfortable and sexy to dance at the party.  

Dresses with a youthful and friendly touch

7. Civil wedding dresses

The perfect wedding dress should suit your personality. A particularly chic design does not have to be a long dress, but rather to adapt to the type of ceremony you do.

  • Spontaneous marriage. Without so much planning.
  • Intimate marriage. With few guests and only a toast for those closest to you.
  • Chill out wedding. With music, top deco and wedding hashtag.
  • Luxury wedding

The bride can dress simply but accompany with accessories that make her look cool.

8. Simple wedding dresses

They are the dresses that adapt to a themed wedding

  • Boho
  • Vinatge
  • Romantic

Youthful and friendly wedding dresses with lace details. According to your personality to create your own design.   Pin It