Types Of Kisses

If you want to surprise your partner or the boy you love when you kiss him, I invite you to know and differentiate some types of kisses and you can put them into practice to make him fall in love even more.

Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning

Do not let the monotony put out the fire of the relationship, create and experience new sensations with him, you will see the magnificent results!

Types Of Kisses: What Happens With A Kiss?

When kissing, oxytocin, a hormone that generates addiction, is also present in the process of childbirth and breastfeeding.

In addition, it is a neurotransmitter that generates many benefits in our central nervous system, since it is related to the formation of bonds, relationships, generosity and trust.

Types of kisses

Curious Fact:

With a kiss you can activate more than 30 facial muscles, including those of the tongue; 9 milligrams of water are shared, as well as organic substances, mineral salts, fatty substances and many bacteria; however, you can eliminate up to 15 calories in 3 minutes.

Without having all the benefits that bring feelings of well-being and pleasure on a personal level.

The lips have the highest density of nerve endings, which send information to the brain.

In a kiss with tongue, in which saliva is shared, the man passes testosterone to the woman, so that she feels pleasure; This information reaches the brain and it is in charge of deciding whether it likes it or rejects it.

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Types Of Kisses: To Take Into Account!

You must take into account if it is the first kiss with that boy you love or if it is your partner, because the trust you have is not the same.

If you are in the conquest plan, I invite you to put into practice the feminine body language so that you know how to attract a man .

If it is your partner, you can venture to explore new kisses and, therefore, new sensations; Take a look at the following types of kisses, be subtle when using them, surprise them and the bond that will unite them will surely be strengthened!

Kisses Types

Below, you will find some types of kisses , from the most common, to some that you may not have experienced yet; However, you have time to put them into practice. Cheer up!

Eskimo Kiss

He is very romantic and tender; It is a simple contact of your nose with your partner’s nose.

Traditional Kiss

This kiss is one that is long and lasting, loving and sensual, soft and unhurried. And you know what I mean!

French Kiss

He is very passionate, due to the tongue fiddling.

Movie Kiss

It is not so common and, as the name implies, we see it many times in romantic movies; in that kiss, the man leans the woman back, holding her with his arms while kissing her.

Soft Kiss

It is given with slightly open lips, not too much; It is a slow, delicate kiss, without tongue and not very long.

Side Kiss

In this kiss, each party has its head tilted to the opposite of the other, you can also hold or caress the couple’s head.

Passionate Kiss

This kiss is a variation of the French kiss, but a little more accelerated and includes a soft bite.

Inverted Kiss

Also known as the “spiderman” kiss; You can try it when your partner is sitting or lying down. It is a kiss that gives way to new experiences.

Shy Kiss

This kiss is shy, precisely, because it starts from the cheek and slowly approaches the lips. It is ideal as a preamble to the first kiss with that special person.

Surprise Kiss

When one of the two people is off guard or talking and, from one moment to another, the couple gives an unexpected kiss, that is the surprise kiss!

Kiss In The Water

This type of kiss is for couples who want to try new things. The ideal place is the pool or the sea, both must hold their breath and kiss, so the kiss should be short.

Angel Kiss

The angel kiss is given on the eyelids when the other person has their eyes closed; It shows protection and sweetness.

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Kiss On The Cheek

This kiss means friendship; and, in a relationship, it shows that in addition to being a couple, they are friends.

Kiss With Your Mouth Closed

It has room when you greet or say goodbye to your partner. However, you should pay close attention because the relationship can fall into the routine. Don’t forget that there are other types of kisses !

Kiss On The Forehead

It is a sign of protection and care. Although its use is familiar, it is also observed between couples; It gives the feeling of trust and love.

The previous types of kisses , aim at some parts of the face and, mainly, the lips.

Ideally, you should be encouraged to experience and travel the entire body of your loved one, depending on the intention you want to provoke.

If you still don’t date someone or are getting to know each other, learn how to conquer a man subtly and then put these types of kisses into practice . Dare yourself!

Keep in mind that according to the types of kisses you give, you can caress your partner’s face, hair or other body part, surround her neck or hug her.

Remember your love in each kiss and arouse a storm of desire in your mind, a kiss says more than a thousand words!