Unconditional Love Quotes

The best thing that will happen to you in life is that you unconditionally fall in love with someone … and that someone feels the same for you. Meet the boy or girl of your dreams and be together until the end. Loving and being loved is true happiness, it makes you smile and have the need to constantly shout it to all four winds. In this sense, I leave you with the best unconditional love quotes, messages and dedications for your girlfriend, boyfriend or the person you want to conquer. In addition, after the appointments we will delve into the importance of true love to live with more optimism and joy.

Best eternal and unconditional love quotes

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I will share your failures and celebrate your successes … because I will be forever with you.

You love Me? + Of course. -How much? + To infinity and beyond.

Who said I would not fall in love? If it is she who holds the key to my happiness.

My years of life are not enough for a soul in love.

I promise you unconditional love and affection for the rest of my life, as long as you promise that you will never leave me.

My heart does not understand time, and that is why I will love you always, without any conditions.

I want you sane, I want you crazy, I want you in my shouted sighs and in my silent songs.

It is that I love you so much … that I will always love you.

You are my joy, the goal that I want to achieve, the kisses that I want to hunt and the soul that I want to love.

In March we met, in April we fell in love and in December I declare that I want to be by your side forever.

The day I turn 75 you will owe me a dinner, because years ago I swore that you would be the love of my life and you did not believe me.

Pure love is the one that makes your heart beat, the one that invites you to aspire to heaven, the one that makes you smile for no reason and gives your soul tranquility.

Our love is like the sea, it has a beginning but not an end.

I do not want a good ending, but that this never ends.

My fingers suffer for not caressing you, my lips suffer for not kissing you, my heart suffers every second that it cannot have you.

If we are dreaming, we sleep forever, because in dreams we love with more passion.

If you stay with me, you will have everything until the end of my days.

I would bet my life that your soul is eternal …

Love does not understand physical, distance, sex or age.

Because we are eternal lovers, and our only destiny is to love each other.

We talk about love, we breathe love, we make love …

Dreams are over: it’s time to live.

Only true love subsists over the years.

Any man must have a woman by his side, and it is that even in chess, the most powerful needs a queen to take care of him.

I do not know if I will have more lives, but if there are, I want to spend them by your side.

Relationships without defects do not exist, however, with enthusiasm and desire one can go further, build unconditional love, true love.

My love for you is unlimited, it was born without an expiration date.

If someday you have no reason to keep going, remember to find me.

I’ll be by your side even if everything falls apart.

My body is mine, although my soul belongs to you. My happiness is mine, although the reason is you.

Sooner or later we will dream under the same sheet.

Unconditional Love Quotes

Some claim that life ends quickly. But there is still room for eternal love …

I whisper this spell to your ears, so that your heart will give its eternal love to this sorcerer.

As decayed as I am, I have a source of energy that helps me wake up every day with a smile: your love.

Although people change, love will resist unscathed.

Why do you swear eternal love to me if someday you will die?

Desiring and loving are different things. Desire is volatile and superficial, while love is eternal and spiritual.

The love I feel for you is defined by one word: eternity.

Those moments when I find that I don’t care about you are not the moments that I need you the most.

He who promises unconditional love, agrees to fight for him even in those moments that you would throw it all away.

This is what I promise you: caresses, hugs, pleasure, affection, smiles … If you promise me that you will never leave.

My mind and my heart, writing are our love story.

Stop promising me everlasting love every time you need me after you’ve thrown me out.

If I had to choose a place to live, it would be with you.

What I like most about our story is that it has no end.

if he really loves you he will not abandon you, even when you have lost your own confidence.

Love consists of replacing the word “I” with “we”.

When you are able to make something ephemeral eternal, that is love.

The human being is born happy and full of love, but when he grows up he is disturbed with fear and doubt. With you, I am born again.

In life there is only one true love … and in my case it is you.

You are my dream when we get away, my reality when we get together.

We will never cut. + How do you know? -Because you are the only thing I think during the day and what I dream at night.

I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and if I am still alive tomorrow, I will love you forever.

They say that as a rule an eternal love is actually very short, but it is not so, because I will love you even after dying.

Words of eternal love, a reflection of joy

One of the most beautiful things that will happen to a couple is their unconditional and eternal love. Psychologists explain that when you are in love with someone, your happiness increases significantly . The reason is due to a hormone known as oxytocin, which causes that feeling of inner motivation, that makes your gut churn and the occasional desire to smile.

Love is such a powerful feeling that it can give you strength even when your life is full of worries . Shakespeare already told us: true love moves mountains. And this is not demonstrated with materialistic details such as gifts that cost a lot of money, but with a close attitude and dedication to your wife or husband.

There are many authors who affirm that unconditional love is not recognized by buying things, but that it resides in the purity of the soul , since it is something spiritual. Unconditional love quotes to dedicate that reflects the truth about a feeling that causes so much happiness, and that is so strong that, no matter how many obstacles stand in its way, it will always last forever.

I hope that these unconditional love quotes have served you.