Unusual congratulations to the newlyweds for a wedding from a gypsy woman

If we think about the fun, originality and creativity of the approach to a wedding party, then it will definitely be necessary to draw up an original script. With special pleasure and excitement, guests watch themed events.

They can be either wild west style or gypsy fun. If we talk about the latter, then it is they that many associate with the most fun celebration of events. A gypsy woman at a wedding will not leave anyone indifferent, like the whole celebration held in a similar style.

Features of a gypsy wedding

If we talk about a gypsy-style marriage ceremony, then it is worth thinking about what it means by itself.

First, it is impossible to host events without careful planning. The gypsies will need music, costumes and an appropriate script, which will have to be taken care of in advance.

Second, tune your guests in the appropriate mood. It’s not bad if those present come not in evening dresses, but in colored skirts and bright blouses.

A wedding stylized as a gypsy has a number of features that you should definitely observe.

  1. Think carefully about the location of the party. Avoid overly pompous and classic places. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet restaurant. Rather, a local cafe or a nearby pub will suit you. The interior in it should be as simple as possible, so that you blend harmoniously into the whole atmosphere.
  2. Consider the menu as well. It shouldn’t be too boring and frugal. Everything should be on the table: fish, meat, fruits.
  3. Many people associate gypsies with music. And this is not surprising, because at their evenings loud songs are always played with a guitar. It’s good if you can find live music where performers can play legendary compositions for you. Otherwise, write down the songs performed by the gypsy ensembles on a flash card. By the way, if you have enough money, you can always order a dance group. They will definitely help to create the flavor of a given nationality.

Gypsies pay great attention not only to the wedding itself, but also to matchmaking. It is accepted that the bridegroom and the bridegroom come to the bride’s house the evening before the wedding. There he hands his father a bottle of champagne, covered with a handkerchief with coins.

If the father not only accepts the bottle, but also opens it, then the matchmaking was successful and the bride will get married tomorrow.

In this case, the groom and the bride should also think about costumes. Of course, classic dresses and suits will not work. However, the costumes can be made in several variations. The simplest one, which is only a stylization, is a boho outfit, which has distant roots with gypsy.

If you want a completely themed party, and not just a stylized one, then the outfit of Aza’s gypsy will do. This is a wide black skirt and a voluminous white blouse. It is worth adding bright makeup to it. For a man, classic black trousers and a red satin shirt, sitting slightly loose and voluminous, are suitable.

Gypsy wedding scenarios

A gypsy celebration is always a grand and stylized event. It is as fun and grandiose as possible. Guests are invited to participate in the dance from the very beginning.

Traditionally, the evening is opened by the groom’s mother and father, who perform a dance.

If desired, a married couple can join them, thereby showing special respect and honor to their older relatives.

In fact, gypsy culture is rich in customs and rituals. It is quite difficult to follow them all, if you do not even understand what is at stake. Often times, weddings in this style are only light color. It can manifest itself in characteristic contests and events. For example:

  1. All women attending the celebration are invited. The music is turned on, to which you need to perform a gypsy. The young lady who makes them the most beautiful wins.
  2. In the event that you have warned the guests in advance about the costume party, you can hold a competition for the best image in the middle of the event. For this, from those present, those costumes are selected that are most suitable for the theme and look the most colorful.
  3. The dance group of gypsies is invited. They perform their composition while dancing. The task of the camp is also to steal the bride unnoticed. The groom then must perform tasks and contests in order to be returned to his wife.
  4. Going to the celebration, guests are also puzzled by their desire to present the most original souvenir. There is even a special competition among the guests at gypsy parties, which implies the determination of the couple who will present the best gift.

Costume contests and skits with gypsies

Many people like the image of the gypsies. They love him for the attitude they give. There is always special fun, songs, dances and heightened mood.

In the event that the celebration takes place in the classical style, then you can always include one or two scenes in it, which will completely consist of gypsy images. This will amuse the guests. In addition, there are hardly any people who would not like to feel the same brave gypsy spirit.

Be sure to use the necessary props to prepare the scene. They should be scarves, skirts and blouses. All this will perfectly fit into the general idea of ​​a gypsy party. For more ambiance, one of the men can be handed a guitar, an irreplaceable gypsy attribute.

Bride kidnapping

Many weddings have a special bride kidnapping ceremony. He is an integral part of many nationalities. Gypsies are no exception.

In order to hold a similar number at a wedding celebration, it is necessary to choose from among the guests present 8-10 people who will play the role of gypsies. Be sure to give each of them the appropriate outfit and advise on what they have to do.

To exit, you can turn on an incendiary dance and send the guests to dance. Gypsies summon the bride and groom to an impromptu scene, dancing with them. In a whirlwind of dance, several guests take the bride away, doing so in an imperceptible way. When the groom remembers, he will understand that his wife is not there.

Guests demand a ransom for the bride. Several options are possible here. For example, ask the groom to become their baron. For this, the gypsies perform a funny ritual or force the young man to perform the baron’s dance.

It always looks funny enough. If a young man is shy and withdrawn, then you can ask his friends to come to his aid.

Fortune telling

One of the most popular scenes is fortune telling. Many people associate gypsies precisely with the fact that they are the best at predicting the future.

In this case, fortune-telling acts as an entertainment part. Nothing is required from the guests at this moment. It is determined in advance with those who will play the role of psychics. They are sent to change and given a text. Gypsies come out to the characteristic music and bypass all the guests. They ask to gild the handle then they can tell fortunes for the future.

  1. Give my dear little hand, I’ll tell you fortunes for a happy life. A long road and misfortune awaits you if you do not drink this glass sooner.
  2. Groom, I want to tell you fortunes too, I see that you have only a happy life ahead of you. A beautiful bride and an intelligent daughter, a reliable son and many more little children, both girls and boys.

Alternatively, you can ask one of the guests present to choose a card. If there is a bubi, then you need to give candy. If worms fall out, you have to sing. And if the peaks, then drink a glass. To cross means to kiss a person sitting next to him.

Congratulations from the gypsy

A gypsy can act as an original guest at the celebration. By the way, you can choose her from the guests present, or you can call her from the ensemble. As for the last option, it will be more spectacular and unforgettable.

Ask a gypsy dance or music group to perform at your own wedding. You will not have time to notice how all the guests will start dancing in a matter of seconds, having fun from the heart.

If you chose one of the guests, deciding to dress her up in a gypsy costume, then you need to worry about her speech. She must necessarily say the characteristic phrases “dear”, “gypsy”, “let me tell fortunes”, “a happy road awaits you.”

The gypsy image is very colorful, so be careful when choosing an actress for this role. She should be relaxed, energetic and talented. It will be nice if the girl performs a dance or sings one of the gypsy songs.

In the event that the actress fails to gain the attention of the public, then the number will be a failure.


A gypsy scene for a wedding can brighten up the evening and diversify it. The gypsy people are always full of surprises, surprises and fun. Therefore, carefully select the performers for these roles.

If guests come out with sad faces and low voices, then the room will not be considered a success. Better bet on those who can lead the crowd with their cheerful mood, original approach, passion and special spirit, which is present only in real gypsies.