Unrequited Love Quotes

Unrequited love quotes. A very painful love is unrequited. Declare yourself to someone and be rejected. Sooner or later you will experience feelings of anguish, disappointment and even anxiety. And you will shed more than a tear knowing that she will never love you.

In this article I share with you reflections and unrequited love quotes. Surely your feelings will awaken with them, but they will also serve to roast your page. However, below all I will teach you that even if you suffer, the pain will not last forever, sooner or later the sadness will disappear. They are tips that, if you put into practice, everything will be much easier. Let’s start with the images and the sentences (some pretty, some sad).

Short and sad unrequited love quotes

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You don’t have to hit to hurt someone. You can hurt with words, with looks, ignoring, underestimating, making the void.

The chaos of loving someone who is not reciprocated, and someone who you do not reciprocate loves you …

You hurt me a lot, but at the same time stronger. You constantly lied to me, but now I’m smarter.

The raindrops come off the clouds as they do not support their weight. My soul weeps incessantly as it cannot bear sadness.

If a person you gave everything for was not able to value you, they will not do it for a thousand times that they try to fall in love.

For unrequited love, seal and oblivion.

Your love is an ocean of pain.

Maybe you don’t like the way I am, I may have flaws … but what is certain is that I am more than you deserve.

Saying goodbye hurts, but it hurts more to beg him not to leave.

Dear Cupid, if you are going to launch an arrow, better launch two, that you will not be left poor with love.

You can not imagine how in l0ve you are with that person until he forgets you and leaves with another.

He passed. L0ve makes me gag.

We cannot choose our love, nor his name, his age or the place where it will happen …

Even the best person gets tired of moving mountains for someone who doesn’t move a stone for them.

If I were born again, I would pray to the gods not to cross me with you.

How is it possible that love and suffering are so connected?

Love is not blind, but some people are, for chasing something impossible.

When he was little he thought that l0ve stories were like romantic movies, that he and she fell in love.

I want you to love me with the same force that you reject me.

It was seeing you and falling in love, but I never thought you would break me down.

The wound makes you brave, crying makes you mature, making mistakes makes you learn, God makes you love.

I can not anymore. I wish you the best…

Enough! Reason and heart raged together. At last they had signed a peace pact.

Unrequited l0ve is the worst disease of many …

Wrong actions hurt, but silence hurts more. -Paulo Coelho.

The mistakes you make in love will never be enough to stop you from tripping over the same stone over and over again.

Cross him and think that, after what he did to you, you still l0ve him and would return to his arms.

I suffer for a luv that does not deserve me. I suffer for offering more than what they offer me. I suffer because that love does not value me.

I suffer because you are in my soul, but not in my arms.

It hurts, right? + What? -L0ve a person who loves another person.

Some loves are eternal even if they are not reciprocated.

Loving a person who is not in luv with you hurts a lot.

Human personality is based on reciprocity of affection.

Fate does not take anyone away, it distances you from those who do not deserve you.

If it should happen, it will appear in your life in a fantastic, unimaginable and unexpected way.

Unrequited Love Quotes

My ears suffer because you no longer whisper to me. My skin suffers because you no longer caress it. My eyes suffer because you no longer look at them. My lips suffer because you no longer kiss them …

Have hope, but not too much; have hope, but not too much; love, but not too much; if you do, it could hurt too much.

You introduced yourself, you spoke to me, you looked at me, you smiled at me, I liked you, you rejected me, you rejected me again, I got tired … you have a good time.

I want to hate you but I l0ve you, I want not to see you but you are in my thoughts, I want to distance myself but you live in my heart.

Forget about Red Bull and coffee. If you don’t want to sleep, give yourself an unrequited love.

Life does not end with the end of a love. But my life will not be the same, nor will the next love.

Today I spent the day thinking about you, missing you. I suppose that memory is part of forgetting …

We have created a three-day story that I will never tire of reading in life.

That that the pain is calmed with the habit is the biggest lie ever told.

When someone hurts you, they don’t deserve to be around you; At first you will cry, but in the end you will stop suffering.

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Tips  to overcome unrequited loves that make you cry

Somewhere in your life you will take a fiasco with unrequited love. The feeling of disappointment will invade you when a person you like, rejects you, and even a very uncomfortable situation will be created between the two of you. However, there are those who take it too seriously to the point of believing that they will never find their better half, and end up losing part of their self-esteem. Well, do not allow this to happen, because you are worth a lot, and the fact of being incompatible only means that, that you are incompatible.

Heartbreak sometimes turns into depression, so you must take action on the matter from the first moment.

Important : Impossible loves are not the same as unrequited. The latter is part of the former. However, an impossible l0ve happens because of the distance, because there is a friend in between or because the lovers are married and have families. But when you don’t correspond with a person, they just don’t want a relationship with you.

With these details explained, below I share with you some tips to avoid the misery of a platonic love:

  • Avoid contact with her . Stop talking and meeting the man or woman you have fallen in l0ve with and try to meet new people. It is a very important step.
  • Don’t succumb to uncertainty . If the girl you like has doubts, wait a while. However, you do not have to be waiting forever and that must be understood. If you do not decide, deep down it means that she is not in luv with you, so, again, to other things butterfly.
  • Be clear with your feelings . Don’t ramble on, if you like someone, confess it, open up and tell them how you feel, especially if it’s a friend. Why let time pass and then he or she find a partner and be disappointed? It is the best decision to get out of doubt, and if it turns out that you were not reciprocated, you can make a clean slate and a new account.
  • Forget the fairy tales . You have to be a little realistic in this life. If two people do not correspond, the story ends . And the sooner you assimilate it, the sooner you can continue on your way. Again, true love comes when you don’t look for it, so don’t be obsessed!

I hope you liked the unrequited love quotes.