Understanding A Relationship

“There is no one who understands women.” Centuries of patriarchal culture where the voice that counted was the one that sounded the loudest, that of man, has made the idea remain that women are difficult to understand. 

But the truth is that, although we have not been heard for a long time, we think the same of men. Nor do we understand them. Is mutual misunderstanding the origin of the war of the sexes ?

How Men Understand Their Relationships

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The origin of the disagreement between men and women occurs already at the same moment in which they fall in love. Man uses falling in love as a way to channel his sexual impulses . 

At first, he sees in the woman essentially his attractiveness and the masculine impulse of conquest begins to get under way. During the conquest is when that man dedicates all his efforts to show himself as the ideal man, to be fundamental in the life of that woman. 

understanding a relationship

The details, the attention, the romantic gestures have their explanation in the desire to conquer. But once the man manages to convince his conquest that he is and not another his perfect man, there is a change in your attitude. Attentions decrease because interest decreases. 

Once become a couple, that attractive and adored woman he fell in love with becomes the person with whom to share the trip comfortably and without tension. There is no reason to review the state of the relationship because man ends his conquest efforts.

How Women Understand Their Relationships

It is at that time when problems arise, because once the relationship is consolidated, the woman does not resign herself to the fact that the man who fell in love with her and filled her with attention at the beginning of the relationship has stopped worshiping her and has come to regard her as the person that “has” to be by his side because yes.

And it is that women do the reverse process.If men put all their effort in the beginning, women are more cautious. It is true that we are more in love, but it takes us more time to get involved in a relationship and we do not do it until we are sure that he is the ideal man.

 Already immersed in a relationship is then when we give our all, when we focus all our efforts on that relationship works and keep our partner as the man who fell in love with his magnetism and attention. Where is he now? Why has he stopped idolizing us?

To these two different positions that we adopt in relation to sentimental relationships is added the confusion generated in recent times by the change of roles. Men are confused and do not know if they play the traditional role of protective male or the most current friend and partner.

And women are confused, because we have grown up with the idea that the Prince Charming is there somewhere, waiting for us, and we are dedicated to looking for him until they are fed up with kissing toads and remain toads, society offers us another model new: that of individuality.