Unusual and short bride ransom scenario

One of the main and ancient wedding customs is the ransom of the bride. It is noteworthy that he was reflected in many nationalities. However, each one has its own name and has characteristic features.

As for the short ransom of the bride, it has existed for many generations, being interpreted in its own way every century.

Benefits of a short script

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A wedding day involves a lot of hassle. Most of all it is the groom and the bride who have to suffer. In order to somehow make life easier for them, it is worth thinking about organizing a short and concise ransom.

This does not mean at all that it will be somehow boring and uninteresting. Not at all. It only assumes a reduction in the script and some contests.

The short buyout assumes that it will take 5-10 minutes. This is the maximum time you can spend on such a part. And it has a number of its advantages, for which it is so much appreciated.

  1. You can save time by paying more attention to the buffet table, where everyone can chat and get to know each other.
  2. The groom does not need to suffer for a long time. In a short period of time, he will complete the tasks and go to the bride.
  3. Will be able to please mothers and grandmothers. At many celebrations, brides carry out ransom only for the purpose of pleasing their older relatives. On the one hand, you will be able to do this, but on the other, do not make the groom suffer.
  4. None of the guests will get tired. As a rule, most of the guests gather for the first part of the wedding day. But after all, not everyone can fit into the entrance and pass into the apartment, so they have to languish in anticipation at the entrances. To brighten up such a moment, you can conduct a dynamic scenario that will not keep anyone waiting long.

Summing up, it can be noted that for most couples the short ransom is rather formal in nature, which assumes that all the conventions are met and the groom, according to all customs and traditions, has ransomed his bride.

In addition, this part will also amuse the guests present at the celebration.

Bride buyout contests

When writing your script, pay special attention to the contests themselves. They should be as clear and understandable as possible. A man needs a clear task before him, which he will fulfill.

Often the script is written by the bridesmaids . Many of them approach the compilation in bad faith, taking a ready-made version from the Internet. This will not work at all, because some of the contests need to be remade for the groom.

For example, a well-known competition in which the groom is forbidden to touch the steps on the flight of stairs. This is always helped by friends who take turns raising the groom.

But a really difficult question arises when a young man weighs 100 or more kilograms. Of course, there can be no question of raising the groom. This is a rather complicated undertaking.

  1. Bridesmaids greet the groom at the driveway. They inform him and his friends that a beautiful girl is languishing in anticipation of her prince. It is necessary to get to her as quickly as possible and get her love forever. Further, a competition is proposed, during which the young man is invited to shout his love to the bride as loudly as possible. Friends can also help. In advance, persuade the bride to wave her handkerchief out the window or throw a flower. This will be a rather symbolic sign that will push a man to further deeds. Then everyone is invited to go into the entrance. On the first flight of stairs, friends are invited to tell what a good groom is. Each step is a positive quality of a young person. The more words he says, the more steps he will pass. The presenters talk about that their girlfriend is very fond of dancing. Then they ask if the groom can make a worthy couple. He has to prove it by dancing.
  2. The presenters offer to go straight to the entrance. There is a letter on each step. The groom should name an affectionate word specially chosen for his beloved. The groom will rise as high as he can give compliments to his bride. The groom is offered several shoes, among which he must choose the one that is ideal for her wife. In this case, choose a few different sizes. A man should guess precisely by this criterion, and not by beauty. Already before entering the door itself, the young man is offered three drinks: one with salt, another with sugar, and the third with lemon. The groom selects a drink and drinks it. The face is already judging how happy married life will be. As soon as the young man enters the apartment, he goes to the bride and puts on her a happy shoe. If she suits her,

Nowadays, short buybacks are receding into the background. Many believe that this is the last century and completely refuse to hold it. In order to figure out how to make a decent, stylish and beautiful ransom, you should use a number of tips:

  1. Consider with your fiancé whether you need the ransom yourself. If your parents insist, and you absolutely do not want to, then try to negotiate with older relatives, agreeing on an alternative option.
  2. If you do decide that a short ransom is right for you, then be sure to call a large number of young friends and relatives. With them, this part of the day will be fun and dynamic. In addition, as a result, already at the party itself, they will be a close-knit team, which has already managed to get to know each other.
  3. Don’t forget about the location of the ransom. Of course, entrances are a classic option. But most of them look unkempt and shabby. As a rule, no one even wants to print photos from these places. The original location can be a yacht club, recreation center or park. Having agreed in advance with the administration, you can come up with an interesting and original scenario.
  4. The scenario should be based on the overall concept of the event. It looks extremely ridiculous if the ransom is carried out in the style of the traffic police, but the wedding is the embodiment of the boho style. The apparent discrepancy looks silly enough. Beginning, middle and end must be present in the script.


A short ransom of the bride takes place even at a modern wedding. It should be distinguished by the same modern approach. Unfortunately, many brides do not take this into account, and then argue that the ransom is actually the last century.

To avoid this, think carefully about how and where your event will take place. Prepare for it with a script, props and definitely a decent location. Then even a short ransom will make not only the bride and groom smile, but all those present at the celebration.