Types Of Wedding Cakes Designs

He has become one of the great protagonists, after the bride, of course. I’m talking about the types of wedding cakes designs. A few years ago almost no one paid attention to the shape, color and flavors of this much appreciated delicacy.

However, now there is a large and extensive catalog to choose the cake for your wedding. After all, we want your guests to have a good taste in their mouths, right?

Accompany me; I’m going to show you the latest in cakes and wedding cakes.


Types Of Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is part of another ideal setting to complete the photographic report of the most important day of your life. In fact, now the details are taken care of very much. To the point of making the cake with the theme of the wedding.

However, this work of art is usually not for guests. Normally, restaurants make individual cakes, or smaller cakes, with the same ingredients as the filling for your wedding cake. So if you have been invited to a wedding, you will have to get along very well with either of the bride and groom to get a piece of their cake.

Don’t worry, the guest cakes also have a scrumptious elaboration.


Types Of Wedding Cakes

When choosing your wedding cake, you have to take into account many details. I’m going to tell you about the different types of cakes and wedding cakes that you can find.

When you decide to order your wedding cake, you have to know that there are a lot of things to consider. In addition to the most obvious, the type of cake you are looking for, you can choose the color, the theme, the ingredients, etc.

I’m going to show you a collection of wedding cakes that will not leave you indifferent; I will classify them by the ingredients.


The Charlotte cake is a cold cake originating in France. It is made with sponge cakes or champagne biscuits. Inside it has pastry cream, although its best-known version has strawberry mousse and more champagne cookies.

The cakes or cookies are around the cake and have a bow to prevent them from falling. The upper part is adorned with fruits; generally, it has strawberries, but it also admits any red fruit of the forest.

It is a really attractive option and, as you can imagine, it is delicious.

Types Of Wedding Cakes


Fondant is a traditional sugar coating on wedding cakes in recent years. It is totally malleable; It is used to cover the cake and can take any shape you want.

One feature that I really like about this type of cake is that you can find the fondant in practically the color you want. Thus, your wedding cake will always be totally personalized to your liking.

The white color in a wedding cake is the most classic of all. But, not for that reason, it stops being especially beautiful, if you want it that way and it fits with the decoration of your wedding.

very trendy decoration for this type of wedding cakes with fondant, are the flowers. They admit any type of flower, and also in all colors.

Types Of Wedding Cakes

The above cakes have edible flowers. A very cool trend is to incorporate natural flowers in the wedding cake. It gives it a much more spectacular air.

Something that is very fashionable in this year 2018 are cakes with fondant coverage and bright colors, gold and silver. The decoration can be as infinite as the imagination of the pastry chef or, even, as you want it to be. But always predominating metallic colors.

Types Of Wedding Cakes
Types Of Wedding Cakes

And if you want something spectacular, you can ask for unique decorations. Feathers, bows, butterflies; although, you can also choose your wedding cake with a very special and different shape.

If you can not choose because you like everything, let me advise you a decoration of ruffles on your wedding cake. They are a trend this year; They are based on movement, lace and fabric embroidery. Their inspiration is focused on haute couture, and they are defined as an extension of your dress.

Despite their originality, don’t forget that they are totally edible. You can choose both the cake and the filling from a wide selection of flavors.

Types Of Wedding Cakes


If you like a simple wedding cake, with delicious ingredients but with a more natural decoration, then you have to choose a Nacked Cake. This type of wedding cakes are the same as the ones we have seen above; but, they have the peculiarity that they forgot to put the fondant cover.

In general, they are cakes that are set for more rustic and vintage-style weddings. Although if you like this type of cake on a very rococo table, it will also be perfect. Do not forget that in a matter of cakes you are the one who has the last word, and anything goes. Have you seen any ugly wedding cakes?

As you can see, they are also decorated with flowers. And, above all, they are covered with berries and icing sugar.


They have been a trend since last year. They come from Australia, where their creator, Katherine Sabbath , lives  , and they are an alternative that breaks with the classic wedding cake. A Drip Cake is, as its literal translation indicates, a dripping cake.

Types Of Wedding Cakes

The peculiarity of this wedding cake is that some ingredient is dropped on top and begins to drip. It can be caramel, cream, melted chocolate, fondant or any product that you can think of, and that will make your wedding cake something totally irresistible for those with a sweet tooth.

As you can see, the decoration in this type of wedding cakes is as varied as your imagination allows it . You can put the traditional flowers, both edible and authentic. I’ve also seen them with popcorn or even with cookies and macarons.

Types Of Wedding Cakes


Typically, the company that bakes your wedding cake will also make individual replicas for your guests. Sometimes they also cook small cakes to distribute on the tables.

Types Of Wedding Cakes

If you decide to make individual cupcakes for your guests, I suggest that you value the possibility that they are cupcakes. You already know that it is a world of flavors and colors that is very showy and striking. And it also begins to be a trend in weddings, whatever the theme they are.

This last option works very well when your banquet is a buffet. In addition to decorating the candy table, it serves for your guests to enjoy a delicious dessert.

Tell us, have you already thought about what your wedding cake will be like? Have you already celebrated your wedding? What type of cake did you choose?

Still wanting to know more about the types of cakes that can appear at a wedding? In this video we give you 40 more styles of wedding cakes that can help you choose one or the other if you are thinking of getting married and are undecided!

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