Turning 18 Birthday Quotes

What turning 18 birthday quotes to write when our friend or relative turns 18? Below the reader will find a wide collection of messages and turning 18 birthday quotes of congratulations.

Turning 18 Birthday Wishes

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Birthdays are all to celebrate, but the eighteenth is undoubtedly not to be forgotten. Congratulations Major!

Congratulations to you, that this day is the best of all, do not be in a rush to feel great, walk slowly, slowly because life is precious, do not waste it, congratulations.

It is not the years of your life that count, but the life of your years … congratulations on your 18 years.

I would give you a star but it would be useless since 18 years ago you have lit the sky with your brightness! Congratulations!

May all your dreams come true in this new stage that you are beginning.

A golden age of your life begins now that you are 18 years old. Happy Birthday!”

Remember: there is only one rule at age 18: there are no rules! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your 18 years. Enjoy them, they are the most beautiful years. Fondly…

Today you will extinguish eighteen candles but you will light the soul of all of us with your happy smile. Never stop being the way you are. Congratulations!

Eighteen years ago, on a beautiful day like today, the most precious girl who has made our life beautiful was born, and with great pride we wish you on this day the best congratulations for your life. Happy eighteen, princess.

Life is a huge cloth: pour all the colors you can onto it. Congratulations on your 18 years!

18 years is surely the most beautiful age in life. I wish you with all my heart to take advantage of this year full of surprises and joy. Happy Birthday.

Three great principles are essential to fully live the eighteenth birthday: be happy, laugh … and above all, have a great party!

Starting today starts a new life, that of an adult! You are becoming a man who, with a heart still as a child, will have to face the decisions of life. Whatever it is, the most beautiful thing I can wish you is the courage to love and the strength to trust each day in life.

Greater age, greater freedom, but also greater responsibility and conscience! Congratulations adult.

I hope that on this day you can live 18 special moments that you will remember for a lifetime! Congratulations Major!

At 18 years old there is danger of getting serious… obviously it is not for you! Happy Birthday.

18 candles create a beautiful light. But not as bright as your eyes tonight.

18 years! the age at which you get off the trike pushed by mom and dad and start… pedaling! We wish you to overcome all stages of the return … of life.

18 years ago a star was born that shone bright! Make that light stronger and stronger, and it can dazzle everyone you will meet in your life! Congratulations!

Being what we are and becoming what we are capable of being is the only objective of life. Congratulations on your eighteen years ..

Eighteen years at last! You are legally free to do everything you have always done since you were fifteen!

Do you know what happens when you turn eighteen? You get as old as anyone else!

Eighteen, do you feel like this number sounds good? It is probably the most exciting, so enjoy it entirely! Congratulations on your eighteen years!

A really special number 18, maybe also a little magical for everything that it gives you unforgettable! Congratulations to the new adult!

Congratulations on your 18 years, dear newcomer, from today you officially join the world of the Great!

Now, from today you will also become part of the adult club … Joy, carefreeness and many opportunities for your future, is what I wish you for your 18 years!

I do not hide from you that I wish you many congratulations on your 18 years with nostalgic envy, enjoy them because they will be truly wonderful!

Welcome to the adult world – not a big deal, but with your contribution it could get better!

Today I give you 18 roses.
Your adult life has just begun.
You’re 18, what things!
Come on, I can’t wait.
I want to give you your gift,
a kiss and a hug.
I want to give you my energy
and it will last you for a lifetime.

The 18 years is a fundamental stage in the growth of a person … Enjoy them fully with enthusiasm and intelligence, because they will also be part of your most beautiful memories! Happy Birthday!

It seems to you that it was yesterday when you were born, but today you have turned 18. Feel happy to have come this far, with the face marked with the best of your smiles. Congratulations

Birthdays are feathers on the broad wings of time. Congratulations!
(Jean Paul)

There is no word adult … Each of us is flying, only some do it with greater confidence.
(Pamela Druckerman)


Famous quotes and sentences for 18 years

18 years, the age of the most important readings.
(Roberto Benigni)

He was eighteen years old, and at that age if the sky is blue he laughs at your eyes, and the birds sing at your heart.
(Giovanni Verga)

Common sense is the set of prejudices acquired up to the age of 18.
(Albert Einstein)

At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty they are caves where we hide.
(Francis Scott Fitzgerald)

The angel who presided over your birth said: Little creature, fruit of happiness and laughter, go and spread love.
(William Blake)

Eighteen years. The year I turned them is like the top of a mountain in my life, because it awakened knowledge in me and made me understand the vicissitudes of humanity. In that year I was born again, and unless a person is born again, his life will remain a blank sheet in the book of existence. In that year I saw angels from heaven look at me through the eyes of a beautiful woman. I also saw the demons of hell raging in the heart of an evil man. He who does not see angels and demons in all beauty and in all malice will be far from knowledge, and his spirit will fast from affection.
(Khalil Gibran)

Eighteen years. In this age, happiness and tranquility have the tendency to appear irreconcilable …
(Guy Ménard)

Turning 18 Birthday Quotes

I will be eighteen until death.
(Haruki Murakami)

When I reached the eighteenth year of age my father gave me the car keys. If he had also given me the keys to the garage to leave …
(Bob Saget)

Age would be infinitely happier if we could be born at the age of 80 and gradually reach 18.
(Mark Twain)

Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, young people sometimes combine candid innocence, a radiant purity of mind and body, with an exasperated longing for selfless and utter devotion. Generally, this stage only covers a short period, but due to its intensity and uniqueness, it lasts as one of the most precious experiences in life.
(Fred Uhlman)

My parents were so poor that I celebrated my 18th birthday when I was 35!
(Wiet Van Broeckhoven)

In childhood we want us to be older. When we grow old we want to be children again. Everything would be splendid if we didn’t have to celebrate the birthday in chronological order.
(Robert Orben)

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