Types Of Hugs

The hugs that a mother gives to her young son are not equal to the business embrace that two entrepreneurs give themselves.

Nor does the sympathy hug we give to a friend look like the way we hug someone we are falling in love with.

When you pay enough attention, you can detect these not so obvious nuances and become a true teacher by reading the “hugs.” Therefore, today we are going to review 17 types of hugs and meaning with images.

Different Hugs And What They Mean

The types of hugs in body language among human beings are so sophisticated that they can express much more than words.

Hugs can convey a lot of emotional information between two people, because they involve closeness and physical contact where details that give them very different meanings can be identified.

types of hugs

The way of hugging can alert you, for example, to the true intentions of a friend, a couple or a work colleague; information that – without a doubt – is invaluable for you to make good decisions in social, romantic and labor matters.

We can divide the hugs into four very general categories: friendship hugs, love hugs, support hugs and formal hugs. Each of these categories includes different kinds of hugs, which each convey a very specific feeling.

Friendship Hugs

What they have in common the different types of hugs that we will explain below is that they always occur within the framework of friendship. There are no romantic or convenience intentions in them.

1. I Want A Friendship With You!

This hug projects that you are interested in another person to form a friendship. It means that you liked him and that he would like to continue living with you.

You can identify it because it is an enthusiastic hug, although brief and distant, without much physical contact, since there is still not much trust between them.

In this kind of hug you are very likely to touch or squeeze your shoulder gently. In the case of women, they can kiss on both cheeks.

2. I Consider You My Friend

This is one of the types of friends hugs that we give to people we are just beginning to consider as our friends.

It means that they appreciate you, although you definitely do not yet enter the circle of close friends. You can identify it because it is usually a little longer and can be accompanied by soft pats on the shoulder.

types of hugs

3. I Consider You A Good Friend

This type of hug is characterized by being fast but firm: it does not need to last for a long time, since its sincerity conveys in a short time that you are already considered a trustworthy person and that, in addition, there is affection in between.

It is the classic hug that good friends of a lifetime give when they greet or say goodbye. It is usually accompanied by an expression of joy to see you and – if it is a goodbye hug – a suggestion to see you again soon.

4. You Are My Best Friend

There is a type of hug that is generally reserved for the best friends or the most trusted people in the intimate circle. We refer to the lateral but narrow hug, in which one person passes his hand over the shoulder of the other and draws it towards him firmly.

This type of hug says that you are the most important friendship of the other and, likewise, establishes a relationship of mutual and unconditional support.

Hugs Love

Hugs in this category have in common that carry romantic or sexual intentions.

5. I Like You!

When a person gives you a huge smile – and then gives you an enthusiastic but very short hug – it means he likes you, but he is a little scared to show it to you. Therefore, he cannot contain himself in hugging you, but he retires almost immediately.

Usually, when someone likes you, they will try to give you many hugs of this kind under any pretext. The reason is that he wants to probe how you react to physical contact with him or her, but without risking invading your personal space too much.

It is one of the types of funny hugs, because there is a lot of hesitation and feeling in it.

6. I Am Falling In Love With You!

Usually, people progressively move from attraction to falling in love and the way they embrace the object of their affection, is also gradually changing.

If you are in love or in love, you will see how her hugs become a little longer, soft and unmistakable, taking advantage of those moments to breathe your scent deeply.

7. I Want Something Serious With You

Believe it or not, certain types of hugs can also tell you if he or she wants a serious relationship with you, or is just passing through.

When the commitment or desire to form one begins to emerge, the hugs become more tender, but at the same time they are loaded with more meaning that are expressed through the action of touching the face or gently squeezing the shoulders of the other.

It’s as if they wanted to tell you that this hug is “more than just a hug.”

8. I Love You!

Saying “I love you” is one of the most scary steps we can take when we are in a relationship. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we dare not confess it, but we can always convey that feeling through a hug.

Love hugs are usually very narrow and long, but they have an element that makes them unmistakable: they do it by looking you in the eye, either before or after the hug itself. It is a deep and meaningful look that is undoubtedly more eloquent than words.

9. I Want Sex!

There are also hugs that, more than loving, are somewhat perverse. Regardless of the type of relationship they have, if a man hugs you by taking you by the waist and pulling you towards his pelvis, it is because he wants sex with you.

In the case of women, you can recognize a similar message when they surround your waist with one arm and the neck with the other. In addition, in both cases, the other person will bring his face close to yours. In this kind of hugs, it seeks to achieve the maximum possible body contact.

This is one of the most frequent types of hugs in bed.

10. I Don’t Want To Let You Go Even For A Moment

This is the typical hug in which you walk as if nothing and come to you from behind and wrap you softly and warmly with your arms.

Literally, this hug means that you are so attractive or attractive that they don’t want to stop hugging you for a moment; especially when they walk like this with you.

11. You Are Mine (Or Mine)!

This kind of hugs are more frequent in men, but that does not mean that many women do not resort to them. It is a physical contact that seeks to transmit sexual dominance and territoriality.

It can be used with the intention of marking territory against others or demonstrating a certain level of jealousy. It is characterized by the fact that they take you by the waist and pull you vigorously towards your whole body in the case of men.

The types of hugs of a woman of this class can be expressed by circling your trunk tightly with your arms or passing a hand behind your neck. It also tends to be a long and very narrow hug.

Supportive Hugs

These are the hugs we receive as signs of solidarity when we are going through a bad time.

12. Protect Me!

Hugs not only convey what we feel to others, but also a little of what we want from them. If someone puts their head on your shoulder or chest when they hug you, they are tacitly asking you to protect them from something that scares them or makes them feel bad.

It can also mean that that person needs your support.

13. I Am Here For What You Need

This kind of hug conveys that there is unconditional support for you, that is, regardless of what you need, the other person will do everything in their power to support you.

Normally, it’s the kind of hugs you get in difficult times; they are physically distant so as not to invade your space, but the person is frankly inclined towards you. There is a lot of eye contact and pats on the shoulder or a solidarity grip on the arm.

14. I Feel Your Pain

This is a hug that tries to be very protective. They wrap you as much as they can with their arms and stay there for a long time, until they feel that you already feel a little better.

They do not necessarily convey support because they often occur in the context of some situation that cannot really be solved, such as the loss of a loved one or some other tragedy.

His intention is to show empathy and make you see that, at least emotionally, you are not alone.

15. I Support You Superficially

There is a kind of deceptive and opportunistic hug that aims to convey unconditional support, but which actually says: “I will support you as long as it suits me or does not bother me.”

It seems, as you may have already imagined, to the embrace of “I am here for what you need”, with the subtle difference that, being distant, the person does not lean toward you, but does so far from you; as if he didn’t want to get too involved with you.

It is very likely that in this kind of hugs your interlocutor touches or squeezes your shoulders. It is the kind of hug that gives you, for example, a coworker who knows that they will fire you, but that I would not confess.

Formal Hugs

These are the hugs that we normally see in the work or business context; also in politics. They do not express so much friendship, but collaboration and camaraderie.

16. Business Hug

The business hug seeks to convey confidence and formality. The idea is to predispose the interlocutor that making deals will be safe and advantageous for both. That is why it tends to be energetic and firm, but brief, because it has no emotional connotations.

At the same time, it is common to include slapping on the shoulder, as these represent approval.

17. Embrace Of Intimidation

This is a hug whose goal, far from building trust and bonding, is to scare or intimidate. It is an act that for others may seem like a simple energetic hug, but for those who receive it can be uncomfortable and disturbing.

Normally, it is very firm and the other person squeezes the arm, back or shoulder as a symbol of dominance. It also lasts two or three seconds longer than is due, as it is a way in which the other intends to impose the force of his presence on us.

What Does A Hug From Behind Mean?

A hug from behind means that whoever hugs you never wants to let you go. He projects that he not only likes you, but feels great tenderness towards you and his ideal is to have a romantic relationship with you. This kind of hug is almost always loving.

What Does A Friend’s Hug Mean?

A friend’s hug can mean a lot of different things. Depending on the intensity, duration and position, you can transmit from simple camaraderie to unconditional support at a difficult time in your life.

How Many Hugs A Day Are Needed?

According to psychologists and experts in the sciences of happiness, the human being needs at least three to five hugs a day to feel full and happy. Especially, when we are young, it is very important that we are always surrounded by many types of hugs for children.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Friend Who Hugs You?

When you dream of a friend hugging you, it is most likely because you really miss him. It is a great time to call him, send him a text message or meet him.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hug?

A hug has many benefits for our emotional health and for our self-esteem. First, it lets us see that we are not alone and that there are other people in the world who support us and who love us.

Embracing releases the hormones of happiness in the brain, since it is an almost instinctive approach that is linked to the survival of the species in society.

As you probably noticed, there are many different things that can be transmitted with a hug, from sincere love to pity or intimidation.

Knowing what the types of hugs of others mean, without a doubt, gives you several advantages in life. So you know, the next time someone gives you a hug, carefully analyze the way they do it and all their body language. Maybe you get a big surprise.