Wedding candy table 5 easy ideas to make

Candy tables for elegant weddings

Wedding Candy Table decorations can include colorful flowers, ribbons, and trays. Varied flavors such as:

  • Brownies de chocolate
  • Mini lemon pie
  • Cheese cakes
  • Showy colored cupcakes.

We have to balance the amount of cakes presented with the variety of mini cakes in the assembly of the table. Handwritten posters or whiteboards help to label content and attract attention.

Designing and creating a wedding candy table is a magical experience.

  • For traditional style weddings prepare multi-tiered and ornate cakes
  • If the celebration is simple, that the sweets are easy to distribute without using cutlery
  • Offer variety and light sweets in choice for dieters
  • Prepare a menu for the season, autumn is different from summer
  • Citrus and lighter desserts for warmer weather

We invite you to discover the authenticity of typical Argentine food at the wedding candy table. Dulce de leche pancake with ruhm burnt fruits to enhance the flavors of simple cuisine.

Sweet table decorated with flowers

Florar decoration around the cake for lovers of nature and organic style. Special for outdoor weddings. Make a wise selection of sturdy frostings for hot days. Cover the sweets in an ingenious and practical way to be transported. Use wooden bases if you want to give a country style more than a rustic wedding.

Wedding candy table, prepared to be easy to make

Easy access to the table space is of utmost importance to indulge in sweets. We recommend that it be located near the dance floor and with ample space to serve yourself comfortably. Covering the table with colorful fabrics is important. Assemble the desserts on platforms of different heights to gain visual extravagance in the presentation. Include individual sweets and desserts that accompany the wedding cake. The options and design possibilities are endless.

For more ideas see entry: Wedding cakes

Wedding candy table with illustrated posters

Use illustrated posters as a visual guide indicating the ingredients of the dessert. The trend is to do it in different shapes like a cloud, round and square. The most used materials are:

  • Paperboard
  • Balsa wood
  • Board
  • Cardboard sticks

Discover the flavor of each dessert by seeing it written in bright and metallic colors. In this way you can distinguish the desserts suitable for people who cannot eat gluten.

If your wedding has a rustic vibe, the posters can be made of wood in the country style. The posters are used so that your friends do not have to guess what is on the table. They can be on a small lectern to the side.

It’s a nice opportunity to include illustrations on your candy table with a poster that serves as a visual guide for guests.

Desserts for a themed wedding

In the East, and particularly in Arab-style weddings, the colors gold, ivory and peach are used. A five meter long table filled with jellies and truffles for hundreds of guests. One of the main events on the wedding day is when the wedding cake is cut in front of all the friends and family. This culture offers several spectacular candy tables filled with crunchy chocolates and personalized chocolate bars. 

Sweet table for weddings decorated in beige.

Garden wedding candy table:

Stop in the characteristic details of how to present the candy table according to the characteristic of the wedding. Use simple table linen if the wedding is in the fall in the garden. The decoration is provided by nature. The sweet tables at a wedding are one of the most anticipated things for guests with a sweet tooth. See ideas to decorate with home style in the garden in our post on decoration for a simple wedding. 

Bride cutting wedding cake

Inspirational vintage wedding candy table

You can organize the candy table with a thousand decorative ideas using mirrors, tablecloths and chandeliers. A beautiful and original candy table decorated with own resources, rented or borrowed from a grandmother, provide this vintage style of the photo . Also use elements of other cultures as accessories in the Greek, Jewish or Indian style with tablecloths and suitable atmosphere. 

Vintage style wedding candy table

The number of desserts on the wedding sweet table and cakes will depend on the number of guests. It must reach to serve everyone. It is also good to consider whether there are children or not because they have other preferences in sweets. The Candy Bars are a good alternative for the little ones. Use clear glass containers, bowls, jars, plates, and jars as containers for cookies, chocolates, and a variety of delicious-flavored sweet treats. Give your wedding photos and videos a lot of color.

Nothing sweetens a wedding reception more than a delicious sweet buffet that allows guests to choose their treats. Assembling involves patience and creativity. 

With all the flavor of summer

Best tables of sweets and desserts for your event

Include individual sweets and desserts that accompany the wedding cake. The options and design possibilities are endless.

How to decorate a candy table for weddings

How do you prepare the candy table yourself? You could use macarons of various colors, alfajores and fine fruit candies prepared by yourself. Do not forget to place flags on the table to give movement and color. 

Individual pancakes for the wedding party

Candy tables for original outdoor weddings

 Styles for choice on the candy table

Many grooms bet on outdoor weddings that are more informal. So the guests can enjoy the wedding during the day and in a longer period of time. To regain strength between dance and dance, it is ideal to incorporate a candy table in the place. Also include in the table of sweet drinks such as lemonades or waters of different flavors, especially if the wedding is in summer.

Simple and inexpensive wedding candy table

The trend is for wedding catering to be more informal and personalized. It is advisable to take the time for the previous tasting of the cakes. The decoration can be minimalist but also transmit elegance and beauty. For example, Petit Fours small but very attractive to look at. 

Rich, cute and fun for the wedding, dessert table.

Sweet table for wedding in summer

 Elegant cakes for the wedding

How to decorate a sweet table?

There are a wide variety of products that can be placed to decorate a sweet table, from the simplest to something sophisticated.

Trends in pastry applicable to the sweet table for weddings

  • The outdoor Food Trucks that offer soft drinks and drinks. 
  • Cooking shows are also used to entertain the guests.
  • Individual desserts, colored macaroons and Cupcakes (small cup cake for one person)
  • Candy bar (table decorated with sweets and sweets)
  • Dessert shots (mini postres)

In addition to traditional wedding cakes you can create a sweet table buffet with an eco-friendly backdrop. Stands in natural colors or simply offer a simple European style to party outside with cakes, brownies, mini cookies and desserts. 

Sweets for everyone

Wedding preparations must be carefully organized to delight the guests.

How to make a mini dessert?

Rich and inexpensive recipes as well as simple to make. There are a wide variety of products such as oreo cookies and marzipan that make our work easier.

Delicious “oreo cups mini cakes” are prepared in little cups. Also exquisite are the “chocolate covered marzipan balls” for almond lovers.

How to prepare fruit cupcakes?

  • 170 gr. Of flour
  • 200 gr. of sugar
  • 250 cream
  • 2 tablespoons light oil or shortening
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 pinch of baking soda
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Vanilla essence
  • 3 tablespoons of fruit puree

Use seasonal fruits such as pears, peaches, strawberries or bananas.

Very practical for cooking are the mini brownies with double layer of chocolate.

Using condensed milk is very practical to make mousse.

How to make an inexpensive candy table?

You can find very attractive and inexpensive trays of

  • Multipurpose glass
  • transparent plastic

There are many tips that can be given when it comes to decorating, wedding cakes, and catering.

See more in the post Modern wedding cakes Evaluate the type of sweet to offer, depending on the time of day. Calculate the amount of 5 or 6 units per person, it depends on taste and budget, such as sweets for the wedding.

Order sweets from the pastry chef in advance and don’t forget to add a Candy Bar for the little ones.   Pin It