Venezuelan Compliments

If there are people who know how to compliment someone, it is a Venezuelan. They can find a thousand ways to do it since they have a good sense of humor for everything and there will always be something to say. Find here the best Venezuelan compliments!

It doesn’t matter what situation they find themselves in, even if it’s very difficult. The Venezuelans will take advantage of the opportunity they can to launch some of their compliments. Here we have for you a list of different types of Venezuelan compliments ( to fall in love, men, women,  kids, rude,…) with which, in addition to having fun reading them, you can use them too. Discover now some examples of Venezuelan compliments.

Venezuelan compliments to fall in love

  • Who was the sun, to tuck you in every morning?
  • You are like our Essequibo, for you, I fight until the end.
  • The best nature reserve in our country is your beauty.
  • You are the malt that accompanies my empanadas.
  • Angels are falling from heaven.
  • Let me look at you once and remind you why your beauty dazzles.
  • Even if I had to choose between you and my arepa, I would choose you my whole life.
  • With those beautiful eyes who want to see the stars.
  • When you get fined for excessive beauty, I’ll pay your bail.

May God keep you and tell me where to go to look for you.

Venezuelan compliments for men

  • A man like you only comes out of royalty, my prince.
  • My love, are you a postman? Because you have a tremendous package.
  • Who was a stewardess, and so we flew on autopilot?
  • If you were a policeman, I wouldn’t hesitate to break the law.
  • If this is the hose, what will the jet be like?
  • Daddy, if that’s how you look in pictures, what will it be like when you’re naked?
  • I ride on that trunk to pick those mangoes.
  • This mount needs a good scythe.
  • Daddy, brown like the chocolate I want to eat.
  • You’re like cold beer, to get the foam out of it.
  • Who was grilled to put that blood sausage?
  • I’m making a salad, but I’m missing cucumber.

I wish you were a firefighter to put out this fire

Venezuelan compliments for women

  • Is your mom a pastry chef? Because a biscuit-like you don’t make it just anyone.
  • Hey! you dropped the paper… the one that wraps you, sweetie.
  • Skinny, I eat all those bones.
  • You’re hotter than eating with your hands.
  • You’re like a pie, to fill you with my sauce.
  • Mamita, who was rebar to be in that platform.
  • If you were a sardine, I wouldn’t leave you a single bone.
  • So many curves and me without brakes.
  • With a woman like you, I warm up to the mother-in-law.
  • Mommy, if the queue is like this, how will the movie be?
  • So much meat and me eating sardines.

I wish I was ice cream to melt on your lips.

Funny Venezuelan compliments

  • My love, we are going to make empanadas. I put the cheese that I have for you.
  • Mommy, so much meat, and I am hungry.
  • Mommy, I wish you were Corn Flakes to pour all this milk on you.
  • You’re like my mom’s flip flop, I see you coming, and my heart races.
  • You’re not Google but you’re everything I’m looking for.
  • If it rains like this, let it not clear.
  • Mommy doesn’t move the crib you wake up the child.
  • Who was cross-eyed to see you twice.
  • I am the budare for your arepa.
  • You are the perfect flame to light this guarimba.
  • You’re hotter than dogfish empanada.
  • If I were a phone I would plug in all night.
  • My love, I invite you to dinner the richest thing my mom has ever made

If you cook like you walk, I eat even the paste’.

Rude Venezuelan compliments and takes

  • I wish you were a fridge, to put my sausage with everything and eggs.
  • Lend me that pencil sharpener, to put this pencil in.
  • Who was a nail and your wood, to get into you?
  • You are like an iPhone screen, to finger you all day.
  • Doesn’t it make your hot dog? To give you this sausage.
  • I want to invite you to eat a special hamburger, to throw you my egg.
  • If I could make a wish I’d already be in your home.
  • Who was a mechanic, to get their hands on that machine?
  • Roses are red, orchids are purple, but since I’m not a poet, I suck you up to your tits.
  • I wish you were Farmatodo, open twenty-four hours.

If that’s how you move it, come and beat the milk for me.

  • You’re like a fried pig, to suck you to the bone.
  • Mamacita, you’re like a cane field… to throw a machete at you.
  • I want to be the pressure cooker that loosens your beans.
  • You are like bread flour, to knead that bun.
  • This Christmas my pork will be next to your hallaca, mommy.
  • Who was cheese and hand to be inside that cachaca?
  • Who is your gynecologist, to go suck those gloves?
  • My love, you are like a farm, to bury this yucca.
  • Mamita, you’re like to give yourself like a taxi door.
  • If that’s how you eat ice cream, come and suck on my popsicle.
  • I have a boneless lizard for that grill.
  • My love, what a delicious way to get to your little house.

When should compliments be used?

A compliment is used when you find attractive / or someone who is passing by at that moment, or that day is very good. It is a particular way of letting another person know what you feel at that moment.

It often happens that compliments are said by strangers to people passing by on the street, and on many occasions, a compliment is confused with a rudeness which generally makes women uncomfortable, who are the ones who receive most of them. And it is important to note that it is good to be aware of how to whom, and when they are said. Keep it among your acquaintances and you will avoid a bad time for those who do not expect you to throw one at them. It is not entirely easy to fall in love with a compliment. You can also try the funny compliments.

There are different types of Venezuelan compliments depending on the occasion and the trust you have with that person since it is important to take care of the treatment you give to the person you are saying the compliment to. Some of these are very rude jokes and are often used within a group of friends. But if it’s a different situation, other people might be uncomfortable listening to them.