Unforgettable wedding: 7 great ideas to make it a unique day

Unforgettable wedding: how to make your wedding an unforgettable day? Who would not like their own wedding to be unforgettable for the guests and for everyone.  We suggest you do this exercise and ask yourself; our wedding is going to be unforgettable because.

1. Unforgettable wedding: because I invite the ones I love the most

Making the guest list is one of the most important tasks, your heart may be very big and you want to invite all your friends. But during the process of organizing your party you will realize that each guest implies an investment, so if you end up with a very extensive list then the budget will also increase. 

If you evaluate it carefully and make a selection of the people you love the most, or the most important in your life, you will see that the expenses will not be so high and you will surely be more comfortable that day.

2. Cool Wedding Ideas – Crazy and Vintage Ideas

They can take advantage of any theme to personalize the wedding and make it unique.

For example, put a style according to your nationality:

  • Greek wedding
  • Mexican wedding
  • Italian style wedding.

As well as choosing to arrive at the place of the celebration from the air. Fun themes like the “Vintage” style or a particular decade like “The fifties”. 

  • Get to the ceremony by motorcycle
  • Come to the wedding by carriage
  • Balloon landing to get married

Inspire you with this Photocall video. Take original photos. Of course, for them to be successful, it is necessary to coordinate actions. A little preparation with the guests. It is so fun and unique that these moments will be remembered forever among your guests.

3. Original ideas for a different and fun wedding party

If you are a party lover and you like to enjoy yourself until dawn, choose a very lively option with  moments out of the ordinary. You can hire a specialist  in this type of shows or you can do it yourself, generally it is about entertainment for the guests. 

  • Magic or comic show
  • Brazilian dancers
  • Video projection with photos of the bride and groom
  • Boda original Karaoke

You can give them hats, necklaces or costumes and put on special music so that everyone gets up from the table and dance with the bride and groom. The idea is that everyone has fun, take lots of photos, dance, sing, but mainly have an unforgettable night. 

Details for an unforgettable wedding:

If you are looking for some tips that can help you add details to your wedding, some ideas are regarding these topics:

  • Invitations
  • Fun for kids
  • Different candy table
  • Wedding favors

Listening to the recommendations of the guests to know their preferences is as important as making a triumphal entrance to the ceremony.

What activities to do at a wedding?

Wedding parties are very fun by themselves and more if they have a show. Some of the following games can also be customized:

  • singing contest or karaoke
  • Photo booths or Photocall
  • prom contest
  • Piñatas

For more ideas on fun and unforgettable wedding games for your guests. 

4. An unforgettable wedding: ideas to take the best photos

It may happen that over the years you do not remember certain details of this special day such as your wedding day. That is why we suggest you look for ways to save as many photos and videos as possible. Surely there will be thousands of photos that day, those taken by the photographer, such as those taken by your guests and posted with hashtags.

If you want to make sure you save the best moments, create your  Hashtags for weddings , so your guests will upload it to social networks.

  • Pre-wedding photos
  • Photos of the entrance of the bride and groom to the party
  • Photos in action (dance, jump)
  • Creative Photos (Photobooth)

If you prefer to take the photos yourself, take your cell phone and look for the most memorable of the event. T lso can leave a book for everyone to write messages.

Another idea is to use the Photobooth as a setting for photos. The Photobooth is great entertainment at a wedding party. The background you select for your photos will remain as a memory forever. If it is a rustic wedding, outdoors, in a hall or in the park, your backdrop will change the style.

5. Unforgettable wedding: because it is a reflection of our  personality

Your wedding is the perfect time for you to bring out your personality. If you are shy or don’t like parties, do something intimate. It is important that the wedding reflects the tastes of the couple and that they are happy that day. We bring you some tips so that your wedding is with your style and originality. The setting of the bride and groom’s table plays an important role as well as the colors that they like the most.

There are boyfriends who have more extravagant tastes or they may like certain music, dance or have a particular hobby. You could make your guests enjoy your same tastes that day. For example, if you like Jazz, organize a Jazz Dance competition, where you and your partner will do an initial dance and then choose the best.

6. Because I hire a professional wedding organizer

Many couples seek the services of an  expert wedding planning professional and they will do most of the work for you. If this coordinator has good alliances with function rooms, wedding photographers, florists, you could save yourself some money. 

Organizers usually make checklists of  everything you’ll need for your wedding invitations, dress, hairstyle, musicians, and even jewelers.

Your wedding planner can also organize the decoration with lights in different sectors of the party. Rain of LED lights on the dance floor or in some free corner of the environment.

The most important thing will always be that you enjoy your day. This is the best tip to make your wedding unforgettable. Make sure you have a big smile at all times and have a memorable time. 

7. Unforgettable wedding, because there will be original fun for children

Mostly at weddings in Latin countries, the guests attend with their children. For them, the best thing is to create an entertainment space so that parents can enjoy the great event. We recommend choosing the most original games so that they will remember them for the rest of their lives. It is suggested to hire a person who is in charge of the fun of the little ones. For more ideas to create homemade or craft games for children, visit our post on Games for children at a wedding: 10 fun ideas

For more ideas we share very different wedding moments in this video that remain in the memory of every wedding.

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